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Test Administrator Training Math, Reading & Science PowerPoint Presentation
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Test Administrator Training Math, Reading & Science

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Test Administrator Training Math, Reading & Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Test Administrator Training Math, Reading & Science
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  1. Test Administrator Training Math, Reading & Science 5th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade S T A A R

  2. Late April Administration INCLUDES ALL TEST VERSIONS – STAAR (English & Spanish) STAAR MODIFIED STAAR L (on-line) Student Assessment 2014

  3. This training does NOT take the place of reading and the appropriate manual Student Assessment 2014

  4. 5th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade Test Directions, Script, & Schedule

  5. Test Administration Directions • Narrow call-out boxescontain procedural instructions. They do not have to be read aloud to students. These instructions may refer to individual courses, multiple courses, or program-wide information • Wide call-out boxesin the test administration directions contain course- or program-specific instructions that should be read aloud to students, if applicable Student Assessment 2014

  6. Test Schedule and Script Read and Follow VERBATIUM • Tuesday, April 22nd • STAAR Math • Script in TA Manual pp. 61- 66 • Read Call- Out Boxes on pp. 63 & 64 • STAAR Spanish Math • Script in TA Manual pp. 83- 88 • Read Call- Out Boxes on pp. 85 & 86 • STAAR L • Script in TA Manual pp. 109- 117 • Read Call- Out Boxes on pp. 111 & 113 • STAAR Modified Math • Script in TA Manual pp. 61- 66 • Wednesday, April 23rd • STAAR Reading & Science • Script in TA Manual pp. 61- 66 • STAAR Spanish Reading & Science • Script in TA Manual pp. 83- 88 • No STAAR L Reading • STAAR L Science • Script in TA Manual pp. 109- 117 • Read Call- Out Boxes on pp. 111 & 113 • STAAR Modified Reading • Script in TA Manual pp. 101- 108 • STAAR Modified Science • Script in TA Manual pp. 61- 66 Mark the pages you need! Student Assessment 2014

  7. 5th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade Test Security

  8. Test Security • All testing personnel must receive training before each testing cycle • Sign the Test Administrator Oath for 2014 • Test materials must be secured at all times in locked storage • All tests must be administered in strict accordance with the instructions contained in theTest Administrator Manual , STAAR Grades 3-5, 2014 • Test Administrators MUSTuse the 2014 Test Administrator Manual and MUST read the directions verbatim • If you have a suspected testing irregularity or incident, please contact your CTC immediately Student Assessment 2014

  9. Test Security • Answering Students’ Questions • TAs may answer questions about test directions or procedures • If a student asks a question that you are NOTpermitted to answer, • you may respond, “I can’t answer that for you; just do the best you can.” • TAs are NOTallowed to do the following: • translate test questions or passages • rephrase or add information to questions • discuss test questions with anyone before, during, or after testing • score test questions or discuss with performance during testing Student Assessment 2014

  10. Test Security • Testing Personnel may Not: • alter responses to an exam or advise a student to do so • erase stray marks, darken answer-choices, or respond to test items • during test administration • answer any questions related to the content of the test itself • discuss, electronically capture, or duplicate test material • reinforce, review, check for, and/or distribute testing strategies during • an assessment • read or review test material content unless authorized to provide an oral • administration or transcription • leave loose and/or used materials in test booklets. Please collect them • from examinees and return them with test materials at check-in – to be shredded Student Assessment 2014

  11. 2014 Test Security Supplement It’s the Law! Test Security information can be found at: Student Assessment 2014

  12. Potential pitfalls to avoid: • administering and/or monitor tests, if you have not been trained • reading a student’s book to give a Oral Administration (this does not apply for students receiving at request accommodation) • leaving students unattended during test administration • not accounting for all test booklets and answer documents each day • going beyond the 4 hour time limit (unless allowed by an accommodation) • not providing accommodations to students when appropriate • failing to remind students to record their responses and/or failing to verify that students have bubbled their answers • allowing a student to continue bubbling after the 4 hours has elapsed • stopping an on-line session prior to removing absent students Student Assessment 2014

  13. 5th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade Test Administrator Responsibilities

  14. Testing Procedures • Ensure all instructional aids and materials are covered • Make sure that all seating areas are cleared of books and other materials that are not required or allowed for the test • Ensure each student is issued the appropriate test and has the correct, corresponding answer document • Personally distribute test materials to each student- do NOT allow students to pass materials to one another • Actively Monitoring the testing room at all times • Make sure that each student has written his/her name on the test booklet before you collect it Student Assessment 2014

  15. Active Monitoring • TA is actively engaged in monitoring the test • Is moving around the room, pausing in various places • Confirming students have no unauthorized materials, including cell phones • Making sure students are awake, alert, and steadily working • Ensure the student has placed their responses on the answer document and if the student has not done so, the TA must say (as many times as necessary), “You have not recorded all of your responses on the answer document. Please do so now.” Student Assessment 2014

  16. Lack of Active Monitoring • Working on the computer or doing email • Reading a book, magazine, or newspaper • Grading papers or doing lesson planning. • Leaving the room without a trained Test • Leaving students unattended during lunch or breaks • Reading the test over a student’s shoulder (unless authorized to do so by an accommodation) • Checking student responses during testing Student Assessment 2014

  17. Monitor Responsibilities • ADD your campus specific information about : • Hall Monitors • Restroom Monitors • Cafeteria Monitors • Relief Staff • What are the expectations and responsibilities for this role? Explain that Active Monitoring also applies to this role. Student Assessment 2014

  18. 5th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade Testing Procedures

  19. Ensure Proper Testing Procedures • Remember: TAs must complete seating charts for each test administration for each day of testing. This includes consolidation areas • Seating Charts must contain: • Names of students testing and locations in the room • Names of all TAs/Monitors involved • Starting and stopping times for the test session, including lunch • Test booklet numbers and form numbers • Students must remain seated during testing and can Not talk to one another once test materials are distributed • Examinees may be relocated to an alternate testing room as long as test security is not breached. Students can NOT transport testing materials when changing testing locations Student Assessment 2014

  20. Reference Materials for Math • Embedded in test booklets • Perforated so students can tear them out • If students damage the reference material notify your CTC as soon as possible • DO NOTleave reference or scratch paper in the test booklet • Return ALL reference material that is written on to your CTC Student Assessment 2014

  21. Reminders of Math Test Work Space for Mathematics • blank space is available with the Math section to make notes and perform calculations Calculators • NOT allowed for students taking the 3-8 assessments unless eligibility criteria for an accommodation is met Student Assessment 2014 Gr. 5 STAAR Math & Reading April 2013

  22. Allowable Test Administration Procedures and Materials These are available to any student who regularly benefits from the use of these procedures or materials during instruction, although a student cannot be required to use them during testing. The following items are NOTtesting accommodations: • Reading aloud or signing personal narrative, • expository, literary, or persuasive writing prompt • Allowing individual and small group administrations • Giving permission for students to use tools to minimize distractions (e.g., stress ball, noise reduction headphones, or individual non voal music- played through individual headphones or earbuds – • This is NOT for the whole class) • Signing or translating test administration DIRECTIONS only • Reading test aloud to self (may require an individual administration depending on room size) • General reminders to stay on task • Making assistive tools available: • -scratch paper -blank place marker • -magnifying devices -color overlays • -highlighters, colored pencils, crayons • (Do Not allow students to use on their answer documents) Student Assessment 2014

  23. STAAR Time Limits • Time starts when test directions are completed • Four hours must be allowed for test sessions • Responses must be gridded in on the answer document by the end of the four-hour period • Students who have not completed their tests within the allotted four hours must submit what they have completed • Late testing is permitted as long as the student has not had any contact with students who have finished testing and there is enough time to complete it within the school day • Consequences for allowing students to test beyond the four-hour limit: • The student’s test can NOT be scored • It is a Procedural Error, reported to TEA The only exception: Students who have extra time through their ARD, LPAC, or 504 Committee Student Assessment 2014

  24. STAAR Time Limits • STOPthe clock AND document on the seating chart: • Medical breaks required by a student • Emergencies which affect students’ ability to continue testing • Lunch • Traveling from one testing location to another • Restartthe clock when (or if) testing resumes • Do NOTstop the clock for: • Restroom breaks • Snack breaks • Stretch or mental breaks or sleeping • Materials collected during a break: When testing resumes, the TA must require students to confirm that the correct materials are returned to them Student Assessment 2014

  25. Campus Testing Schedule • ADD your campus specific information about testing schedule (When will testing begin? How will late arrival be testing? What is the schedule for lunch?). • What is your procedure for attendance? • What is the procedure for the consolidation of students testing beyond the 4 hours? Student Assessment 2014

  26. Checklist Each Test Administrator will ensure the following: • Each student has the correct test and correct accommodations (if applicable) • TAs mustread aloud directions verbatim from the correct Test Administrator Manual • All examinees have been made aware that the use of Electronic devices and Internet are prohibited during testing. • Anyinstructional materials that would assist students have been covered from view or removed • Seating is arranged appropriately • Start Time is recorded on Seating Chart Student Assessment 2014

  27. 5th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade Accommodations

  28. Student Assessment 2014

  29. 5th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade ELLS & Testing

  30. ELLs with Parental DenialsTAC §101.1005 (f) These students are not eligible for: • STAAR Spanish • STAAR L • Linguistic Accommodations Student Assessment 2014

  31. Helping ELLs • Teachers may help ELL students understand the “SAY” directions that introduce test sections or item formats • The TA is allowed to: • Paraphrase, translate, repeat, read directionsaloud • The “SAY” directions assume students have been told in advance 1) that they can receive this help, and 2) what linguistic accommodations they can receive • The TA is Not allowed to add directions that are different from those in the manual, or provide test strategies Note: Remember students who are Waiver Students are can NOT take a Spanish STAAR Test Student Assessment 2014

  32. Linguistic Accommodation Summary *Bilingual *English/ESL *Non-English Monolingual *Picture Student Assessment 2014

  33. Linguistic Accommodations Reading NOTE: TA may use simpler English, pictures, and/or gestures and/or a reference dictionary to assist them with this accommodation • Dictionaries (various types)- dictionaries can be provided to ELL • students taking the STAAR Writing Test as a Linguistic Accommodation • Bilingual dictionary • English/ESL dictionary • Non-English monolingual dictionary • Picture dictionary • Extra time (same day) Examples of dictionaries: Student Assessment 2014

  34. STAAR L • STAAR L is not available for Reading or Writing • student must wear headphones (STAAR L online interface allows students to hear words read aloud) • students taking STAAR L online may be eligible to use a bilingual dictionary and/or receive extra time • system check must be performed on all computers • Student Authorization Letters are secure documents • students must complete STAAR L tutorials prior to the test administration • Test Administrator must be familiar with STAAR L tutorials • Student Assessment 2014

  35. 5th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade STAAR Modified & Linguistic Accom. for STAAR Modified

  36. STAAR Modified Reading Key Points for Pre-Reading Text • need 1 test booklet to read the pre-reading texts • ONLY read pre-reading text (marked with Speaker Icon) • can read pre-reading text as many times as needed BEFORE the student reads the passages • text must not be rephrased or clarified • voice inflection must be kept neutral • may NOT read the passages Student Assessment 2014

  37. Student Assessment 2014

  38. Student Assessment 2014

  39. 5th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade After Testing Answer Documents, Score Codes, & Acc. Codes

  40. STAAR Student Assessment 2014

  41. STAAR M Precode Label Student Assessment 2014

  42. STAAR Student Assessment 2014

  43. STAAR M Precode Label Student Assessment 2014

  44. STAAR Student Assessment 2014

  45. STAAR Precode Label Student Assessment 2014

  46. Answer Documents Book numbers TEA Policy and TA Manual directions state that students must write Book Numbers on their answer documents themselves. TAs must verify that the numbers are correct. Student Assessment 2014

  47. Answer Documents Form Numbers English or Spanish TAs must verify that the correct form number is gridded on answer document. Student Assessment 2014

  48. Answer Documents Linguistic accommodations, as well as Type 1 and Type 2 accommodations are to be marked in this area . Mark the accommodation bubble for each accommodation that is documented and made available to a student, even if the student did not use the accommodation during testing. GeneralAccommodation Braille Administration Large print Oral Administration Linguistic Accommodation Extra Day Student Assessment 2014

  49. Answer Documents Score Code Other (Cheating/Ill) Absent Indicates that the student did not use this answer document for this test. They took STAAR L or STAAR M instead of STAAR. Score Test to be scored Student Assessment 2014

  50. Returning Materials to your CTC Count test booklets, answer documents, etc. NO DROP-OFFs ALLOWED! • Account for all materials during test check-in • Verify that no answer documents have inadvertently been left in test booklets • Turn in all materials, including scratch paper and return to Campus Testing Coordinator (scratch paper should be shredded) • Verify that the test taken information and test form is marked on each answer document (per coordinator’s instructions) Student Assessment 2014