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The Mini Teachers

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The Mini Teachers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mini Teachers. Educating for Life. Education for Change. São Miguel Paulista. Motivations – Education is the key for a brighter future. Poverty around the world. Education opens a world of possibilities (jobs and etc) Purposes of our action-

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The Mini Teachers

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the mini teachers

The Mini Teachers

Educating for Life

education for change
Education for Change

São Miguel Paulista

Motivations –

  • Education is the key for a brighter future.
  • Poverty around the world.
  • Education opens a world of possibilities (jobs and etc)

Purposes of our action-

  • Bring the English language to the inhabitants of the São Miguel Paulista.
  • Share our resources with the unfortunante people.

Poverty around the world

first learn
First, Learn.

Brazil’s problems-

  • Around 16million Brazilians are illiterate.
  • 22% of the population gets to high school.
  • 4,3 of Brazilian GDP is invested in Education.
  • State teachers are unprepared
  • Brazilian schools lack resources

Rate of schooling in Brazil, 1992 and 2002. (15-17 years of age)

A state school in Brazil

teaching and learning
Teaching and Learning

Learning and teaching styles-

  • Different ways to teach and learn by

focussing into one specifically.

  • Usage of various aids.
  • Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic

The Learning Pyramid, average of Learning Methods used by children

cognitive development
Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development theories by Piaget-

  • Stages of a person’s life marked by certain characteristics.
  • Become mature to learn different things.
  • Adapting to new changes.

Stages of Cognitive Development theory by Jean Piaget

now contact
Now, contact

Institutions and people contacted by The Mini Teachers

the change depends on you
The Change Depends on You


  • Society benefitting.
  • Bring English language to unfortunate children.

Inglêsna Palma daMão-

  • Resource box with activity cards.
  • Teach basics of English.
  • Recorded CD and Illustrated Encyclopedias.
  • CCC partnership.
  • Donated to Instituto Alana

Box presentation, Instituto Alana

Activity Box

mt forever

Drum lesson (Alana)

MT forever

A new learning experience-

  • Shared knowledge with children

at Instituto Alana.

  • Learned about reality of the world and new life-styles.
  • How to be better citizens.
  • Anyone can take action.
  • No funds are needed, just


Meeting with children at Instituto Alana