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Projects considered

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Projects considered - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Projects considered. Kaliyuva Mane. Kenchalagudu village Jayapura hobli , 15kms . From Mysore Bus station. b) Building corpus fund: Rs.45, 00,000/- (through fund raising activities) Present corpus fund is only Rs.25 lakhs .

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Projects considered

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kaliyuva mane
Kaliyuva Mane



15kms. From Mysore Bus station


b)Building corpus fund: Rs.45, 00,000/- (through fund raising activities) Present corpus fund is only Rs.25 lakhs.

c)Procuring equipments for multipurpose hall and Science laboratory– Projector, Laptop, Furniture, Carpets, Stage, Lighting, Laboratory Equipments etc.


B.13) Itemized description of proposed use of funds (please provide a budget):

Sl. No. Food expenses:

  • Food expenses of 26 children + Two cooking staff + One warden + 3 resident teachers + Occasional guests
    • Food served: Hot beverages, Breakfast, Lunch and dinner
    • ` 54,000/- per month (Average)
    • So Annual expenses : `54,000/- x 12 = ` 6,48,000/-
  • Salaries :

Total Annual expenses: ` 5,24,400/-

  • Mail sent seeking clarifications in second contact form about exact cost of immediate infrastructural needs.
    • Reply received, TBD (4th Feb?)
    • Can we rope in other guys?
    • Updated as on 7-15-2011-
    • Selected for funding. Any concerns still?
    • FC 8 registration granted to Divyadeep as on July 7

Vocational Training for 2 Groups of 20 women

Tailoring Training for 20 women at a time

  • Venue for the Training: Organization’s Training Centre
  • Training hours Per day: 4(Four) hours per day
  • Training days per week: 4 (Four) days in a week
  • Training Period: 25 weeks (six month) for one group
  • Cost per group of 20 women
    • Tailoring Machines: Organization’s own machines … Nil
    • Tools & Equipments: Rs. 150/- per trainee Rs. 3000.00
    • Instructor One @ Rs.1500/- Per month … Rs. 9000.00
    • Raw materials @ Rs. 60/- per trainee per month Rs. 7200.00
    • Electricity and misc. expenses during 6months Rs. 800.00

Total Rs.20000.00

  • Total cost of the Vocational Training for 2 groups Rs.40000.00

Education and support service to 50 children

  • Cost of One Child per annum
    • Enrollment in the school … … … … Rs. 350.00
    • School Uniform (Shorts and Shirts)... … Rs. 400.00
    • Shoe and Socks … … … … Rs. 175.00
    • School Bag … … … …Rs. 125.00
    • Books, Copies and Stationeries … … Rs. 350.00
  • Total … … Rs 1400.00
  • For 50 (Fifty) Children … … … …Rs.70000.00
  • Total Expenses of the programme: Rs. 70000.00 + Rs. 40000.00 = Rs.110000.00
  • Mail sent specifying that we are ready to fund for three years (Rs 3,30,000)
  • This project is going to be funded.
vird ruimala
VIRD -Ruimala

Establishing of bridge course centres for ensuring primary education for the tribal children in Riamala block of Deogarh District of Odisha”.

  • The complete amount of the project – Rs.9,89,300/-

Short-term objectives of the project

  • Enroll 150 Non-schooling and dropout children of the operational villages in the Govt. schools
  • Interest has been generated among the community of six villages towards education among the tribal children and girl children.
  • Increased literacy rate of the girl children by 30%.
  • Ensured involvement of parents, community based people’s organizations, concerned Govt. agencies, NGOs and other resource organizations in implementation and strengthening the education system.
  • The CBOs and other civil society organizations are able to put pressure on the education department to mobilize resources for running the schools.
  • An environment of learning has been ensured joyful education process by using local dialects, promotion of art.

Funds required Rs 576450over three years.

  • Cost for establishment of the education centres and the rent of the education centres will be borne by the organization and community jointly.
  • Day School
  • The school will be conducted from 9 A.M. till 12 noon and from 2 P.M. till 5 P.M. .Each school will have 25 children with 50% of girl children. The age group of the children is from 5 years to 10 years.

The Teacher (Education Volunteers)

  • The Teachers will be recruited from among the tribal communities with minimum of 10th pass
  • Mainstreaming
  • The two years of schooling will create interest among the children towards education. All the children enroll in the school will learn syllabus of class 1 and class 2. The children will be admitted in the govt. residential schools. After 1 year the children will be interact with the Education Department to know the position of vacancies in different schools in the districts. Accordingly a plan will be prepared to enroll all the 100 children in the residential schools of govt. of Orissa.
  • TBD
  • Decision on 4-Feb?
  • TBD
  • Decision on 4-Feb?
  • Can we rope in other orgs?

Village- Durgaprasadpur, GP- Talmul, Block- Banarpal,


Distance from district head quarter- 20KM



    • Completion of community house
    • Improvement of sanitation facilities (Individual house hold latrines)
    • Avenue plantation
    • Goat rearing
  • Duration of the Project : 1 year
  • We love everything except the plantation part. What is the course of action ahead?
  • Committee decided that point 1 will not be considered for funding.
  • Questions asked about kitchen farming?
  • Updated on 7-15-2011
  • Funding approved for 2011- 2012
  • Huge first contact. Second contact asked regarding specifics
    • We understand that the Siaap is trying to work on a huge area base. However for Sankalp we need to know the exact villages where our funds would get utilized. Please earmark the same. 
    • How many volunteers travel to these villages i.e. how many leaders ? 
    • For our knowledge, we would love to know what are the awareness programs , the approach used?
    • Exact split up of the expenses that you would like Sankalp to fund.
  • Huge budget!
  • Decision: Not Selected.
  • Ruipatharvillage in Melghat having 63 families, where a solar pump has been installed. The extra capacity of the solar panels will be harnessed to provide electricity to the village.
    • Additional funds required are approximately Rs. 2 lakh.
  • In village Chilati in Melghat having 75 families. We plan to set up a computer kiosk with internet facilities, running on solar panels. This will be used by the Chilati and neighbouring villagers for various purposes.
    • Funds required is approximately Rs. 1.5 lakh.
    • Status: We also had a question about the using the "extra capacity" of the solar panels will be harnessed to provide electricity to the village.
    • 1. Whom do the solar panels/pumps belong to?
    • 2. Are there any legalities regarding the usage?
    • 3. How will usage/misusage be monitored?
    • Second contact form asked for.
maitri cont
Maitri cont.
  • Updated 07-15-2011
  • Solar electrification at Ruipather selected for funding
  • Project report sent to committee as on July 8
sambhav foundation
Sambhav foundation
  • BalikaSiksha
  • Chandra Layout, Bangalore Urban.
  • The objective for the coming 2 years for Project Saadhya would bei) To sponsor 100 childrenii) To educate and empower the girl children
  • Asked question on selection process.
    • Clearly answered.
  • Committee’s decision?
sambhav foundation1
Sambhav foundation
  • Village Development Project KCRKuppa Chari Roppa Village, MadhugiriTaluk, Tumkur Dist Karnatataka
  • The objective for the coming 2 years for Project Saadhya would bei) Providing Educational Infrastructure and Facilities Support.

ii) Providing Basic Health Care and Sanitation Program

iii) Community Mobilization Activities, SHG Formation, Savings & Cluster Development

iv) Transportation and Civic Infrastructure Development

v) To provide adequate Infrastructure in terms of space (class rooms), building toilets, providing furniture, water purifier, etc

vi) To create awareness and demonstrate hygiene and sanitation for purposes of prevention epidemics in the village.

  • Other sources of funds for the project.Mindtree funded Rs 20,000 to built eco san toilet in School
  • TBD
  • Updated as on 7-15-2011
  • Response to questions- Jan 26
  • Response from us- we r still evaluating

20,000n is funded by Mindtree Foundation and not TCS. Yes we are seeking Rs.4,20,000 from you for this project.

 2.     Did cognizant reach a decision about funding this project or any part of it?

It is still at discussion stage and has not moved forward for the last 5 months.


Water Purifier

100 LPH RO System (Ultra violet + ultra filtration)

Cost INR 47,000/-

Installation INR 2000/-

Transportation INR 1500/-

  • Oil Expeller Machine

Hand Operated Oil Expeller 4 Nos

Cost INR 5000/-* 4 = 20,000/-

Installation INR 0

Transportation INR  2000/-

  • Saadhya (Bangalore)
    • For special kids
  • Questions asked
  • TBD

1.     How much is the individual collection for this year. How much is the pending funds that you are seeking?

Rs.44,600/- has been received from individuals donors for the month of January 2011. We are running a deficit of Rs 1,47,900 for this month.

  • SEP (Self Enrichment Programe): Bangalore

Empowering the children from vulnerable backgrounds and other socially marginalized sections to develop coping skills (Self enrichment program for school children) for survival. We have recently completed successfully with 546 students at Uttarahalli government school. This year we have identified another school (St.Theresa’s Girls High School) along with Uttarahalli Government School. Thus taking the total to catering 972 children.

Team1) Prof. UmaDevi HS– Programme Manager 2) Guru Prasad - Trainer 3) Rotating Volunteers – 50 - 60 Nos



  • Identify the school which caters to children from socially vulnerable sections of the society.
  • Selection of grades specifically VIII/IX/X is conducted
  • Pre test to evaluate the level of life skills in these children is administered.
  • Training will carried out for 16 sessions in their respective classes on Saturdays.
  • Documentation and Audio/visual recordings of the session.
  • Post test to measure the impact of life skill training.

Amount: Rs 3,30,000

Duration: 3 years


Installment payout dates (approx)

  • Education and support service to 50 children Vocational Training for 2 Groups of20 women for three years.
  • 3 installments, one each at the beginning of each year.
  • Annual report at the end of each year, showcasing the utilization of funds.
  • Payment of installment for the next year is contingent on satisfactory usage of funds of the previous year
  • Transfer details