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For A Better Smile

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For A Better Smile - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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People often do a lot to maintain their appearance, be it buying branded and stylish clothes or using cosmetics to make skin look better.

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For A Better Smile

We live in a world where all aspects of being matter. Some people may be impressed by personality and others may be

impressed by looks. We all agree that that these two features in a person define who a person is really is. Looks do

matter a lot, and consist of a huge chunk of first impression on people. People often do a lot to maintain their

appearance, be it buying branded and stylish clothes or using cosmetics to make skin look better. Some people go as far

as taking surgery as an option. Of all the physical features, face is the most important. You often look at a person’s face

when you talk to them. A smile can go a long way in any conversation; either it is something as formal as an interview or

something as informal as a date. For a good smile, it is necessary to have a symmetric set of teeth. Teeth play a huge

role. If someone’s teeth are not symmetric, or in some cases are extending further outside the periphery of lips, they

might feel very embarrassed, and might even try to hide their mouth by gestures such as touching their face

unnecessarily while talking.

However, this is not one of those problems which do not have a solution. It is better to take care of this problem at an

early stage, most probably during childhood when your body structure has time to adjust. The simple answer to this

problem is braces. There are plenty of child orthodontists in Richmond Hill who might be able to give consultation to any

child suffering from this problem. Braces help in maintaining a light, steady pressure on the teeth, which helps the

unsymmetrical teeth to get back in symmetry. The danger of unsymmetrical teeth is not just that they hinder the

physical appearance, but there are other factors related to it too. One of the many child orthodontists in Richmond Hill

would be able to tell you what these problems are. Some of them include improper chewing (and therefore, improper

digestion of food), which can lead to many complications. Secondly, when teeth tend to not be in symmetry, they can

injure the insides of the mouth more often than with symmetric teeth. In very severe cases, neck pain and headaches

have been the result due to unsymmetrical teeth. Although it is not that common, it’s still better to be safe.

There is also the factor of being conscious about wearing braces. Some might think it looks extremely ugly wearing a

metal strap in your mouth. For those who are extremely conscious about appearance while wearing braces, there is the

option of getting transparent ones instead of the metal ones. The clear braces in Richmond Hill can help in the

betterment of your child’s smile and will help them not to be self-conscious when wearing them. The oral surgeons can

be easily searched for on the Internet.

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