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CPW. Learning Intentions - Today, I am going to address these College Readiness Standards in Reading: Meaning of Words 24-27. Main Ideas and Author's Approach 16-19. Meaning of Words 16-19. Main Ideas and Author’s Approach 28-32.

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  • Learning Intentions - Today, I am going to address these College Readiness Standards in Reading:
  • Meaning of Words 24-27.
  • Main Ideas and Author's Approach 16-19.
  • Meaning of Words 16-19.
  • Main Ideas and Author’s Approach 28-32.
  • Sequential, Comparative, and Cause-Effect Relationships 20-23.
  • Meaning of Words 16-19.
  • Meaning of Words 24-27.


“9th Grade Reading”

Success Criteria – The four ACT Reading passages will always be arranged in this set order: Prose Fiction, Social Science, Humanities, and Natural Science. However, this doesn't mean that you have to read the passages in that order. Choose the passage that's easiest to read first. For instance, if you happen to like stories, then go with Prose Fiction. If you're a little more scientific-minded, then choose Natural Science. You'll have an easier time answering questions about a passage that interests you, and doing something right builds your confidence and sets up you for success in the next passages. Success always equals a higher score!

quick note
Quick Note!
  • Today’s questions are based on the printed passage you will receive shortly. After reading your passage individually or as a group, choose the best answer to each question. You may refer to the passages as often as necessary.
  • You have 5 Minutes to read your passage!
9 th grade reading
9th Grade Reading

#1.It is reasonable to infer from the passage that the narrator looks back on the dinner-dances as a time when:

A. her parents were in conflict over her mother’s work.

B. the entire family was filled with excitement and anticipation.

C. she and her father had a much easier relationship with each other.

D. her mother and father had renewed hope for the future of the family.

9 th grade reading1
9th Grade Reading

#2.It is reasonable to infer that the primary reason the author included the information in the eleventh paragraph (lines 59–64) is to:

A. contrast it with the earlier description of the family looking at shop displays on a snowy evening.

B. support the information about the trip to the fabric store, which is presented earlier.

C. compare it with the scene where the father dances with his wife and daughters.

D. contrast it with the scene presented in the last two paragraphs (lines 78–92).

9 th grade reading2
9th Grade Reading

#3.When the narrator says, “I solemnly would nod—the honored recipient of this arcane cultural wisdom” (lines 53–54), she most likely means that:

A. she felt intimidated when her father was giving her information that she did not understand.

B. her father was honored to be able to share personal information with his daughter.

C. when her father put on his tie, she pretended to be honored, even though she thought his comment was silly.

D. the information her father was giving her seemed important and made her feel valued.

9 th grade reading3
9th Grade Reading

#4. The primary message from this essay can be argued as…

A. The historical background of sewing is rich and deep with emotion.

B. Minatoya’s mother and father, though supportive and loving, greatly differed in their opinion and pride in sewing.

C. The economy has always been impacted by the hard work of Americans.

D. Minatoya hates her father.

9 th grade reading4
9th Grade Reading

#5. How does the Minatoya’s father come to view her mother?

A. Like that of an expert in sewing

B. As a woman who is broken and foolish

C. As a servant to the rich

D. Like the proud, strong woman she is

9 th grade reading5
9th Grade Reading

#6. Which of the following best defines the word “clopped” as used in line 14?

A. Raced

B. Broke

C. Embraced

D. A sharp hollow sound

9 th grade reading6
9th Grade Reading

#7. According to line 45, in which way would Minatoya’s father request the “next lady”?

A. Sadly

B. Proudly

C. Angrily

D. Slowly

cpw 9 th grade reading
CPW 9th Grade Reading
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