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Tire Stores And The Cost Of Wheel Alignment

A low cost of wheel alignment is yet another great service that tire stores should offer, so you get out the door with more value. http://www.belletire.com

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Tire Stores And The Cost Of Wheel Alignment

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  1. Tire Stores And The Cost Of Wheel Alignment May 25, 2010

  2. Low Cost Wheel Alignment A low cost of wheel alignment is yet another great service that tire stores should offer, so you get out the door with more value.  The cost of a wheel alignment could be much less than the cost of other repairs that could result from not performing this simple regular maintenance on your vehicle, such as helping your tires last longer, so replacement is not needed as often. You can also maximize your suspension system.

  3. How do you know if you need a wheel alignment? If your vehicle pulls to the right or the left when the steering wheel is in straight ahead position, a wheel alignment adjustment may be necessary. Another indicator for needing an alignment check is if uneven tire wear is identified or you’ve hit that dreaded pothole on the road.

  4. Alignment Done Every 12 Months/12,000 Miles Your vehicle's suspension is made of a number of sophisticated components and systems that all need to be working together and in perfect alignment. Normal tire wear from driving can and bad roads can throw your suspension out of alignment over time could cause excessive tire wear and other problems. One way to make sure your suspension stays in good working order is to make sure your tires are aligned correctly.

  5. Extend Tire Life & Fuel Savings Wheel alignments and rotation services are critical to the extended wear of your tires and fuel savings. To get the most out of your tires, the two most important things you can do are keep them properly inflated and get your alignment checked at least twice a year. To put it in perspective tires that are under-inflated by 20% can reduce your fuel economy by as much as 10% and reduce tread life by up to 15%.

  6. Get Better Gas Mileage If your vehicle isn't properly aligned, your fuel economy could be reduced by up to an additional 5%. And this all adds up... up to 15% less mileage out of each gallon of gas you put in your car, and the cost to replace tires that wear out long before they should.

  7. How Tire Stores Can Help ASE certified technicians can perform a state-of-the-art computerized alignment using state of the art alignment equipment. The car is set in place and all four wheels are set parallel and your steering wheel is centered. 

  8. Better Handling & Gas Mileage Sensors are attached to each wheel and data is fed into a computer that notifies the technician of the adjustments that need to be made. Four wheel alignments help increase the life of your steering system, suspension and tires. Once your tires are aligned properly, you'll also get better handling and improved gas mileage.

  9. Concerned About Cost? Don’t Be! ...You’ll Save In The Long Run! If you are concerned with the cost of wheel alignment by a professional, many tire stores offer free alignment checks that will tell you if you’re in need of an alignment.  After any pothole mishap or every twelve months or 12,000 miles, you may be in need of an alignment.  You’ll not only maximize your tire performance/fuel economy and suspension system, you’ll also save money down the road because you won’t have to replace your tires as often.  

  10. Make Sure Your Technician is ASE Certified ASE Certified Technicians at most discount tire stores have the training, tools and state-of-the-art computerized equipment to keep your cost of wheel alignment affordable.

  11. http://www.belletire.com Belle Tire!

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