In the name of god
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In the name of God. How To Get A Paper Accepted In TRANSACTIONS?. Dr. Bimal K. Bose, Life Fellow, IEEE Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA E-mail:[email protected] Introduction.

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In the name of god

In the name of God

How To Get A Paper Accepted In TRANSACTIONS?

Dr. Bimal K. Bose, Life Fellow, IEEE

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

E-mail:[email protected]


  • Prestigious and a lot of Status in the Professional Community

  • One Transactions Paper=Four Conference Paper?

  • More Transactions Publications will Promote Your Fame

  • For an Engineer in Industry, Reflects Success in Career

What is publishable in transaction
What is Publishable in Transaction?

  • Results of Research Which Have Archival Value

  • The Material:

  • Current Interest

  • Potential Importance in Future

  • Invention

  • Made Investigation on a Technical Topic Important for

  • Application

  • Further Technology advancement in Future

  • State-of-the-Art Survey Papers by Experienced

  • Professionals

What is publishable in transaction1
What is Publishable in Transaction?

  • Best Paper Prize (Donald G. Fink Award)

  • Research Results:

  • Immediate Application

  • After a Prolonged Period of Time

  • Nobel Prize or Top Awards Are Given When

  • Contribution Establishes Importance in the Society

What is publishable in transaction2
What is Publishable in Transaction?

  • Results of Research For a Technology Topic May

  • Include:

  • Description

  • Mathematical Analysis

  • Simulation Study

  • Experimental Results

What is publishable in transaction3
What is Publishable in Transaction?

  • Simulation or “Virtual Experiment”

  • Sophisticated

  • User-Friendly

  • Validation of Concept or Analytical Results

  • As Good As the Model

  • Should Be Accurate Enough

  • For a General Technology Topic:

  • Experimental Results

  • The Material is Transactions Paper Worthy

Organizing the paper
Organizing the Paper

  • First Step: Organize the Content

  • Expertise Writing Skill of Communication

  • Clear, Concise, Well-Organized with Logical

  • Flow of Expressions

  • Review Some Good Paper

  • The Title Should Clearly Reflect the Contribution

  • Authors Order:

  • First Author

  • Co-Authors in the Order of Their Magnitude of

  • Contribution

Organizing the paper1
Organizing the Paper

  • Next Step:

  • Collection of the References in IEEE Format

  • References are Important for Writing the All

  • Introduction

  • Relevant Contributions Have Been Cited in the

  • Paper

Organizing the paper2
Organizing the Paper

  • Next Step:

  • Planning of Figures With:

  • Appropriate Labels and Titles

  • Fully Explanatory and convey Clearly

  • Contribution

  • A Figure= Thousand Words

  • Light Grid with Clear Description of the Variables

  • and Their Scales

  • The Figures Can Only Be Finalized After Preparation of the Full Draft Paper

Organizing the paper3
Organizing the Paper

  • Next Step: Planning the Different Sections and

  • Subsections with:

  • Appropriate Title

  • Assign the Figures in the Sections

  • Organize the Main Equations with Appropriate

  • Symbols

  • Definition of the Symbols Locally

  • Organize All the Points in Detail and in Proper

  • Sequence for each Section and Subsection Before

  • Starting the Paper Writing

Writing in correct english
Writing in Correct English

  • Next Step: Preparation of the Draft Paper with Full

  • Concentration

  • Correct English:

  • Composition

  • Grammar

  • Spelling

  • Fuzziness or Ambiguity of Expressions

  • Rejection Because of Poor English

  • Acceptance Because of Good Writing

Writing in correct english1
Writing in Correct English

  • Writing the Abstract

  • Writing the Introduction

  • Highlight The General Importance of Work

  • Importance reason

  • Description of Past Contributions With References

  • Avoiding the Name of the Contributors

  • Emphasizing why Your Work is Novel and Superior

  • to Others

  • Description of Concepts in Logical Sequence

  • Conclusion

  • Acknowledgement

Is the material publishable in Trans?


Plan an appropriate title

List author/co- authers(show IEEE membership)

Collect all relevant refrences

Plan figures with title

Plan sections and subsection

Collect material for each section/subsection

Write draft paper

Finalize all the figures

Prepare final paper (Iterate-iterate-iterate)

Satisfy these questions
Satisfy These Questions

Q1. Are the Figures Crystal Clear with Adequate

Labels and Title?

Q2. Have You Expressed Everything Correctly,

Clearly, Concisely, and in Logical Sequence?

Q3. Forgotten Any Relevant References?

Q4. Is the Paper Formatting and Length Ok?

Q5. Are there Errors in English?

The review process
The Review Process

  • Two Reviewers Recommend Acceptance or

  • Rejection

  • Ideal Review Process

  • Personal Biasing

  • Relevant Works Have Not Been Cited

  • Occasional English Errors

  • Unfamiliar Symbols in Equations

  • Not Understanding Well the Paper

  • Clumsy Figures

  • Recommendation for Major Revision