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Ad A stra Media Kit

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Ad A stra Media Kit
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Ad A stra Media Kit

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  1. Ad Astra Media Kit Anthony Duignan-Cabrera Imaginova Corp. 470 Park Avenue South, 9th Fl. New York, NY 10016 Office 212 703-5845 Cell 917 679-2195

  2. To The Stars Ad Astra magazine is dedicated to the policies, people and scientific inquiries that will impact humanity’s reach into Space. Its pages form the cross roads where government, industry, and Space advocates share insights that shape the world’s advances towards the civilization of Space. Ad Astra, which means, “To The Stars” in Latin, is the official publication of the National Space Society.

  3. National Space Society The National Space Society (NSS) is a non-profit “think tank” whose goal is to create a space faring civilization. Its international membership of over 20,000 plus people with 75 chapters represents the upper-echelon of the Space community. NSS, founded in 1974 is widely acknowledged as the preeminent citizen’s voice on space, pushing the space agenda on Capital Hill, supporting education programs, and helping to set policy. Its board of directors and governors forms a veritable “who’s, who” in Space including former astronauts, scientists, government officials, business executive and prominent members of the media. These include Hugh Downs, Buzz Aldrin, John Glenn, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Tom Hanks, Newt Gingrich, Kirby Ikin, Don Fugua, Harrison Schmitt, and Freeman Dyson

  4. The National Space Society selected Imaginova to be the writers and publishers of Ad Astra in 2004. Imaginova’s unmatched credibility and authority in space journalism and information has placed it at the center of the critical events, ideas, discoveries, polices and people that impact space. Imaginova is First in Space

  5. Editorial Ad Astra has expanded into a crucial platform to impact Space Policy. Here’s what you will find in Ad Astra: People who matter: Interviews with the men and women behind the space missions and those who execute policy. Policy and Legislation Review: Analysis and opinion on the US policies and legislation that will guide our programs in Space. Exclusive reporting on Global Space initiatives: Investigations into Space efforts across the globe and the potential effects on mankind and the universe. Coverage of the issues facing the aerospace sector in civilian and defense programs. Space Innovations and Discoveries: The Science and technological discoveries that will lead to habitable Space. Information and analysis about celestial events. Images: The spectacular photos of Space and technologies that create the passion for a Space Faring Civilization.

  6. Editorial Contributors to Ad Astra include: Leonard David:'s Senior Space Writer, the award-winning David has covered space exploration for more than three decades. James Oberg:NBC News space commentator, author and former NASA Mission Controller. Brian Berger: Senior Staff Writer with Space News, Berger covers space policy in Washington, D.C. David Brody: Imaginova Corp.'s award-winning video producer has covered space issues for television for more than 20 years.

  7. Reader Profile Individuals with diverse backgrounds, brought together by Space, Science and Technology. • Ad Astra readers are: • Opinion formers and early adopters who are keen for the latest in technology including computer equipment, electronic and automotive products. • Passionate about their subject and spend involved time with the publications they chose. • 90% are degree qualified: They are affluent, established in their lifestyle and prepared to purchase the product and services that enhance their lives. Demographic Breakdown Source: NSS membership profile 2004

  8. NSS members, an active community who are key advocates and drivers in defining Space Initiatives such as the President’s vision for Space, Space Tourism, the Mars probe and other major programs in an exciting period for Space. Key business leaders, NASA personnel, and government decision makers at the cutting edge of science and space technologies with significant budgets for product and service investments. NSS Corporate Council: which includes top executives from Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Ball Aerospace, and many more. Involved readers. Information is vital to their success and they spend time with authoritative magazines like Ad Astra. The credibility and level of trust in Ad Astra and the National Space Society. Benefits to Advertisers Ad Astra provides advertisers access to:

  9. Advertising Rates 2006

  10. Production Specs 2006 • Fonts • All printer and screen fonts included on supplied disk(s). • Multiple Master and Open Type fonts should be avoided. • Adobe Postscript Type 1 fonts are recommended. • Truetype fonts are not recommended. • Applications • QuarkXpress • All printer and screen fonts have been included on the disk(s). • Fonts have not been stylized with the application style palette. • All link files have been included and saved as EPS or Tiff format.

  11. Production Specs 2006 • General Guidelines • Bleeds of at least 1/8” are included when necessary. • Live material is at least 3/8” away from publication trim lines. • Images should be scanned at full output size at 300dpi. • Submission Policies • All files must be submitted “print ready.” Any file manipulation/repair are billable services. • Publisher will not be held responsible for errors when files are not submitted in accordance with our specifications. • All electronic files must be accompanied by an accurate hard copy for reference. • All disks must be clearly labeled and only contain the files to produce the advertisement. • Electronic ads not accompanied by a high-resolution color proof will not be subject to exact color representation. If a high resolution, color accurate proof is required, please allow one week for turnaround. • ONLY CD-ROM ACCEPTED.

  12. Production Specs 2006 Film submission Guidelines Mechanical Requirements 1.      Trim Size: 8 3/8 " x 10 7/8" 2.      Bleed Size: 8 5/8” x 11 1/8” 3. Live Area: 7 5/8” x 10 1/8” 3.      Keep live matter at least 3/8" from the trim edge