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5 th Grade

5 th Grade. SCIENCE. ANIMAL DIVERSITY. Animal Structure and Function Animal Adaptations. Cells are the building blocks of all living things. Classification.

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5 th Grade

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  1. 5th Grade SCIENCE

  2. ANIMAL DIVERSITY Animal Structure and Function Animal Adaptations

  3. Cells are the building blocks of all living things.

  4. Classification • Scientists classify animals based on cell structure, how cells are organized into tissues, how tissues are organized into organs and organs are organized into systems.

  5. Scientists classify animals into two large groups. • 1. Vertebrates – Animals with backbones. • 2. Invertebrates – Animals without backbones.

  6. Invertebrate Facts • A sponge is one of the smallest animals on Earth. • Arthopods are the largest group of animals on Earth. • Mollusks include snails, clams and octopuses. • Arthopods include insects, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, lobster and crabs. • Echinoderms include starfish---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  7. Mimicry is an adaptation in which an animal is protected against predators by its resemblance to another, unpleasant animal. Camouflage is an adaptation in which an animal protects itself against predators b y blending in with the environment. Adaptation is a characteristic that enables a living thing to survive in its environment.

  8. Can you find the hidden bugs?

  9. What is inherited? • An inherited behavior is one one that is not learned. It is done automatically. • Heredity is the passing of inherited traits from parents to offspring.

  10. Hybrids and Crossbreeds • Hybrid- Living things that have parents that are quite different from each other, such as donkeys and horses. • Crossbreed – A product of the mating of individuals from two distinct breeds or varieties of the same species.

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