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Paid Lunch Equity

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Paid Lunch Equity. Department of Education Division of Program Support Bureau of Nutrition Programs and Services Cheri White, Administrator Kathryn GM Hodges, Program Specialist IV. Guidance Memos supporting Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. June 13, 2011 SP 39-2011

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paid lunch equity

Paid Lunch Equity

Department of Education

Division of Program Support

Bureau of Nutrition Programs and Services

Cheri White, Administrator

Kathryn GM Hodges, Program Specialist IV

guidance memos supporting healthy hunger free kids act

Guidance Memos supporting Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

June 13, 2011 SP 39-2011

Q&As regarding Paid Reimbursable Lunch Revenues (7CFR 210.14(e)) and non-reimbursable food sales (7CFR 210.14(f))

March 19, 2012 SP 22-2012

Instructions for School Year 2012-2013

January 2, 2013 SP 19-2013

Instructions for School Year 2013-2014 clarification

February 21, 2013 SP 25-2013

Instructions for School year 2013-2014


Each year’s calculation is based on the previous October’s claim figures.You will need: -the number of PAID lunches -the amount charged for PAID lunches

first pull the october 2010 information and enter it by school and meal price on the following tab
First, pull the October, 2010, information and enter it, by school and meal price, on the following tab.
Be sure to keep track of which meal count represent which schools.(The form does not allow you to type in the name of the school.)

Carry this $2.08 over to the Unrounded Requirement Finder tab in the PLE Tool.The system will calculate that the $2.08 weighted average price needed to go up to $2.24 for School Year 2012-2013.


If you slide to the top of this same tab, you’ll see that the price charged for School Year 2013-2014 should be at the weighted average price of $2.35.


Other tabs:SY 13-14 Non Federal Calculator -This calculates the amount non- federal, per meal, contributionSY 13-14 Split Calculator -This calculates the per meal increase as well as an increase of non-federal sources


SY 13-14 Price Calculator -This identifies how close the weighted average price is to what is requiredSY 2013-2014 Report -This identifies what is credited or what is owed to the calculations for SY 2014-2015.


Each year’s PLE Tool should be saved for 3+ the current year.Each year, the SAU/District will report to the State Agency:-The price of the most sold meals -The number of paid meals sold at that price -The amount of the required increase -The amount of the actual increase


Also, please note, that any required increase MUST be made, either by an increase of the meal price to the student or by a commitment to use non-federal dollars to make up the difference.


USDA does not require that a price to a student be increased more than 10 cents in any given year.If a school district does increase more than 10 cents, that is their decision.


At the end of the year, if the decision had been made that the increase would be covered by non-federal, per meal, contribution, the State Agency should be able to see the appropriate transfer from the non-federal funding source.

contact information

Contact Information

If you should have any questions, please contact:

Cheri White at; (603) 271-3860


Kathryn GM Hodges at; (603) 271-3861