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PSY 205 Str Invent Youself/ PowerPoint Presentation
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PSY 205 Str Invent Youself/

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PSY 205 Str Invent Youself/ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PSY 205 Strcourse provides students with the opportunity to integrate and apply their learning from the course.

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PSY 205 Str Invent Youself/

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psy 205 week 5 assignment 1 parental responsiveness

PSY 205 Week 5 Assignment 1 Parental Responsiveness

For more course tutorials visit is now

Assignment 1: Parental Responsiveness

Due Week 5 and worth 160 points


Before my first child was born, I studied child development. I learned the importance of responsive caregiving. I learned that I would soon be able to read my baby’s cries. I would know what was wrong and what I could do by the sound of the cry. After my baby was born, I responded quickly when he cried. To my surprise, I had difficulty calming him. I realized I did not always know what was wrong by the sound of his cry. I became very frustrated and decided

psy 205 week 9 assignment 2 caring for a loved one with dementia

PSY 205 Week 9 Assignment 2 Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

For more course tutorials visit is now

Due Week 9 and worth 170 points

Design an educational intervention to prepare new and potential caregivers of dementia patients for what to expect in caring for an older loved one.


Refer to Dementia Websites or other quality recourses to complete this assignment.

Articles from Websites must be cited as articles.

Example: Alzheimer’s