my summer holidays n.
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My Summer Holidays

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My Summer Holidays - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Summer Holidays
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  1. My Summer Holidays Sheglova T. 7a

  2. In June my summer holidays began.I and my parents planned the holidays.In early June, I went to Crimea.I liked to travel by train very much.We lived in a nice hotel and visited many interesting places, visited the famous zoo in Yalta, tasting the best wines and went to a lot of excursions (Green museum and AivazovskygalleryI and my parents are actively, interested and spent time, we had no time to be bored. a Swallow's Nest

  3. a Genoese fortress We had a great time.Every daywe went to the beach, in the evening watched the sunset, at night we watched the stars andwalked for the promenade.The town was very hospitable.I and my parents will go to the Ukraine next year, butonly to another city...

  4. I came here relaxed and full of impressions.This was most striking adventure of the whole summer. My friends were waiting for me.Everyone asked me about the trip.Before the end of the vacation there was one month and a half.The joy continued in my hometown…

  5. In mid-July, I went to the camp.There, I really had a fun.Nice people shared the room with me - I waslucky. We learned much new from each other.In the morning we went to the pool, after dinner we attended different classes, in the evening the children gather and sang songs, danced- the night began. Later we returned to our rooms.Everybody was tired, but ran and joked.Later, in beds, someone was telling scary stories.We couldn’t sleep all night.Sometimes parents came to visit us.After 21 days, with tears, we left our belovedcamp "Birches."

  6. In August, I celebrated my birthday.I often spent time with my friends riding a skateboard. We met often with friends, went to a cafe and a movie, talked and shared our impressions. We discussed the coming new school year ... Holidays were fun.