Never again
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Never Again. By: Anna Ray. Auschwitz.

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Never again

Never Again

By: Anna Ray


  • Auschwitz was the largest concentration and Death camp there was. In this camp they were planning the final solution and gluing commands to Auschwitz. They were deciding on the best way to kill an entire population such as gassing. Some of the work they decided was to difficult for the woman and children, so they were all killed immediately. Anyone 12 or younger were killed. If you were to be punished or if you were a new born baby you were burned alive. All to kill innocent people.

Zyklon b

  • Zyklon-B is the trade name of Hydrogen cyanide, one of the deadly poisonous gases used to kill Jews in the gas chambers. The gas was especially used in Auschwitz and Majdaneh. This was a rat poison manufactured by degesch. They used this because it was faster then carbon monoxide when exposed to oxygen.

  • “Zyklon-B.” The holocaust. 1997. print

Death marches
Death Marches

These were forced marches by Jews, forced to walk hundreds of thousands miles with barley any food, water, or breaks. They were to march from one camp to another or from large ghettos to small ones. 70,000 men and woman die on these marches. 66,000 prisoners were marched because the war had ended but they needed slave labor and no eye witnesses. Often they were marched to the final solution then killed their. If you were to pause and rest you would be shot, if you fell or clasped from being to weak you were trampled to death.

Medical experiments
Medical Experiments

  • They performed medical experiments on Jews in 1933-1945. These experiments were performed in over 70 concentration camps against their will, and over 7,000 Jews were experimented on. Cruel and murderous experiments were performed, such as sewing to Jews together.


  • Kristallnacht were anti sematic riots against Jews. Known as “The Night of Broken Glass.” The first one began on November 9, 1938. They would destroy their synagogues, which is a secrete scroll that means a lot to the Jews. After the riots over 20,000 Jews were taken to concentration camps. Every one of their Jewish building were robbed and burned. A week after the riots all Jewish kids were killed out of school. Before these riots Jews thought nothing of anti-Semitism.


  • A swastika is the sign on the Nazi flag. The Nazis were the domestic impact of the economy. They had deep-seated attitudes of racism and Anti-Semitism. Germany reflected the U.S. policy of isolationism. This began Americas foreign policy of isolationism in the 1920’s through 1930’s