conceptual design requirements for fire l.
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Conceptual Design Requirements for FIRE PowerPoint Presentation
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Conceptual Design Requirements for FIRE

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Conceptual Design Requirements for FIRE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conceptual Design Requirements for FIRE. John A. Schmidt FIRE PVR March 31, 2004. Outline. Conceptual Design Requirements History Issues to be addressed during Conceptual Design Conclusions. Requirements for Conceptual Design.

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conceptual design requirements for fire

Conceptual Design Requirements for FIRE

John A. Schmidt


March 31, 2004

  • Conceptual Design Requirements
  • History
  • Issues to be addressed during Conceptual Design
  • Conclusions
requirements for conceptual design
Requirements for Conceptual Design
  • The two sources of requirements for completion of conceptual design are:
    • The DOE Critical Decision process
    • Engineering requirement to initiate Preliminary Design
mission need review cd 0
Mission Need Review (CD-0)
  • Key review elements for a Mission Need Review are:
    • Mission Need Statement.Assess adequacy of documentation confirming that the new project provides a specific capability that the Department currently lacks to meet its assigned mission.
    • Program/Mission Requirements.Assess whether high-level requirements are sufficiently defined to identify potential alternatives (to be analyzed in the next phase) that are both applicable and capable of meeting project goals.
    • Total Project Cost and Schedule Ranges. Review basis of the rough order of magnitude cost range and provide an assessment of whether this range reasonably bounds the cost and schedule of alternatives to be analyzed in the next project phase. Review basis of schedule range and assess whether the schedule is consistent with strategic requirements for when this project is required. Also, for projects closely linked to other projects, assess whether schedule results in appropriate integration.
cd 1 documentation
CD-1 Documentation
  • Conceptual Design Report - Alternative Analysis, Hazard Analysis, Site Selection Criteria, NEPA Documentation, Systems Requirements, cost and schedule estimates
  • Risk Management Assessment
  • Safety Documentation
  • Acquisition strategy
requirements to initiate preliminary design
Requirements to Initiate Preliminary Design
  • Subsystem Requirements
  • Feasibility
    • Is there a design solution within the allotted envelopes?
  • Cost (range)
  • Schedule


Sliding Joint

PF Coils

Vacuum Vessel

TF Coil

and Case

OH Coil

TF Coil Inner

Leg Assembly

conceptual design issues magnets
Conceptual Design Issues - Magnets
  • Solenoid leads
  • Elbrodur fatigue
  • Welding R&D
  • Insulation R&D
conceptual design issues pfc s
Conceptual Design Issues - PFC’s
  • Time dependent forces
  • With transient thermal
  • Connected to the vessel
  • Startup with passive plates
  • Magnetic detectors with passive plates
  • First wall cooling for AT operation
conceptual design analysis vv
Conceptual Design Analysis - VV
  • Plastic analysis
  • Limit analysis
  • Optimized geometry and refined FEA models
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Fatigue analysis, including plastic effects
  • Seismic analysis
conceptual design vv
Conceptual Design - VV
  • Develop design of generic port plug
  • Optimize divertor attachments for stress, remote handling
  • Design internal plumbing and shielding
  • Re-design / optimize gravity supports
conceptual design r d vv
Conceptual Design R&D - VV
  • Select/verify method for bonding of copper cladding to vessel skin
  • Select/verify method for routing of cooling passages into and out of cladding
  • Develop fabrication technique for in-wall active control coils
  • Perform thermal and structural tests of prototype vessel wall, with cladding, tubes, tiles, etc. (need test facility)
  • Verify assembly welding of octants and tooling for remote disassembly/reassembly (need test facility)
remote maintenance conceptual design
Remote Maintenance Conceptual Design
  • Many in-vessel remote handling system designs and procedures remain to be developed in concert with components
    • Divertor module remote attachment and handling interface
    • FW tile and limiter module attachment, handling end-effector and interface
    • Standardized midplane port assemblies and handling systems
    • Upper and lower auxiliary port assemblies and handling systems
    • In-vessel inspection (metrology & viewing) system deployed via midplane port
  • Ex-vessel and hot cell remote handling systems have less design development
    • Component transfer casks, transport and positioning at ports (crane vs air cushion, how are casks positioned at upper auxiliary ports?)
    • Upper and lower vertical ports are currently being fitted with diagnostics but can they be maintained?
    • Hot cell layouts, remote handling systems and component repair stations
  • The FIRE design is well positioned to complete the engineering required for Conceptual Design.
  • The biggest effort will be in Remote Maintenance - both design and initiating R&D.
  • It should be relatively straight forward to complete Conceptual Design in about nine months given approval of CD-0 and adequate funding.