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Measurement Impact 101:. Practical Techniques for Capturing EVP Inputs, Activities, Outcomes & Impacts. Syreeta Skelton Associate Director of Evaluation & Performance Measurement. Today’s Agenda. Core Metrics for Employee Volunteer Programs

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Measurement impact 101 l.jpg

Measurement Impact 101:

Practical Techniques for Capturing EVP Inputs, Activities, Outcomes & Impacts

Syreeta skelton associate director of evaluation performance measurement l.jpg

Syreeta SkeltonAssociate Director of Evaluation & Performance Measurement

Today s agenda l.jpg
Today’s Agenda

  • Core Metrics for Employee Volunteer Programs

  • Corporate Perspectives on EVP Measurement & Reporting

    • Credit Suisse –enterprise-wide case of evaluation/measurement process development, framework & instruments

    • Gap Inc. Foundation – Job Readiness program level case of evaluation/measurement process development, framework & instruments

  • Measurement Expert Perspective

    • EVP Performance Measurement Guidance – importance of framing the research question; what do you want to know about your program and who wants to know it

  • Group/Panel Q & A 

Who is our audience l.jpg
Who is our audience?

  • Where is your EVP in its evaluation maturity?

    • Novices – Tracking inputs and effort

    • Intermediates – Tracking outputs and counting activities

    • Experts – Assessing outcomes and impact

  • What types of data do you currently collect?

    • Informal data (i.e. stories)

    • Systematically collected data

  • Are the data you use in your evaluation…

    • Qualitative

    • Quantitative

    • Both

  • What are your learning objectives for today’s session?

What is the appetite for evaluation reporting in corporate america l.jpg
What is the appetite for evaluation & reporting in corporate America?

  • Now more than ever, companies are demanding better standards, tools, and best practices for measuring and demonstrating the efficacy of corporate civic engagement, and particularly employee volunteerism.

  • Measuring the magnitude, effectiveness, and especially the impact of employee volunteering remains a top concern for businesses.

    • A Points of Light Foundation 2005 survey among corporate members found that evaluation of employee volunteering was the greatest challenge for respondents.

    • A survey of 77 multinational companies conducted by The Conference Board (2006) found that more than one-third of responding companies cite measuring results and outcomes as the biggest challenge they will face in managing their corporate contributions programs (Lim, 2010).

What is the appetite for evaluation and reporting in corporate america l.jpg
What is the appetite for evaluation and reporting in corporate America?

Want to get here!

We are here

Who s leading the charge l.jpg
Who’s leading the charge? corporate America?

Corporate Service Professions

Who s leading the charge8 l.jpg
Who’s leading the charge? corporate America?

What are the key data points to collect about my evp l.jpg
What are the key data points to collect about my EVP? corporate America?

New Employee Volunteer Reporting Standards

  • Standard measures for EVPs are particularly important for:

    • Understanding how programs and projects compare to one another

    • Identifying how EVP operations and processes are performing

    • Documenting areas of success and opportunities for improvement

    • Determining how to leverage program resources most effectively

EVP Reporting Standard Key Metrics

  • EVP Partner Organizations

  • Volunteers

  • Volunteer Activities

  • Volunteer Hours

  • Volunteer Frequency

  • EVP Participation Rates

  • Company-Paid Service Utilization Rates

  • Valuation of Volunteer Hours

  • Dollar Rate of Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Dollar Rate of Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Tools for benchmarking evps l.jpg
Tools for Benchmarking EVPs corporate America?

Contact syreeta skelton points of light foundation roi@pointsoflight org l.jpg

Questions corporate America?

Contact:Syreeta Skelton

Points of Light Foundation

[email protected]

Lalita advani vice president credit suisse americas foundation l.jpg

Lalita Advani, Vice President corporate America?Credit Suisse Americas Foundation

This section s agenda l.jpg
This Section’s Agenda corporate America?

I. Tracking: Why Bother?

II. Evolution of Measurement

III. Sneak Peek of our System

IV. Next Steps for You

I tracking why bother l.jpg

3. Credibility corporate America?

2. Motivation

2009 Engagement Per Division





I. Tracking: Why Bother?

1. Strategy

Dollars + Volunteer Hours

Greater Value

Ii evolution of measurement l.jpg
II. Evolution of Measurement corporate America?




DefiningKey Fields

& Process



Building Global



Development & Launch

Ii evolution of measurement16 l.jpg
II. Evolution of Measurement corporate America?

Defining Key Fields & Process


  • VOLUNTEERING – Company sponsored, direct service

  • PARTICIPATION – Fundraising, Donations, Attendance




Number of Unique Employees, Total Hours

  • DEMOGRAPHICS – FTE or Staff, Title, Department

  • TIME – On-Company or Off-Company

Activity Types, Sectors, Population Served, # of Lives Impacted

  • SKILL LEVEL – Extra (Pair of) Hands or Skills-Based

  • LEVEL OF COMMITMENT – One-Time or Recurring

  • Employee Morale, Recruitment/Retention, Career Development, Team Building, Cross-departmental Networking

Iii sneak peek team leader view l.jpg
III. Sneak Peek – Team Leader View corporate America?


  • Team Leaders can build events for employees to view online

  • Key Fields are mandatory, so that information is captured up front

Iii sneak peek team leader view18 l.jpg
III. Sneak Peek – Team Leader View corporate America?


  • Team Leaders can check off who attended and who did not attend

  • Detailed employee information is captured for future analysis

Iii sneak peek employee view l.jpg
III. Sneak Peek – Employee View corporate America?


  • Employees can view a list of events online and register to attend

  • Philanthropy staff has access to global activity

Iii sneak peek staff view l.jpg
III. Sneak Peek – Staff View corporate America?


  • Philanthropy Team can run standard reports

  • Granular detail is also available by exporting data

Slide21 l.jpg

IV. Next Steps for You corporate America?

  • WHERE – Understand where in the cycle your organization stands

  • WHAT – Define what key fields you need to measure

  • WHO – Identify organizations that have done this and learn

  • WHY – Develop the internal case and garner resources

  • WHEN – Develop near-term goals and plan for delays

Contact lalita advani credit suisse americas foundation lalita advani@credit suisse com l.jpg

Questions corporate America?

Contact:Lalita Advani

Credit Suisse Americas Foundation

[email protected]

Marianne campbell senior manager gap foundation l.jpg

Marianne Campbell corporate America?Senior Manager, Gap Foundation

Slide24 l.jpg

FOUR AREAS OF FOCUS corporate America?









Slide25 l.jpg

Preparing youth for life through the world of work corporate America?

Career Exploration

Job Readiness


Follow-on Support

This way ahead gap inc youth signature program l.jpg
This Way Ahead corporate America?Gap Inc. Youth Signature Program

  • Career Exploration

  • One Month+

  • Individual career assessment

  • Exploration of roles in various industries

  • Long-term planning and goal planning

  • Job Readiness

  • Four Months

  • Weekly classes that teach hard and soft skills that prepare youth for the world of work and life

  • Gap Inc employees serve as volunteer facilitators

  • Internship

  • Four Months/13 Hours per Week

  • Two week preparatory course

  • Paid internships that occur in Gap or Old Navy stores

  • Monthly coaching sessions with Store Manager

  • Follow-On Support

  • Twelve Months

  • Check-in with career coach

  • Opportunity to interview for a permanent part-time job at a store

  • Access to other job opportunities, outside of Gap Inc

This way ahead evaluation process l.jpg
This Way Ahead corporate America?Evaluation Process

  • Created a Logic Model

    • Identified desired impact

    • Developed strategy to achieve that impact

  • Designed an evaluation to measure progress to desired impact goal

  • Determined who is evaluated and how

    • Youth

    • Nonprofit Organization

    • Employees

  • Evaluation resource

    • TCC Group

  • Slide28 l.jpg

    Gap Inc. Youth Signature Program Logic Model corporate America?







    • All Youth in Program:

    • Have expanded awareness of career opportunities

    • Have a better understanding of what it takes to get on a career track

    • Have more positive attitude toward jobs, working, and their futures

    • Are motivated to do what it takes to get internship and to get career later i.e. stay in school, get good grades, etc

    • All Youth in Program:

    • 4-month Job Readiness Training at CBOs

    • Supplementary sessions with Gap Inc. employees

    • Interns:

    • Acquire new skills

    • Have the opportunity to practice the new skills

    • Take steps toward career or vocational plan

    Social Impact

    Underserved youth are better prepared for life and ultimately to better contribute to society

    Gap Inc. Resources

    Gap Inc. Employee skills, time, experience

    Partner CBO skills and experience

    Youth interest, time, and readiness

    • Smaller # of Youth:

    • 4-month internship

    • Follow on support post internship

    Evaluation Results:

    Used for continuous program enhancement

    Shared with public, customers, Gap Inc. leadership, employees, shareholders

    Field Leadership participate in program

    • Participating stores:

    • Store leaders build own skills

    • Higher employee morale in store

    Field Leadership and store managers see benefits; want to sustain the program

    Gap Inc. is known as an innovative corporate citizen that achieves real results for society and the business

    Business Impact

    • Participating Stores:

    • Train employees for program

    • Communicate to all store staff about program

    • Gap Inc. Employees:

    • Develop their own skills by helping interns

    • Increased pride in store and Gap Inc.

    • Deeper connections with co-workers

    • Increased productivity

    Participating stores have less turnover, better work force

    • Gap Inc. Employees:

    • Volunteer at CBOs to provide job readiness training

    • Act as mentors to interns

    • Customers:

    • Positive associations with Gap Inc. brands

    • Loyalty to Gap Inc. goods

    Gap Inc. communicates to: employees, Gap Inc. leadership, and customers about program and its impact

    Evaluation included three data sources l.jpg
    Evaluation Included Three Data Sources corporate America?



    Gap Inc. Employees

    CBO Staff

    Slide30 l.jpg

    Youth Evaluation Summary corporate America?

    Contact marianne campbell gap foundation inc marianne campbell@gap com l.jpg

    Questions corporate America?

    Contact:Marianne Campbell

    Gap Foundation, Inc.

    [email protected]

    Jan brown senior consultant l.jpg

    Jan Brown, corporate America?Senior Consultant

    This section s agenda33 l.jpg
    This Section’s Agenda corporate America?

    • Framing the Evaluation of Corporate Volunteer/Service Efforts

    • Questions & Metrics

    The corporate volunteer service project or program framework l.jpg
    The Corporate Volunteer/Service Project or Program Framework corporate America?

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Inputs Strategies Outcomes Impact

    Framing the evaluation questions outcomes l.jpg
    Framing the Evaluation Questions: Outcomes corporate America?

    • What social outcomes will result from our volunteer/service program or effort?

      • CBO partner’s target audience (individuals and/or groups)

      • General public (community, neighborhood, region, etc.)

      • CBO partner’s organizational capacity

    • What business outcomes will result from our volunteer/service program or effort?

      • Employees (current & future)

      • Business units/departments

      • Corporate reputation

    Framing the evaluation questions l.jpg
    Framing the Evaluation Questions corporate America?

    • What was the quality of our volunteer/service project, program or event?

      • Volunteer/employee experience

      • Target audience (e.g., CBO or their clients) experience

      • Other partners’ & stakeholders’ experience

      • Resource needs & use

    Framing the evaluation questions38 l.jpg
    Framing the Evaluation Questions corporate America?

    • What, specifically, about the volunteer/service project, program or event worked, and what did not, in relation to achieving the outcomes?

      • What specific experiences did outcome achievers have that non-achievers did not?

      • What background traits, environmental conditions and/or readiness variables distinguished high achievers (with re to outcomes) from the rest?

      • What project, program or event resources were critical to supporting the specific experiences that made a difference?

    Exercise what are your company s volunteerism service outcomes l.jpg
    Exercise corporate America?: What Are Your Company’s Volunteerism/Service Outcomes?

    • How will employees, CBOs and/or CBO’s clients be “directly” changed (improved) by the experience?

      • Awareness

      • Knowledge

      • Attitude

      • Motivation

      • Skills

      • Opportunity

      • Behavior

    • What would people hear implementers, participants and service recipients say or see them do if the outcomes were evident?

    Contact peter york tcc group http www tccgrp com l.jpg

    Questions corporate America?

    Contact:Peter York

    TCC Group

    Slide41 l.jpg

    Panel Question & Answer Period corporate America?

    Thank you l.jpg

    Thank You corporate America?