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Orthodontics - All You Need To Know About It PowerPoint Presentation
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Orthodontics - All You Need To Know About It

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Orthodontics - All You Need To Know About It - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Orthodontics - All You Need To Know About It

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  1. Article2: Orthodontics - All You Need To Know About It Orthodontics - it is not often that we come across this term. In fact, the work of an orthodontist is not easily understood by a common man. Living in a modern city like Richmond Hill, it was only recently that I also came to know about this branch of dentistry. Unlike dental specialists such as pediatric dentists, periodontologists and prosthodontic specialists, who have a clearly defined role in dentistry, the role of an orthodontist is slightly hard to explain to someone who doesn't have the background information about the wider objectives of dentistry. Orthodontics may be defined as that branch of dentistry which focuses on proper alignment of the teeth and their supportive structures .The objective of orthodontics is to treat any kind of malocclusion, which is also called “bad bite.” malocclusion means that your teeth, lips, and/or jaws are not lined up the way they should be. Due to this, you might have crooked teeth, your bite may not work correctly, and you may have unbalanced jaws. To treat malocclusion or bad bites, specially trained dentists, called orthodontists, use braces and corrective procedures, which include materials often called “appliances,” to attain alignment of tooth and jaw. Orthodontists can treat many problems, including gaps between the teeth, impacted teeth or crooked teeth. So if your smile does not line up correctly and you have a crooked bite, then gently moving the teeth with orthodontic treatment may get your teeth in the correct order, giving you a smooth, sparkling smile and a well-aligned bite. Earlier, orthodontic procedures were done only when the patient was going through serious clinical discomfort caused due to misalignment of teeth and their supportive structure, but this situation has changed now. Today, more and more people are consulting orthodontists, not only in Richmond Hill, but across the world for purely cosmetic reasons. This depicts that like other branches of medicine, orthodontics has also not been spared from the pressure from consumers of medicine to help them look better in an increasingly image-conscious society. In fact, orthodontics is emerging as one of those areas of mainstream medicine which is most inundated with requests from patients who wish to use the power of medicine to improve their looks, as its objective of maintaining the right dental alignment makes it perfect for cosmetic dentistry applications. Orthodontists use a wide array of tools and procedures depending on the severity of problems. Usually, surgical procedures are required in major dental misalignment cases, the ones that can deform complete face and are mostly by birth. Other less complex cases of misalignment can be treated with the help of alignment tools like Simply S. Each orthodontic issue is different, but the most frequent orthodontic issues treated in case of children are often improper alignment, while in the case of older patients it is crooked and crowding teeth. For more information on Richmond Hill orthodontist, visit ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. David Allen is an independently practicing orthodontist, specializing in cosmetic procedures to accentuate facial beauty through aligning the teeth. He strongly recommends as the destination for complex dental procedures