The Northern Arizona Uranium Project, LLC
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The Northern Arizona Uranium Project, LLC. Uranium Breccia Pipe Mining. The NAU Project, LLC. The Makapuu Claims. Three claims covering a breccia pipe located with a CSAMT survey

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The Northern Arizona Uranium Project, LLC

Uranium Breccia Pipe Mining

The nau project llc
The NAU Project, LLC

The Makapuu Claims. Three claims covering a breccia pipe located with a CSAMT survey

and a comparative Geochemistry Survey. There are two instances of uranium mineralization

at the surface along with goethite psuedomorphs after pyrites and other goethite forms.

The nau project llc1
The NAU Project, LLC

The mining claims located by the NAU Project, LLC are near the Southern boundary of the Kaibab National Forest in the Tusayan Ranger District south of Anita Road and west of Highway 64. The breccia pipe targets were located by using satellite imagery and then following up with field visits to examine the topography and for any evident mineralization.

A Geochemical Comparative Survey was performed on the Makapuu claims and positive results indicating a mineralized pipe were followed up with a Controlled Source Audio-Magnetotelluric (CSAMT) survey that mapped out the location of the pipe. A Soil Gas Hydrocarbon (SGH) soil survey and analysis was performed to determine if there was a Uranium ore deposit. The SGH analysis was very positive for uranium and located the deposit in the same location that the CSAMT survey indicated that the breccia pipe was located.

A CSAMT survey was also done on the Aiea claim and it is believed that the line of stations cut through the side of the upper(wider) part of the pipe and that further CSAMT work will need to be done to verify a pipe at the Aiea target. If a pipe is confirmed, follow-up geochemical analysis will need to be done to find out if a mineralized pipe is likely.

The nau project llc2
The NAU Project, LLC

The Aiea claim. There is CSAMT work that suggest that a breccia pipe exists

at the center of the inwardly sloping area surrounding the small central basin.

Goethite pseudomorph after pyrites can be found in the drainage and basin area.

Geochemical Survey to Find Evidence

of a Mineralized Breccia Pipe

A geochemical survey of a breccia pipe target

compares the concentrations of elements inside

the target area to concentrations outside the

target area. The samples assayed are from the

soil, 4 to 8 inches below the surface.

To start the comparison the “mean”

concentration value for all the samples - both

target and background- are determined for each

element of interest.

An enrichment correlation value is found by the

following formula as put forth by the USGS:

CV =(# of Target Val > Mean) - (# of Bckgrnd Val > Mean)‏

# of Target Values # of Backgrnd Values

The USGS determined that a correlation value

greater than or equal to 0.2 meant that an

element was enriched. Less than or equal to

-0.2 meant that the element was depleted.

In between these two values and the correlation

was indeterminate.

The Makapuu breccia pipe target circled

in red. The green pins are the background

sample locations.

Geochemical Survey for the Makapuu Breccia Pipe Target

Results #1

There are nine primary elements and four secondary elements that are the best indicators for

evidence of a mineralized breccia pipe. The primary elements are Uranium, Molybdenum,

Lead, Zinc, Copper,Silver, Nickel, Cobalt, and Arsenic. The secondary elements are Vanadium,

Chromium, Iron, and Lithium.

The Makapuu target is enriched in 7 of the 9 primary elements.

Geochemical Survey for the Makapuu Breccia Pipe Target

Results #2

Some of the background samples near the Makapuu breccia pipe target may be on the metallic

halos of other nearby breccia pipes. Samples were taken east of the road as shown, in an area

free of breccia pipe morphology. These samples may be considered to be a truer background.

The correlation values increase dramatically. Eight of nine primary indicator elements are

enriched and two of the secondary elements are enriched.