What s next in social media
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What’s Next in Social Media. Top 5 Trends To Turn Your Social Empire into Gold. Agenda. Facebook Pages become a Paid Channel How to be an Instagram Hero How Video Makes you Human The importance of Dialogue: The Art of the Question Social ROI.

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What s next in social media

What’s Next in Social Media

Top 5 Trends To Turn Your Social Empire into Gold


  • Facebook Pages become a Paid Channel

  • How to be an Instagram Hero

  • How Video Makes you Human

  • The importance of Dialogue: The Art of the Question

  • Social ROI


Facebook paid channel
Facebook = Paid Channel

Once upon a time….You could post on your Facebook Page and people would see it.

Along came the evil EdgeRank Algorithm (a.k.a. Newsfeed Algorithm) and hid 80% of the content.

What do we do now?

Facebook paid channel1
Facebook = Paid Channel

  • To get any content out today, you must engage in Paid Advertising, which essentially makes Facebook a Paid Marketing Channel instead of an organic one

  • What you post is still critical, and we’ll get to ideas on how you can keep on rocking it with content in a minute – so there is hope!

Facebook paid channel2
Facebook = Paid Channel

  • Tips on advertising on Facebook:

  • Never “boost” content – this algorithm is very weak, and is not effective

Facebook paid channel3
Facebook = Paid Channel

  • Instead to go Create Ad (or Advertise Page, depending on what Facebook calls it today) and choose “Promote Page Post”

Facebook paid channel4
Facebook = Paid Channel

  • Select as many photos as you can!

  • Make sure you either own or purchase the photos or you could end up with a big fine

Facebook paid channel5
Facebook = Paid Channel

  • When running a Page Likes ad, be very selective on where and who you choose to receive your ad

  • Use the various Interests, Behaviors and Demographics to laser-focus your ad


  • Growing at 1,500% per year

  • Two options:

    • Photos

    • Videos

  • Videos get 15x the shares of videos on Facebook so…what are you waiting for?

Be an instagram hero
Be an Instagram Hero

  • Tips on using it like a pro:

    • Use at least 3 hash tags (#realestate, #newlisting, #neighborhood, #lovelife, #home, etc.)

    • Connect with Facebook and Twitter

      • Edit Profile

      • Include your profile

      • Choose the gear box and scroll to Share Settings

      • Connect with Facebook Page or profile and Twitter

      • Ensure notifications are one

Be an instagram hero1
Be an Instagram Hero

  • Take your brand places

    • Post images in the neighborhoods in which you sell

    • Take a picture: tell a story (clients, testimonials, etc.)

  • Explore hash tags and find new followers

  • Do short videos about where you are, what you’re up to, or a short tip of the day

Be an instagram hero2
Be an Instagram Hero

  • Engage other users because when you share their stuff, they’ll share yours

  • Track your results using Statigram.com (it’s free!)

This could be YOU!

Become a video powerhouse
Become a Video Powerhouse

  • Video makes you instantly more approachable and real

  • Want to be the resident expert? Yup, it’s video

  • Create a regularly scheduled program that people can come to expect

  • You’ll get more shares than on any other type of content

Become a video powerhouse1
Become a Video Powerhouse

  • Videos get more shares than anything else online including on these networks:

    • YouTube

    • Instagram

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • LinkedIn

Become a video powerhouse2
Become a Video Powerhouse

  • Make your videos short but valuable

  • Tell a short story

  • Provide a tip of the day

  • Create a new one each week

  • Post them on all your networks and your website, too!

Dialogue being social
Dialogue = Being Social

  • Conversations don’t happen when you spam or “splat” people

  • In Facebook, your posts get special attention when you ask a question

  • There is an art to asking a question though!

Dialogue being social1
Dialogue = Being Social

  • Conversation 101:

    • Voting: Which do YOU choose?

    • Fill in the blank

    • Lifestyle related questions:

      • What’s your weekend fave go-to?

      • What’s your favorite kitchen appliance?

      • What’s the 1st thing on your bucket list? We all have one!

    • Like and Share…

    • One word to describe…

Social roi
Social ROI

  • Social ROI is the most elusive element for any marketer so how do we measure it?

  • Everything we know about it is WRONG!

Social roi1
Social ROI

  • To quote Gary Vaynerchuk:

    • If you’re willing to invest the time, and the effort, and learn the platforms, and you have the natural talent…you can score a book deal, help your clients achieve their goals.

    • Social ROI is not about the tools – it’s about the mechanic using the tool!

Wrapping up
Wrapping up

  • To thrive on Facebook, use paid ads

  • Video is king – everywhere from Instagram, to Facebook and beyond

  • Have conversations – real ones – because they lead to real clients

  • Your ROI on social media is only as good as the mechanic and his/her message

Rebecca s contact info
Rebecca’s Contact Info

  • For any questions, comments and horror stories about your social media program find me here:

  • Twitter: @bexmountain

  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/ImpetusConsulting (or just type in my name…my Page will show up)

  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bexmountain

  • Email: Rebecca@impetusconsulting.ca

    Any and all questions are welcome!

What s next in social media

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