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College Admissions Testing

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College Admissions Testing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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College Admissions Testing. ACT SAT Reasoning Test COMPASS Test By Lue Healy. Where you are going to College determines which test you need to take!. Check your chosen college’s website for more information about testing.

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College Admissions Testing

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    1. College Admissions Testing ACT SAT Reasoning Test COMPASS Test By Lue Healy

    2. Where you are going to College determines which test you need to take! • Check your chosen college’s website for more information about testing. • Although all Georgia Colleges can use the SAT or ACT for admissions and placement purposes, most two- year colleges and technical colleges do not require the SAT or ACT.

    3. Either the SAT or ACT is Required for 4 year Colleges and Universities! • All four year colleges in the state of Georgia and most colleges in other states require an SAT or ACT score. Either is acceptable. • All four year colleges in GA require an SAT or ACT score that includes the writing section

    4. What is the difference in the ACT and the SAT? ACT SAT Is an aptitude test that tests your reasoning and verbal abilities • Is an achievement test – it measures what you have learned in school.

    5. ACT – American College Test • Consists of four parts: Science Reasoning, Math, English, and Reading Comprehension • Each part is scored on 1-36 scale • The scores from these four parts are averaged to get a composite score of 1-36 • If you use the ACT as your college admissions test, the writing part is NOT optional. You MUST take the WRITING section to be admitted. Check with your college of choice to be sure!

    6. ACT Writing Section • Scored on a 1-36 scale • Not averaged in the composite score • ALWAYS SIGN UP FOR THE WRITING PART!

    7. Sample ACT Score • English 28 • Sci Reasoning 25 • Math 24 • Reading comp 27 • Total 104 • 104/4 = 26 • Composite = 26

    8. How much does the ACT Cost and how do I sign up? • This year’s cost with the writing section is $50.50. Pay by check, credit card or money order. DO NOT SEND CASH! • Sign up by going to • You have to sign yourself up – the school cannot do it for you!

    9. It came in the mail but WHATdoes my ACT score mean? • ACT average score is 18-20. • GA Southern admission requires a 21 composite score this year. Summer Eagle Incentive requires a 20. • Armstrong requires an 18. Summer Challenge requires a 17. • Univ of GA middle 50% of admitted students have ACT composites 27-31.

    10. SATSign up for the Reasoning Test • Three parts: Verbal, Math, and Writing • Each part is worth 800 points or 2400 points total • The writing section is composed of a multiple choice section as well as an essay section. • Average score 1500

    11. What about the SAT Writing Section? • Writing section is required • Consists of a multiple choice and an essay part • Maximum score is 800 • Colleges vary on how they use the writing score: at UGA, this score is VERY important.

    12. What kind of SAT Score Do I Need this Year? • GA Southern - must have minimum of 1010 on the math and verbal combined (does not include writing score) • GSU Eagle Incentive Program 920-1000 (math and verbal added together , not counting writing) • UGA’s middle 50% of SAT scores last year were 1190-1360 (math and verbal) • Armstrong Atlantic State University’s required scores are 900 Math + critical reading score. Minimum math=410, Critical reading 440 • Armstrong Summer Challenge requires a minimum of 430 CR and 400 M and an 850 total math +CR.

    13. SAT Subject Tests • Most students do NOT need to take Subject tests • Subject tests are not required by most colleges unless you are applying to an elite school • Subject tests are given in specific subjects such as biology, chemistry, Spanish, US History, etc. • If applying to a school that requires them, subject tests should be taken as soon as you complete a course in a content area. • Subject tests are scored on a 200-800 scale.

    14. How do I sign up for the SAT and how much does it cost? • Cost is $50 – you may pay by using your credit card, money order or check. DO NOT SEND CASH! • Sign up at You must sign yourself up; the school cannot register you!

    15. What is my HIGH SCHOOL CODE for the SAT and ACT? This code is required when registering for both statistical and security purposes. Effingham County High School Code 112791 South Effingham High School Code 111444

    16. NEW: Photo REQUIREMENT when Registering Beginning with the Oct ACT and the March SAT • You must provide a photo on your registration ticket. • You can upload the photo from your phone or mobile device, upload a jpg etc. file, or send one in the mail. Deadlines and instructions for mailing are on the websites. • IF NO PHOTO IS PROVIDED, No test allowed; no refunds! • PHOTO SPECIFICS • You must face camera! • Photo must match the way you look on test date: same features, same hair color, glasses, etc. • Only a headshot; no full body. • No profile photo • No other people in photo • No distracting background • No blurred images

    17. You must bring these items you on SAT or ACT TEST DAY: You CANNOT TEST WITHOUT THEM • A suitable photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) • Your registration ticket showing your photo and printed from the testing center website. • Arrive for testing 30 minutes early with the above materials. • You will also want to bring a pencil and calculator.

    18. Fee Waivers for the SAT and ACT – do I qualify? • You may qualify if you receive free or reduced lunch or meet certain financial guidelines. • Talk to your counselor for specifics. • Quantities of fee waivers are very limited and we have to spread these among qualified students! • If you don’t test using the waiver you request, DON’T ASK FOR ANOTHER! • After testing on an SAT fee waiver, you can also receive four vouchers for waiving college application fees.

    19. NO SAT or ACT Required at • Ogeechee Tech • Savannah Tech • East Georgia College • Other 2 year and technical colleges

    20. What is the COMPASS TEST? • An un-timed, computerized test that helps evaluate your skills. • An easier test than the SAT or ACT. • A test whose results will be used to PLACE you into appropriate courses at 2 year colleges and technical colleges. • A test that is also used for admission at 2 year colleges. • DO YOUR BEST so you don’t have to repeat course material that you already know!

    21. Who should take the COMPASS TEST • Students who want to attend TECHNICAL COLLEGES like Savannah or Ogeechee Tech • Students who want to attend 2 year colleges like East Georgia College or Middle GA College • Students seeking admission to 4 year colleges should NOT take the COMPASS TEST. You cannot use it for admission to a four year college..

    22. What does the COMPASS Test Evaluate? Writing skills Math Skills Reading skills

    23. HOW MUCH DOES THE COMPASS TEST COST? • The COMPASS Test is FREE but you must apply for admission and pay the application fee for the technical school or 2 year college of your choice!

    24. How do I sign up for the COMPASS Test? • After you apply for a 2 year or technical college, sign up with your chosen college for a time to go to take the COMPASS Test.

    25. I took the COMPASS – now what do I do with my scores? • Look at your scores carefully. • Compare your scores with the scores that your chosen 2- year or technical college lists as acceptable.Acceptable scores vary by college and by program of study! • If your scores place you in a range so that you will have to take remedial classes, you may want to re-test before entering college. • If you need remediation in more than two areas (math, reading, writing), you will be denied admission to many colleges. • The HOPE Scholarshipwill not pay for remedial classes at 2 and 4 year colleges. The HOPE GRANTwill pay for remedial classes at technical schools.

    26. COMPASS and ACT There is NO penalty for guessing on either the COMPASS or the ACT You should ALWAYS guess on the COMPASS or the ACT if you don’t know the answer. SAT There IS a penalty for guessing on the SAT! If you have absolutely no clue, DO NOT GUESS on the SAT! If you can narrow the choices to three, you should ALWAYS guess! I Don’t Know the Answer, Should I Guess?

    27. Two year colleges and technical schools in Georgia no longer require the SAT or ACT for admissions. Two year and technical colleges will administer the COMPASS test for placement Four year colleges in Georgia are requiring the SAT or the ACT All four year colleges are requiring the writing section Colleges will combine your best scores on the SAT and sometimes on the ACT Review of the Differences in Testing Requirements between 2 year colleges and technical schools and 4 year colleges in GA