Budapest conference may 21 25 2003 systems theory large group dynamics
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Budapest Conference May 21-25, 2003 Systems Theory & Large Group Dynamics. SIETAR EUROPA. Systems Theory & Large Group Dynamics.

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Budapest conference may 21 25 2003 systems theory large group dynamics

Budapest Conference

May 21-25, 2003

Systems Theory & Large Group Dynamics


Systems theory large group dynamics
Systems Theory & Large Group Dynamics

  • There are many large group interventions which are offerred today as methods of achieving organizational change. Some such as „Open Space“ are well known. Most of these methods are derived from the theoretical work done on systems theory, originating with Ludwig van Bertanlaffy whose key book on General System Theory appeared in 1951. Many have borrowed from this source of thinking throughout the following decades. Of particular note are Peter Senge (who popularized Systems Thinking) and Robert Fritz (Structural Dynamics).

  • A complimentary stream of thought has been Gestalt psychology which emphasies a holistic approach. Leading proponents here were Kurt Lewin and Peter Lippitt. Marvin Weisbord was greatly influenced by this line of thought.

  • Finally, complexity science has added to the theoretical base. Concepts such as self-organization which are borrowed from natural phenomenon have become commonplace in working with groups. Sherman and Schultz (Open Boundaries) have been instrumental in translating the findings of science for the organizational realm.

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System theory large group dynamics
System Theory & Large Group Dynamics

Large Group Methods








The Search


Future Search


Open Space



Real Time

Strategic Change








Von Bertalanffy








Quantum Mechanics