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South Korea!

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South Korea! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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South Korea!. Made By: Marissa Murphy, Sondra Kamicker, Brandon Looze, Travis Bonzo, Terrance Thompson, and Samantha Mcginn. Army Strong@ Stability.

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South Korea!

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    1. South Korea! Made By: Marissa Murphy, Sondra Kamicker, Brandon Looze, Travis Bonzo, Terrance Thompson, and Samantha Mcginn

    2. Army Strong@ Stability     The Republic of Korea Armed Forces is one of the largest standing armed forces in the world with a reported personnel strength of 3,695,000 in 2008 (655,000 active force and 3,040,000 regular reserve).      Koreas's miltary streagh rank is 12 out of 47 around the world.South korea is now a full democracy and prsidental republic. South Korea's President Lee Myung-bak will represent them for the G-20. He is both the econmic and political leader of South korea.

    3. A GDP is a Gross Demestic Product. South Korea's GDP is $1.206 million (2007 est.). South Korea's GDP has increased since 2007.It has increased 8.7% a year. The G20 meeting for South Korea is being held April 2nd in London. South Korea's population is 48,379, 392. This population has been the same since (July of 2008 est.). G20 Facts

    4. The county's returned from the first growth of this year.  It's economy grew by 2.3% in the second quarter, by following the first quarter of 5.1%in the last three mounts of 2008.In November the last year, of the goverment package worth 14 trillion won to boost the economy, with 11 trillion won. The goverment in Seoul, like its neighbours and region, fears that the global.It can slowdown could lead to a repeat of the 1997-98 Asian economic crisis. G-20 Facts .

    5. It is near the Island of Japan but connected to China. South Korea is included in the G20 because it is in it's own state. South Korea is an island. They are near Japan. They are included because they Japan and China are included and South Korea is connected to them. South Korea's Facts:

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