Garik goldwater 3 rd hour 10 7 09
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Fire Fighter. Garik Goldwater 3 rd hour 10/7/09. Intro to Fire Fighter .

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Garik goldwater 3 rd hour 10 7 09

Fire Fighter

Garik Goldwater

3rd hour


Intro to fire fighter
Intro to Fire Fighter

  • Billions of dollars every year are spent do to fire or other emergencies. To me, that is way to much money to be spent on things tat you can prevent. But someone has to be there to fix and help with the emergency. That’s why I would like to get into the occupation of fire fighting because I want to help people. I do know a little bit about being a fire fighter because my dad is one, but I still am going to have to research salary, education, training, work environment and conditions, job outlook and related occupations.

Nature of work
Nature of work

  • Have to respond immediately to any call they get.

  • Do duties assigned by a superior officer

  • Have to go to medical emergencies

  • Have to deal with all sorts of conditions

  • Inspect fires to see what happened

Working conditions
Working conditions

  • Physical

  • going into fires, putting them out, driving truck

  • Mental

  • writing reports and figuring out how to put out the fire.

  • Both indoor/outdoor

  • Indoor: stay in the station, write reports, clean equipment

  • Outdoor: putting out fires, help heal injuries

Training qualifications advancement
Training, qualifications, advancement

  • Need a high school diploma

  • When hired you go through extensive training

  • If you have education after high school you have a better chance of getting hired.

  • I would go to Michigan University

Job outlook
Job Outlook

  • 12 percent increase form now to 2016

  • It will be a competitive job

  • I would like to work in Macomb county area

  • Any working condition


  • Life style goals: car, house food

  • annual earnings: 41,600

  • This does fit my life style goals

  • First purchase equals: what ever I can afford and want on that day.

Related occupation
Related Occupation

  • Back up Career: Gym teacher

  • Responsibilities: Know rules and how to play sports

  • Education: bachelor or master

  • Outlook: good

  • Earnings: $46,000

  • This seems fun


I think fire fighting would be a good career for me. I like this career because it helps people and you have lots of benefits. The only thing that I don’t look forward to is sometimes there is blood and guts. I have did formal research and founded out a lot of good info about being a fire fighter and if I end up going into this occupation I will look forward to it.

Work cited
Work cited