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Sustainability Global Packaging Project- GDSN 9:00-12:30, Thursday March 24 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Sustainability Global Packaging Project- GDSN 9:00-12:30, Thursday March 24 2011

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Sustainability Global Packaging Project- GDSN 9:00-12:30, Thursday March 24 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustainability Global Packaging Project- GDSN 9:00-12:30, Thursday March 24 2011
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Presentation Transcript

  1. GS1 Industry & Standards EventMarch 21-25, 2011 – Brooklyn, NYCreating value together with global standards Sustainability Global Packaging Project- GDSN 9:00-12:30, Thursday March 24 2011 Meeting for Everyone (IE meeting) Facilitator : Diane Taillard, GS1 Chair : Leon Hall, Wal Mart Sponsored by

  2. Anti-Trust Caution • GS1 and the GSMP operate under the GS1 anti-trust caution. Strict compliance with anti-trust laws is and always has been the policy of GS1. • The best way to avoid problems is to remember that the purpose of the committee is to enhance the ability of all industry members to compete more efficiently. • This means: • There shall be no discussion of prices, allocation of customers, or products, etc. • If any participant believes the group is drifting towards an impermissible discussion, the topic shall be tabled until the opinion of counsel can be obtained. • The full anti-trust caution is available in the Community Room if you would like to read it in its entirety

  3. Meeting Etiquette • Meetings will begin promptly at designated start times • Avoid distracting behaviour: • Place all mobile devices on silent mode • Avoid cell phones • Avoid sidebar conversations • Speak in turn and be respectful of others • Be collaborative in support of the meeting objectives

  4. Agenda

  5. Sustainability and GS1 Diane Taillard, GS1

  6. Did you know? What is GS1 doing to support sustainability ? “76% of companies have incorporated sustainability criteria into some or all of their supply chain management processes.” Source: Aberdeen report, The Sustainable Supply Chain (2010) – survey on 360 companies

  7. GS1 : a key enabler of sustainable supply chain • 1) by supporting the exchange of sustainability-related information throughout the value chain • 2) by reducing wasted ressources in the supply chain thanks to the implementation of GS1 standards

  8. Sustainability Associations and initiatives (non exhaustive) CARBON DISCLOSURE PROJECT

  9. Roles & Relationships in Sustainability Industry alignment CGF (Global), CCGD, FCPC, CFIG, RCC (CA); FMI, GMA,RILA (US) and other trade associations Standards and Implementation Support Global Office and Member Organizations Research and Sciences Sustainability Consortium and other organizations Sustainability Trading Partners Supplying Input and Requirements Retailers, Distributors, Operators, Manufacturers, Raw Material Suppliers Governmental and Non- Governmental Organizations, Academia Technology and Solution Partners Supplying Solutions Dashboards, Data Pools, ERPs, Reporting Tools

  10. GPP : The Consumer Goods Forum Metrics for Packaging Sustainability Leon Hall Wal-Mart

  11. How will GDSN support the GPP Metrics Pete Alvarez, GS1

  12. The GPP and the GDSN • Manufacturers and retailers are planning to exchange packaging data to fulfill specific sustainability metrics • They would like to leverage the Global Data Synchronization Network, GLN and GTIN to facilitate this exchange of data

  13. Metrics and the GDSN • The GPP metrics are set by the Consumer Goods Forum and specifically the Global Packaging Group (CGF) • GS1 does not set or chance the GPP metrics • GDSN attributes simply provide a means for trading partners to exchange the data needed to satisfy the metrics • GS1 maintains the standards required to satisfy the data needs of the GPP metrics • The CGF maintains the metrics

  14. From pilots to automated exchange of information?

  15. GDSN Support for GPP Metrics GLN GTIN GLN Retailer Unit Pallet Case Manufacturer 1. Load GTIN Data 3. Subscription Request GDSN 4. Publish Data Source Data Pool Recipient Data Pool 4. Publish Data GLN GLN 2. Register Data GS1 Global RegistryTM 3. Subscription Request 3. Subscription Request

  16. Contact Details Peter Alvarez T +609 557 4547

  17. GS1 Canada and Sustainability Antonella Candido, GS1 Canada

  18. GS1 Canada Engagement History • June 2009 Retailers in Canada engaged at trade association level regarding different sustainability initiatives • Evident that that subject permeated supply chain • GS1 Canada was asked to engage based on successful implementation of supply chain standards • North American (and global) alignment determined as critical

  19. GS1 Canada Roles

  20. GS1 Canada’s Role in Packaging Sustainability Project • Role in Packaging Sustainability initiative: • Facilitate community consensus standards development for packaging sustainability • Ensure that all supply chain stakeholders are consulted in developing this industry standard • Liaise with GS1 US in order to ensure consensus in North America • Bring Canadian/North American requirements to a global standards building forum

  21. Packaging Sustainability Working Group and Stewardship Initiative • Working group to help prioritize community implementation in Canada for standardized GPP metrics • Moving forward with local recycling program initiative

  22. Contact Details GS1 Canada 1500 Don Mills Road Toronto, Ontario CANADA T 416.380.2511 E W

  23. Status and next steps overview Diane Taillard, GS1

  24. Status of GPP-GDSN • GPP metrics Version 2 under finalisation • Work Request and Statement of Business Needs done • GSMP Group Charter under preparation

  25. GPP V2- GDD gap analysis learnings • Metrics have multiple components • Definitions to clarify or to complete • GDD cross over • Metrics may be linked to party or to packaging (not GTIN level) • Links to other work efforts (Chemical ingredients)

  26. Next steps • GPP Metrics V2 will be « made GS1 ready » • Call To action for GSMP GPP-GDSN group to be issued

  27. Status and next steps overview Mike Mowad, GS1

  28. GPP-GDSN : A collaboration Enabling the Global Packaging Project Metrics & Indicators February, 2011

  29. Due Process Influence & Importance • GS1 has a strong reputation as a Standards Development Organization that delivers globally acceptable standards as progressed by user working groups to ratification • Due process and open reviews ensure consideration of and response to comments by interested parties as the proposed technical standard progresses toward ratification • Standards Development Organizations [ISO, ITU-T, GS1, etc.] must ensure due process and open review to avoid scrutiny of standards that could be subject to claims of development for self interest

  30. GSMP 4 Step Process Overview Step 1Business Need Step 2 Requirements Step 3 Development Step 4 Deployment Virtual Motion to Develop Community eBallot BMS Business Requirements Identified and Documented (BRAD) Integration into GDSN SBN Working Group Charter BSD (Paper) TSD (Code) • Public Review • (30 days) • Community • Architecture • Public Review • (30 days) • Community • Architecture POC Approval IP Review & Ratification GS1 Industry Engagement GS1 Working Group

  31. GSMP Working Group Dependencies • The Working Group Charter is approved a GSMP governance group called the Process Oversight Committee • Minimum of 18 organisations opt-in as participants in order for the GSMP Working Group to form: • 6 End Users from one side of the trading relationship (supplier) • 6 End Users from the other side of the trading relationship (retailer) • 6 MOs ( or Certified Data Pools) • CGF GPP final approved Metrics & Indicator Requirements with completed Definitions and Use Cases

  32. Working Group Voting Minimums • A minimum of 12 organisations must vote • Within the minimum number, a minimum balance of different participant roles must be achieved: • At least 2 End Users from one side of the trading relationship (supplier) • At least 2 End Users from the other side of the trading relationship (retailer) • At least 2 MOs ( or Certified Data Pools) • The vote carries if the at least 2/3 of the total votes are cast as “yes” votes

  33. Contact Details Mike Mowad Global Standards Manager, GS1 T +1 (609) 557-4568 E Kerry Angelo Sr. Director GS1 Standards Mgmt & Technology T +1 (609) 557-4532 E

  34. Conclusion

  35. Contact Details GS1 Global Office Avenue Louise 326, bte 10 B-1050 Brussels, Belgium T + 32 2 788 78 00 E W