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System Safety Concepts

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System Safety Concepts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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System Safety Concepts. Dave Balderston Office of System Safety March 26, 2003. Outline. Introduction References System Concepts Safety Risk Management Concepts Implementation Issues. References. FAA Order 8040.4, “Safety Risk Management”

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system safety concepts

System Safety Concepts

Dave Balderston

Office of System Safety

March 26, 2003

  • Introduction
  • References
  • System Concepts
  • Safety Risk Management Concepts
  • Implementation Issues
  • FAA Order 8040.4, “Safety Risk Management”
  • Draft System Safety Handbook especially Chapter 15, Operational Risk Management

located at (Safety Risk Management)

  • System safety approach provides a comprehensive and disciplined, but flexible methodology for identifying and addressing safety concerns
  • Use system perspective to understand complete situation
  • Address safety concerns using system concepts
  • Simple, common sense approach—do it all the time; a formalized approach can help do it better.
basic questions
Basic Questions
  • What is going on?
    • Design analysis or system monitoring
  • What should we worry about?
    • Hazard identification
  • How much should we worry?
    • Risk assessment
  • What should we do?
    • Risk management
definition of system
Definition of System
  • Composite of people, procedures, materials, tools, equipment, facilities, and software
  • Operating in a specific environment
  • To perform a specific task or achieve a specific purpose, support or mission requirement
    • Such as the provision of crash/fire rescue services
major components of system for landing aircraft
Major Components of Systemfor Landing Aircraft
  • Airport Infrastructure
  • Air Traffic Control Functions
  • Aircraft and Crew
  • Environmental Factors
  • How do these system components need to interact to assure that aircraft land safely?
safety management concepts
Safety Management Concepts
  • Safety Goal: Avoid safety losses (death or injury)
  • Strategy: Manage safety risk (likelihood and severity of potential losses)
  • Implementation: Identify and control hazards (conditions that lead to increased safety risk)
safety risk management strategy
Safety Risk Management Strategy
  • Design Analysis/System Monitoring
    • What is going on?
  • Hazard Identification
    • What should we worry about?
  • Risk Assessment
    • How much should we worry?
  • Risk Management
    • What should we do about it?
safety assurance steps
Safety Assurance Steps
  • Designing in safety assurance

(must be done in system development)

  • Maintaining and strengthening safety assurance

(Infrastructure support—procedures, training, maintenance, etc.)

  • “Real Time” safety assurance


safety order of precedence
Safety Order of Precedence
  • Reduce risk through design (strongest)
  • Incorporate safety devices
  • Provide warning devices
  • Develop procedures and training (weakest—the “human factors” issue)
implementation issues
Implementation Issues
  • Understand the problem in system terms
    • Appropriate definition of system
    • Effective system monitoring (inadequate system monitoring can be a hazard)
    • Involvement of all key stakeholders
  • Disciplined risk management process, even if expert judgment is the best available evidence
    • Hazard identification and prioritization
    • Risk assessment
    • Risk management
example land and hold short operations risk assessment
Example: Land and Hold Short Operations Risk Assessment
  • Joint FAA/Industry Team
  • Identified hazards, assessed risks
  • Used expert judgment
  • Report located at under Safety Risk Management heading
  • System Perspective
  • Safety Risk Management Process
  • Implementation Issues