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Au Revoir Les Enfants

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Au Revoir Les Enfants

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Au Revoir Les Enfants

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  1. Au Revoir Les Enfants un film de Louis Malle Amanda Ross EDU 505

  2. Introduction Think about what information you know about World War II. What groups of people did Hitler persecute? What was the United State's involvement? Where did most of the war physically taking place? Take a moment to watch the attached video clip and imagine you are a student in France hearing this information for the first time. What do you do? How do you feel?

  3. Introduction to film “Au Revoir les Enfants” takes place in 1944 during the German occupation of France. At an all boys boarding school near Paris, a young boy named Julien (le narrateur) tries to lead a normal childhood while war carries on in the world around him. One day, a new student, Jean Bonnet, arrives at the school. Jean Bonnet and Julien are an unlikely pair but soon become friends. As their friendship evolves, great secrets begin to surface about their pasts and new mysteries unfold about their futures. CAN YOU GUESS THE SECRET?!

  4. Task After research and viewing the film, your final goal will be to write a detailed film critique • As part of the process, you will be required to complete the following CHECKPOINTS: • CHECKPOINT 1: Create a “Fiche d’identite” for at least 2 of the following main characters from the film: Jean Bonnet, Julien, Pere Jean, or Joseph the worker • CHECKPOINT 2: Research Louis Malle (le realisateur) and his intentions while making the film. Create a list of interview questions to ask Louis Malle about his film

  5. Process CHECKPOINT 1 During the occupation of France, all persons were required to have identification (les papiers/les fiches d’identite) on them at all times. The Gestapo could demand to see these articles at any time. Why might they want to check the identity of a French citizen?

  6. Process CHECKPOINT 1 Create a “Fiche d’identite” for at least two of the main characters listed: Julien Quentin, Jean Bonnet, Pere Jean, Joseph the CookBy using the links below, you can find examples of authentic cards to guide you. WWII Memorabilia Carte d'Identite Carte d'IdentiteJuif/Juive

  7. Process CHECKPOINT 2 « As you know, the story Au revoir les enfants ispersonal to me. The film isvery close to what I livedthrough. But itbecame an amazingthing: afterhavingwritten the first scene and made somechecks (…) I realisedthattherewere certain differences, as over 45 years, my imagination hadtaken the beginning and mymemorieshadgrown. » -Louis Malle

  8. Process CHECKPOINT 2 Louis Malle Biography Louis Malle Biography and Filmography Louis Malle Bio Use the following links to research Louis Malle and create an interview of at least ten questions that you would ask him. Please list any extra videos or websites you use to source information.

  9. Process FINAL GOAL After reading through several reviews, use the “Film Review Writing Frame” (on the next slide) to map out your critique. Critique du Film Hampton Roads Critique New York Times Review Think about what role the color of the film images, the music and other features play throughout the film. You may also wish to include: symbolism, connection to historical events, self-reflection.

  10. Process FINAL GOAL Once you have completed the outline, critique away! Allons-Y!

  11. Evaluation Rubric for evaluation of all CHECKPOINTS and FINAL project

  12. Resources (Slide Number) • U.S. Government "Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer" Excerpt:1943 - The History Channel Video Link(2) • Au Revoir Les EnfantsBandeAnnonce: 1987 (3) • WWII Memorabilia, Carte d'Identite, Carte d'IdentiteJuif/Juive (6) • Louis Malle photo (7) • Louis Malle Biography, Louis Malle Biography and Filmography, Louis Malle Bio (8) • Critique du Film, Hampton Roads Critique, New York Times Review (9)