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March 7

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March 7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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March 7. Welcome ASL 1–. Doorbuster - please copy all notes below (both A and B): Giving Directions Map Test:

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welcome asl 1
Welcome ASL 1–
  • Doorbuster- please copy all notes below (both A and B):
  • Giving Directions Map Test:
  • A. You will draw a map with 5 different locations/places, occupations, and activities/actions- (using signs in your lists SN 6-10) and then sign it to the class for a test grade . You can help each other create them, but be sure yours is different from the others.
  • B. You do not need to write a gloss- but you do need to draw the path you will sign for each of the 5 (you will be graded on whether you sign this same path/directions). To be simple, just color code your paths on your map (see my example).
  • After the Doorbuster, you will view the video that explains the rubric.
  • Finished? Copy the signs to the right (or sign with someone)---
asl 1
ASL 1-
  • Doorbuster- 15 min.
  • Rubric- view video- 5 min.
  • Create maps,then turn in to the substitute-15-20min.
  • Video for WSQ Reflection- Karen Putz Deaf Mom Denied Service in the Drive Through (2:54)
  • Ticket Out- pack up, turn in work, flashcards until the bell (5 min.)
welcome asl 2
Welcome ASL 2-
  • Doorbuster- please copy all notes below (10 min.):
  • Narrating (telling a story) about Life Events- transitions from event to event require eyebrows up =t (topic eyebrows)
  • To create transitions, have a slight pause, and then either:
    • 1. Insert a “when” statement _______t_
      • “when I was 14 years old …” - signed: AGE 14 ME …
    • 2. Insert a TIME sign: ______t_
      • “June, 2035, …” - signed: JUNE 2035 ….
  • Finished? Please copy signs to the right, or sign with someone…
  • Then, copy the Debate list together as a class at least once
transitions activity using debate signs choose partners teams 10 min prepare then present
Transitions Activity using Debate signs- choose partners/teams- 10 min. prepare, then present!
  • In teams, open your comp. book to your Debate signs list (play the signs continuously on front screen if needed)
  • Each person prepares a Debate statement-with at least 1 debate sign. Pick & sign a topic, & then your opinion of it (each person in your team picks a different topic). Then sign these to the class! 
  • As you go from person to person (and topic to topic), each person begins with eyebrows raised to show transitions.___________ __t
  • ___________t__
asl 2
  • Doorbuster (10 min.)
  • Transitions activity- sentences, presented to the class (rest of class)
  • Ticket Out
welcome asl 3
Welcome ASL 3
  • Doorbuster: 5 min.-Practice the school subject signs (use red MASL! Book too)
  • Activities:
    • Charades– school subject signs- Divide up in teams randomly (draw numbers, or however- so you are in new groups- then, act out a subject, and see which team guesses it first. The winner gets a point for their team, and is the next person to stand up and act a subject out. In 10 min., how many points can each team earn?
    • Project time
  • Ticket Out