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Lesson 90

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Lesson 90. BILL GATES. Pre-read. What do you know about Bill Gates?. Why can Bill Gates become one of the richese men in the world?. *Because he spent a lot of time working ,. *Because he develop ed something very useful. *Because he improve d software.

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lesson 90

Lesson 90


pre read
  • What do you know about Bill Gates?

Why can Bill Gates become one of the richese men in the world?

*Because he spent a lot of time working,

*Because he developed something very useful.

*Because he improved software.

*Because he’s good at computer programmes.

question why didn t gates finish his studies in harvard university
Question:Why didn’t Gates finish his studies in Harvard University?
  • Because he left Harvard to work for a company.

Notes about Bill Gates:

Name: Bill Gates

Date of birth:

October 28,1955

Favourite subject at school:

Science and maths


Reading,playing golf and bridge

What Gates did at 17:

He worked out a software programme and sold it for 4200 dollars.

In 1973:

He went to Harvard University.

In 1975:

He began his company with Paul Allen.

In 1994:

He married Melinda French.

In 1999:

He wrote a book called Business @ the Speed of Thought.

Additional information:

He has two children:a daughter and a son.

guess the meaning of new words according to the text
Guess the meaning of new words according to the text:
  • F______ the time that is coming
  • U______ not usual
  • L______ very big
  • U______ a place bigger than colleges
  • with kinds of subjects and parts
  • G______ 高尔夫球
  • B______ 桥牌
  • P______ not for all people, just for one
  • __ ___ ___ at last
  • ____ ____ to find out, to solve problems








In the end

Work out


Points in the text:

1. …be named after


The village is named after Washington.


Many buildings are named after famous persons.

2. .work out

We must work out a better plan today.

She wants to work out the problem by herself.

They’ve worked out a plan for an interesting holiday.

3.Sb spend …doing sth.

It took me half an hour to get to school.>>

I spent half an hour getting to school.

It took the twins 50 yuan to buy the dictionary.>>

The twins spent 50 yuan buying the dictionary.