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Mastering Personal Marketing

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Mastering Personal Marketing. Facilitated by Robert Bircher Lawyers Assistance program. Job Hunting and Marketing. Since about 80% of legal jobs are found through networking and informational interviews knowing how to market yourself is critical

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mastering personal marketing

Mastering Personal Marketing

Facilitated by Robert Bircher

Lawyers Assistance program

job hunting and marketing
Job Hunting and Marketing
  • Since about 80% of legal jobs are found through networking and informational interviews knowing how to market yourself is critical
  • Many legal jobs are rarely/never advertised-you won’t see ads for articling students or junior lawyers in small firms very often-even with jobs that only hire through ads (gov’t) insider marketing is very useful
  • The harder the job market the more personal marketing you need to do
resistance to personal marketing
Resistance to Personal Marketing
  • Despite its obvious value most people resist personal marketing to some degree
  • For some it is because they believe self promotion is tacky or unethical, for others it reminds them of a sleazy used car salesperson-some have a secret prince/princess complex- “a star like me shouldn’t need to do this”
  • What negative story do you tell yourself about personal promotion? What are the benefits to these stories?
  • With lawyers two things will determine how many offers you get-how much effort you put into job hunting and how effective you are at it
personal marketing
Personal Marketing
  • Waiting for job ads that describe you is particularly useless-you will miss 90% of the opportunities yet believe you are looking for a job-also if there are no ads that describe you, you will falsely conclude there is no work out there and become disheartened
  • What works is to conclude you will have to market yourself anyway and job ads are just low hanging fruit-easy pickings
being proactive works
Being Proactive Works
  • Warm contact always trumps cold contact (see p.326)
  • Be aware of hit ratios-it might be 15-3-2 meaning you have to make 15 applications to be short listed 3 times for 1 offer
  • Take an attitude of being a resource person trying to match what you can offer to what the employer wants-not a job beggar
loving rejection
Loving Rejection
  • Job hunting is about being selected or rejected-you can hurt yourself with this reality or accept it
  • Everyone likes feeling safe, being right, feeling good, looking good, and avoiding pain-you can choose these rather than getting results-paradoxically-it will make job hunting harder
  • “I won’t do cold calls” is just saying I am afraid of rejection
  • When I am rejected I feel____
loving rejection1
Loving Rejection
  • People tend to personalize rejection, buy their negative story and feel crappy about it
  • Another interpretation of this is it is just a selection process for fit or style-it is the same as selecting what clothes to wear –you are not rejecting the clothes you don’t pick
  • It is not “personal” at all-you are the one who chooses to make it personal
  • Have faith in the selection process and yourself-if you are not picked that is great!!-it is their judgment some other person may be better and they are probably right!!
getting results
Getting Results
  • The bottom line is that at the end of the day you will have your results or your reasons why not
  • Become an “insider” not a beggar at the door
  • A classic example in law is getting an articling job at the firm where you did a summer job-you may not have even got an interview at he same firm
getting results1
Getting Results
  • People will hire who they know over who is best qualified almost every time
  • Read about the field, attend Bar seminars and CLE events in that field
  • Create a network in that field, volunteer in the area
  • Informational interviews are useful here-they are low risk and curiosity based
  • All super successful people are great networkers
  • This is about taking advantage of other people to help you out-every person you add to your list knows about 200 other people
  • If we wanted to talk to someone who has personally met President Obama we could probably find someone here in Vancouver who has or at least knows someone who has within a few hours
  • There is a method of managing your contacts on pages 328-345
  • Most people know how to create a network but don’t want to use it or are very timid about it
  • Most people you have a real relationship with will try to help you
  • You can make requests, if people say no make a smaller request-see page 342
  • This depends on the relationship you have with the person-inappropriate requests will turn people off-being too timid wastes potential-many people err on the side of safety-it’s the call that gets results!!