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Who Owns What?. Who Are We?. Our roles in the project Brian B Cutler- Casting Director Susan C Eick-Editor Extraordinaire Chia Chi Lin-Ready Researcher & Chief Interrogator Suzanne K Pitre-Den Mother Piper A Ross-Visioneer/Designer. Mission and Goals.

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Who are we
Who Are We?

  • Our roles in the project

    • Brian B Cutler- Casting Director

    • Susan C Eick-Editor Extraordinaire

    • Chia Chi Lin-Ready Researcher & Chief Interrogator

    • Suzanne K Pitre-Den Mother

    • Piper A Ross-Visioneer/Designer

Mission and goals
Mission and Goals

  • This website will provide information and service to the public.

  • This is a database-driven website where users can search the top 10 Fortune 500 companies to determine what other companies they own, who their board members are, and how those companies and board members are inter-related.

  • The site will allow people to search, compile and print basic data regarding the top 10 companies, their subsidiaries, and their board members.


  • Personas

  • Competition

  • Content Development Plan

  • Wire Frames

  • Conclusion


  • James, age 38

  • James has been a line manager for a metal plating company for 12 years but has shifted in recent years from the company that pays him to the staffers and workers on his line. A technology-averse person, James resisted buying a home computer until an article in U.S. News and World Report change his mind. A Dell Dimensions 500 series with 64 Megs of RAM. Their ISP is dial-up. James’ 10 year-old son taught him how to use it.

  • James uses WOW to keep up with merger and acquisition news and to investigate the properties of the companies that surface on the rumor mill.


  • Andrea, age 30

  • Andrea produces the 10 O’clock News for KPTV Fox 12 in Portland, Oregon. She can simultaneously write a VO reader, talk to a reporter on the phone, and stare down the assignment editor who is threatening to pull her live shot. The Internet connection at work is scorching fast. She gets all her personal email there. She knows Newstar, Avid, and Word inside and out, but not any other application.

  • Andrea uses WOW to instantly reference northwest businesses and the mother and daughter companies that revolve around them.


  • Paige, age 24

  • Paige has her B.A. in Business with a concentration in finance and has already had offers from several Chicago area banking institutions for entry-level jobs. She has always known computers. Paige’s father could be considered an early adopter. He bought a Vic Commodore 64 in the late 1970s. Paige was subsequently packed off to school in 1998 with a new G-3 iMac.

  • Paige uses WOW to see the unpublicized strings that tie large banking institutions together.


  • The Columbia Journalism Review cjr.org/tools/owners/

    • Closely matches our own ideas for WOW

  • PRO

    • An extensive list of companies is conveniently organized into groups such as medium or geographical location.

    • The site includes interesting sidebars such as corporate timelines and features.

  • CON

    • The site is limited to media companies and it does not provide a breakdown of corporate statistics

    • CJR provides no information on boards of directors or officers.


  • The AFL-CIOaflcio.org/corporateamerica/paywatch/

  • PRO

    • It is an excellent example of how to educate an audience and provide an abundance of information.

    • The search function provides a variety of search choices, such as industry, ticker symbol, company name and salary range.

  • CON

    • The site includes personal, meaningful information but seems to focus more on CEOs than anything else.

    • It is a very busy site


  • The Seattle Timesseattletimes.com/nw100

    • the site is quite competitive in the WOW category

  • PRO

    • An abundance of information is available, including an extensive board member listing and a detailed breakdown of the companies.

    • One can glimpse the whole picture of each company because a comprehensive summary is provided to the site user.

  • CON

    • Limited to the northwest area

    • Site is not current


  • They Rule theyrule.net

    • Addresses the board members more than the companies themselves

  • PRO

    • It displays a functional, interactive map which reveals clear relationships between multiple board members and companies.

  • CON

    • Usability issue

    • Flash requirement limits users

Content development plan
Content Development Plan

  • The content, which includes company location, facts, board members and relationships, falls under the company category.

  • We plan to list the annual revenue, number of employees, and other basic company data, which can be found on Fortune and on each company’s website.

  • The special features of the website: the search function, RSS feed, link to the bulletin board, media links, and blogs.

Content development plan1
Content Development Plan

  • The resources of this website:

    • Resource links such as Dun&Bradstreet.com, Fortune, Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, library links and other resources should be available in a drop-down menu on each page.

    • Another source of information is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All public companies must file with the SEC and some private companies are required to file a 10-K (annual report) with the SEC.


  • We’ve analyzed the competition, identified how our content will be developed and shown you the resulting design. We’ve got lots work ahead of us in building the site and in the technical development of Phase I. But before we go, we want to thank Andrea, Paige and James. Without their help, this simply would not have been possible.