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A Devoted Son

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A Devoted Son. By: Anita Desai Group: Monique Emmanuel, Ian.

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a devoted son

A Devoted Son

By: Anita Desai

Group: Monique Emmanuel, Ian


A devoted son is about a boy named Rakesh who was able to go to basic school and medical college. The rest of his family didn’t have a chance to go to school. His father work in a vegetable garden ad never even seen the inside of a classroom. He returned home and they had a big party in his honor. He then went back to America and study more of his doctoring skills. He married the girl his parents picked for him. This is an Indian tradition to marry the woman your parents pick. He then returned home when his mother died and his father become sick. He took care of his father by giving him vitamins even though his father said he wanted to die. His father eventually killed himself with a pillow.


In your opinion, what obligations might a parent reasonably expect from a child? What expectations would you consider excessive? Express your thoughts in a short paragraph.


Rakesh was a static character




Devoted, caring

Smart, Determine

“No more halwa for you papa, we must be sensible at your age. If you must have something sweet, veena will cook you a little kheer that’s light just a little rice and milk. But nothing fried, nothing rich. We cant have this happening again (Desai 1342)-This is him taking care of his father because he is now sick.

Quote: “He went to the U.S.A where he pursed his career in most prestigious of all hospitals and won encomiums from his American colleagues which were relayed to his admiring and glowing family.”(Desai 1342)


He thinks knows what's best for his father

And then he says he does not want to live like this.(Desai 1348)-Rakesh and his family are trying to take care of his father but his father just wants to die.


Why do you think Rakesh really went to school?

  • Why must Rakesh marry the woman his parents picked?
  • Why is Rakesh a static person?