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CHDD BOL Equipment Primer PowerPoint Presentation
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CHDD BOL Equipment Primer

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CHDD BOL Equipment Primer

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  1. Behavioral Evaluation Center Behavior Observation Laboratory CHDD BOL Equipment Primer Rooms CD 326 & CD 391

  2. Step 1: Power On Equipment 1. Switch on main power to rack using the switch located at the top right of the larger rack. 2. Power on both DVD recorders using their power buttons indicated by the green boxes to the left. 3. Insert a blank DVD-R into each of the two recorders

  3. 2. Main Video Monitor Overall Location of Main Video Monitor

  4. Main Video Monitor Detail The main video monitor will provide the three following views. Switch between views by pressing the Input Video Select button (indicated by green box), each time the button is pressed it will advance to the next view. 1. Quad Split View: Shows the view from both cameras, as well as the ‘live’ shot that is sent to the DVD recorders. The views are labeled CAM 1, CAM 2, LIVE 2. Mixer Preview View: This view shows which effect is selected on the video mixer. The image to the right shows the standard wipe selected. 3. Live View: This view shows full-screen the image that is being sent to the DVD recorders.

  5. 3. How to Control Cameras 1. Select which camera to control using camera 1 or 2 buttons as indicated. 2. Control camera movement by moving joystick up/down/left/right. 3. Control camera zoom by twisting top collar of joystick clockwise to zoom in or counterclockwise to zoom out.

  6. 4. Video Mixer Overall Location of Video Mixer

  7. Video Mixer Details:How to switch between two cameras Press the input video select button on the main monitor until the mixer preview is displayed. Verify that the wipe transition is selected See the example to the right for the correct selection and below for a detailed view of the correct icon. Wipe transition icon

  8. Video Mixer DetailsHow to switch between two cameras If the correct icon is not selected: 1. Press the BASIC button 2. Use arrow buttons to select the wipe icon 3. Press the OK button

  9. Video Mixer DetailsHow to switch between two cameras Now that we have selected the basic wipe transition, we will tell the mixer to wipe between camera 1 and camera 2. Once the steps on this slide are complete, the transition is setup for the session and each press of the PLAY button on the mixer will switch the live shot between camera 1 and camera 2. 1. Press row #1, cam 1 button 2. Press row #2, cam 2 button 3. During recording, each time the PLAY button is pressed on the mixer, the live shot will switch between camera 1 and camera 2.

  10. 5. Horita Time Clock The Horita Time Clock displays a running elapsed time from when it is started. This is displayed on the screen and becomes part of the recording. Having this visible timecode on the video helps with later coding of the recording. Overall location of Horita Time Clock

  11. Horita Time Clock Details 1. To start clock, press the “Start Clock” switch down and release. 2. To reset clock to zero, move the “Off” switch to the down position, then back to the up position, repeat step 1. (“Start Clock” switch down and release.)

  12. DVD Recorders Overall location of DVD Recorders

  13. DVD Recorder Detail 1. When starting a recording, aim DVD recorder remote at decks and press the “REC” button. Confirm that the time clock on the front of both decks is running and small red record lights are lit. 2. After a recording is finished, aim the DVD recorder remote at the decks and press the “STOP” button. 3. Before the DVD can be played back on another device, it must first be finalized. To finalize, aim the DVD remote at the decks and press the “SETUP” button. 4. Use the arrow keys to select “DVD Menu”, then press the “ENTER” button. Now select “Finalize” and press “ENTER” again, the finalize process takes ~90 seconds.

  14. Recording Setup Steps • Verify one blank DVD-R is in each of the DVD recorders • Orient cameras for protocol and setup wipe transition with video mixer • Start the Horita Time Clock • Press Record on the DVD Recorder Remote • Confirm video is recording by noting clock display on front of DVD recorders is advancing and red “record” lights are on • Confirm audio is recording by turning up the small speaker above the DVD recorders and listening for audio • During the recording, move the camera not being recorded with the Sony camera control, switch between cameras when necessary for best view • After recording is finished, press “STOP” on the DVD recorder remote and finalize discs.