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Be A Part of The Stop

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Be A Part of The Stop. By Garrett Stauffer- A story about child obesity. Table Of Contents. Introduction Children Stop The Sedentary Problem The Right Sport A Bad Sports Experience What's The Big Deal. Introduction.

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be a part of the stop

Be A Part of The Stop

By Garrett Stauffer- A story about child obesity.

table of contents
Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Children Stop
  • The Sedentary Problem
  • The Right Sport
  • A Bad Sports Experience
  • What's The Big Deal

When you are bored, you watch TV. When you watch TV, you get hungry. When you get hungry, you eat junk food. When you eat junk food while watching TV, you increase your chances of obesity. When you increase your chances of obesity, you stay that way for a couple of hours. When you stay that way for a couple of hours, you start to gain weight. When you start to gain weight, you give up on trying to get healthy again. Don’t give up on trying to get healthy again. Get active in sports and go play outside for at least 60 minutes a day. If you are interested read on to learn more.

What we don’t want

children stop
Children Stop!!

Children around the world are failing when it comes to being active. Every child needs at least 60 minutes a day outside in order to get healthy benefits to their body. here is a list of the benefits.

  • You have stronger muscles
  • Have a trim body, because being active controls body fat
  • Be a lot less likely to become overweight
  • Decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Possibly lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  • Have a better outlook on life

Besides enjoying the benefits of a regular exercise, for kids who are physically fit, sleep better. They are also better able to handle physical and emotional challenges, from running to catch the bus to studying for a test.

the sedentary problem
The Sedentary Problem

The main cause of child obesity is from spending time on electronics. When you play on electronics for a long time, your brain gets messed up and goes crazy. But instead of kids doing all of this they should be outside getting active. According to the Kaseir family 9-19 year olds watch about 4.5 hours of TV a day and spend seven hours on other electronic devices such as iPhone, iPad, video games, and etc.. One of the best ways to get rid of child obesity is to get rid of the sedentary problem. That is why I need your help to halt child obesity. You need to tell your friends and teach them that they need to only be on electronics for 1-2 hours a day.

the right sport
The Right Sport

Another great way to stop child obesity is to play sports. Sports help get your body moving. There are so many different sports to chose from that can get you agile. If you don’t try all different kinds of sports you wont know if you like it or not, so you have to try lots. If you don’t like team sports, you can try individual sports, competitive or not. Here is a list of sports that you can play.

Swimming biking

Diving martial arts

Running bowling

Ice skating basketball

Wrestling baseball

Gymnastics football

Golf soccer

Tennis walking


Roller skating

a bad sports experience
A Bad Sports Experience

Some kids don’t like sports, because they tried it and kids made fun of them for making a simple mistake. But everybody makes mistakes and nobody should tease you for it. Sports also have a monstrous impact on kids personality. Kids will have fun doing sports without even knowing that they are being active. Some kids come home with their heads down, but knowing that they have sport activity after school they will be happy. Kids will also learn about good sportsmanship and how to work together with teammates.

what is the big deal
What Is The Big Deal

Some kids just say what is the big deal about sports. Well when your active you are happy. It works all the time. When you are happy you don’t bug people. When people are happy, everybody is happy. Don’t you see what being active can do? Well thanks for listening and I hope you know what to do now. Go tell your friends to get active!



feel love, happiness, excitement, and have hope. Be a part of the stop. Get active

Think box

Do you think it is possible to gain weight while watching TV?

Think box

What do you think the steps are to getting active?

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