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Welcome BU ECS Board of Advocates

Welcome BU ECS Board of Advocates. Fall Meeting Rogers Building Baylor University. Friday, October 14, 2005. BU ECS Board of Advocates. Welcome and Introductions. Mr. Bill Mearse- Chairman of the Board. Finish the Job. Coach Grant Teaff. Baylor Football Coach: 1972-1992.

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Welcome BU ECS Board of Advocates

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  1. Welcome BU ECSBoard of Advocates Fall Meeting Rogers Building Baylor University Friday, October 14, 2005

  2. BU ECSBoard of Advocates Welcome and Introductions Mr. Bill Mearse- Chairman of the Board

  3. Finish the Job Coach Grant Teaff Baylor Football Coach: 1972-1992 • Executive Director American Football Coaches Association • 2006 Amos Alonzo Stagg Award • College Football, Southwest Conf. and Texas Sports Hall of Fame • Six-time SWC Coach of the Year; 1974 National Coach of the Year • Winning record against Univ. of Texas • Grant & Donnell represent best of Baylor

  4. Joe Cestari ILS Technology President Austin BU ECS alum Jim McDonough III Hewlett Packard Program Manager Houston BU ECS dad New Advocate Board Members

  5. Dean’s Report BU ECS Board of Advocates Fall 2005, Rogers Building

  6. Dean’s Report (9:00 a.m.) ECS Personnel Undergraduate Enrollment Student Recruitment & Retention Graduate Enrollment Rankings 2005-06 Initiatives ECS Facilities (9:20 a.m.) Expansion Initiative Dr. Pete Maurer (chair) and Ms. Ashley Thornton 2006 ACM-ICPC (9:40 a.m.) World Finals, hosted by Baylor University Dr. Bill Poucher, Executive Director Presentation Agenda

  7. Additions: Dr. Bill Jordan, Chair, Mechanical Engr BS MS CSM, MS Den Sem, Ph.D, TAMU Watson Prof & ME Chair, Louisiana Tech Departures: Dr. Roxana Girju, Asst Prof CS Mr. Dan St. Andre, Lect of CS Ms. Niki Jordan, Adm Asst CS Transfer/Reassignment: Mr. Matt Aars, Systems support  Lecturer CS Dr. Pete Maurer  CS Grad Program Director; Dr. Greg Speegle was previous Dr. Walter Bradley: previous Assoc Dean for Research Openings: Tenure-Track (senior?) in CS Computer Systems Asst Administrative Assistant CS Personnel Changes

  8. ECS Undergraduate Enrollment

  9. ECS Entering Freshmen #s

  10. ECS Entering SAT Scores

  11. Observations • 2004 was a down year • Publicity, tech economy, higher tuition • 2005 rebounded nicely • But ECS still below BU % increase; Stu Sup Spec • ECS SAT 58 > BU SAT - All time high • ECS Inquiry  Enrolled % 1.5X BU

  12. Recruiting Enhancements • Evolving system maturing, and working- • Premiers, faculty calling, web site, letters, LLC, student receptions, ECS scholarships, luncheon • More Advocate Board influence • Academies- overnight experiences • CS, EGR, transfers, juniors  TETC grant • Expanding inquiries • Into strategic markets with Baylor presence

  13. Retention Enhancements • Frosh courses have tint of success, enjoyment, accountability, maturing • LLC grown from 80  150 & improving • BU Early-alert system • Activated from web for missed class or other • Elicits quick response, follow up, and contract • Tutor in LLC four days a week • Other BU Systems • Chapel Friday, success groups, financial, belonging

  14. Graduate School Numbers Initiatives to Strengthen • Undergraduate Research Conference • Dual Programs • BS/MS, BS/MBA • Community, i.e., L3 • Brochure • More and New success efforts required!

  15. 2000- 16th (3.3) 2001- 20th (3.1) 2002- 26th (3.0) 2003- 20th (3.1) 2004- 19th (3.1) 2005- 14th (3.2) 2006- 21st (3.1) Rose-Hulman (4.5) Harvey Mudd (4.3) Cooper Union (4.0) Service Academies Swarthmore, Bucknell, Villanova, Lafayette Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo & Pomona, Embry Riddle US News Rankings

  16. 2005-06 Initiatives • Facilities expansion needs assessment… • 30th ACM ICPC World Finals- SA… • Business/Global Curriculum element… • ABET EAC Accreditation w/ assessment… • ECS & Science Career Fair… • ECS Honors Track… • Tenure reviews

  17. ECS Space Initiative Do we need a new building?

  18. YES? • How big should it be? • When do we need it?

  19. NO? • Do we need more space? • Where can we find it?

  20. The 2006 ACM-ICPC World Finalswith the Baylor Bear Touch! 14 October 2005 Baylor University presented to The School of Engineering & Computer Science Board of Advocates by Dr. William B. Poucher, Ph.D., ACM Fellow Baylor Professor of Computer Science ICPC Executive Director

  21. From the ICPC Mission • For the students: • To represent their universities. • To compete with the best. • To set the highest standards of excellence. • To sharpen and demonstrate their problem-solving, programming, and teamwork skills. • For society: • A platform for academia, industry, and ACM to focus public attention on the next generation and the institutions that make the future of IT possible.

  22. The Battle of the Brains – the Competition! • Pits teams of three against ten or more complex, real-world problems. • Grueling five-hour deadline. • Share a single computer. • Race against the clockin a battle of logic, strategy,cooperation, andmental endurance.

  23. The Battle of the Brains – Levels of Difficulty! • Some of the problems require competence and precision only. • Other require advanced algorithms. • Some are simply too hard– for all but the world’sbrightest problem-solvers.

  24. The Battle of the Brains – Real Problems! • Tracking crop disease by satellite. • GSM cell phone tower switching. • DNA sequencing. • USGA golf handicaps. • Managing high-rises. • Tiling mosaics for artists.

  25. ACM-ICPC History • 1970 - started in Texas. • 1977 - first International Finals (mainly U.S.). • 150 universities, 12 regionals, 24 teams advanced • 1984 – Baylor & TI regional contest sets standard. • 1989 – ICPC headquartered at Baylor. • since then – expanded to a GLOBAL community • 1,586 universities on six continents, 144 regional competitions, 4,109 teams, advance 78 teams to the World Finals

  26. Maintain and support a global volunteer community with the highest standards of cooperation & goodwill. • Organization Promote regional integrity. Provide global coordination. • Policy Keep it simple. Serve, don’t rule. Never have the same problem for the same reason. • Principles Put people first. Follow the Golden Rule. Solve problems; resolve conflicts; avoid the rest. Autonomy. Respect. Service. Goodwill. Good Sense!

  27. ACM SigBoard Apple AT&T 150% Microsoft 150% IBM 500% Growth since headquartered at Baylorand fueled by great sponsors like IBM… Team Participation

  28. Extend Competitive Learning Globally >3,500,000 solutions automatically judged as of July 2005 ICPC Valladolid On-Line Judge Internet Site Solutions Per Month Equivalent to grading 17,500 sections of C.S. Miguel Revilla – University of Valladolid Competitive Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Funded by IBM - Headquartered at Baylor

  29. Great Venues:Recent ACM-ICPC World Finals • 2002 – Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu • 2003 – Beverly Hills: The Beverly Hilton during Oscars • Warsaw University World Championsreceived by President of Poland • 2004 – Prague: Obecni Dum • Czech Technical University and Charles University • Major of Prague, Czech Minister of Education • Prague Symphony Orchestra • SPIFMO World Champions received by Vladimir Putin • 2005 – Shanghai: Pudong Shangri-La Hotel • Shanghai Jaio Tong University • City of Shanghai, China Ministry of Education • Shanghai Drum Corps, SJTU Orchestra

  30. Involve Industry.Shine the spotlight on students! • IBM Media reached 85,000,000Target: technology and education interest groups. • Estimated 500,000,000 contacts world-wide. • 2004 World Champions invited to the Kremlin and met with President Vladimir Putin. • 2005 World Champions Shanghai Jaio Tong U. coverage is outstanding in Asia and North America.

  31. TARGET: The 2006 ACM-ICPC World Finalssponsored by IBMhosted by Baylor Universitywith the Baylor Bear Touch! • San Antonio, April 9-13, 2006 • The Hilton Palacio del Rio • Eighty (80) World Finals Teams • Free access to all activities, • Hotel rooms provided, • Food functions at events, • Treasure, trials, treats, and the opportunity of a lifetime!

  32. IBM’s Commitment • IBM Public Relations – National & International • IBM Welcome • IBM TechTrek • IBM Excursion • UPE Reception • ICPC Challenge Luncheon • ICPC Tournament & IBM Dinner • IBM Celebration IBM has it covered.

  33. Baylor Host Commitment • Information and Publications • Invitations and Visas • Local Arrangements & Logistics • Hosts – leadership lab • Faculty from Baylor CSI, EGR, & Comm Studies • Students - up to 80 from CSI, EGR, & Comm Studies • Ceremonies • Opening Ceremony • World Finals Kickoff • Awards Ceremony We’ve got it covered.

  34. Target: Spectacular 2005 World Finals

  35. Who do you make sure that the ICPC is the most prestigious programming competition in the world? The world’s great universities,the Information Technology Industry, andACM, the world’s leading IT R&D society, count on Baylor University!

  36. Goals: Implement the Baylor Bear Touch • Present Baylor Hospitality-to the future of CS, CSE, the IT industry & their mentors • Project Baylor as a good neighbor-able to shine the spotlight on these students • Enhance the respect for Baylor-especially in ECS in academia, industry, and society • Leave a legacy-for Baylor student participants and the Baylor Competitive Learning Center

  37. Setting Standards: The Baylor Bear Touch • Set the standard for Public Relations. Shine the spotlight on these students. • Set the standard for VIP Visa treatment for these visiting champions. • Set the standard for Opening Ceremonies. • Set the standard for Hospitality.

  38. To Achieve These Goals with the Baylor Bear Touch, we seek • Board of Regent endorsement • Goodwill & Support of the Baylor community • Top Priority from campus offices

  39. Progress Report • Board of Regents endorsement – DONE • Top Priority from contributing offices – IP • Influence of Baylor community – IP • Randall O’Brien & Regents • Chet Edwards • James Odom • Well wishes of Baylor community - IP

  40. PRIORITY: Baylor Public Relations • ECS Synergy Magazine • Baylor Magazine • Baylor Line • Local & State Press • KWBU Coverage • Promotion Piece – ICPC HQ & CII • Pre-Con Press Conference

  41. Priority: Recruiting Dignitaries… • Baylor: President, Provost, Chancellor, ?? • Baylor Community: Board of Regents Chair, Alumni Chair, ECS Advocacy Board Chair, ?? • Community: San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger (Baylor grad), Chet Edwards, ?? • Texas: Senator Hutchinson, Governor Perry, ?? • U.S.: Margaret Spellings, Secretary of Education; Laura or George Bush?? Shines the spotlight!

  42. The 2006 ACM-ICPC World Finalssponsored by IBMhosted by Baylor University • San Antonio, April 9-13, 2006 • The Hilton Palacio del Rio • Eighty (80) World Finals Teams • Free access to all activities, • Hotel rooms provided, • Food functions at events, • Treasure, trials, treats, and the opportunity of a lifetime!

  43. PRIORITY: Baylor Presence • Baylor Alumni Texas Breakfast • ICPC Opening Ceremony • Recruit Prominent Dignitaries – Baylor, Alumni, Gov’t • Principle ICPC Awards • Baylor Recognition for Hosting ICPC HQ • World Finals and Host Promo • Texas Cultural Performances • Fanfare by Baylor Orchestra Ensemble • The Awards Ceremony • President/Provost Award Medals

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