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Conformance and Interoperability Testing PowerPoint Presentation
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Conformance and Interoperability Testing

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Conformance and Interoperability Testing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conformance and Interoperability Testing. Reinhard Scholl ITU. Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15. Highlight of Current Activities (1/3). ITU-T SG 11: Lead study group on test specifications ITU-T SG 15: Has extensive testing ecosystem

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Conformance and Interoperability Testing

Reinhard Scholl


Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

highlight of current activities 1 3
Highlight of Current Activities (1/3)
  • ITU-T SG 11: Lead study group on test specifications
  • ITU-T SG 15: Has extensive testing ecosystem
  • ITU-T SG 16: its IPTV standards (H-series) was put to test in ITU-T’s first interop event (20-23 July)
    • 3 IPTV testing specs approved; others further developed
  • ITU-T SG 17: Lead study group on languages and description techniques
    • Also: Q14/17 on Testing methodology, specification language and Generic test suites for CIT
highlight of current activities 2 3
Highlight of Current Activities (2/3)
  • ITU-T JCA-CIT: Joint Coordination Activity on Conformance and Interoperability Testing
    • Works with all Study Groups to:
      • address the topics relevant to conformance and interoperability testing
      • enhance the quality of ITU-T Recommendations
        • Eliminate errors, ambiguities unverified behaviours
        • Include sufficient detail for implementation and testing
        • Include interfaces needed for interconnection and testing
      • develop methodologies and frameworks for testing


highlight of current activities 3 3
Highlight of Current Activities (3/3)
  • Regional ITU consultations on conformance assessment and interoperability
    • Quito, 8 July 2010
    • Nairobi, 30-31 July 2010
    • Sydney, 16-17 Sep. 2010
  • Pilot conformity database developed
  • ITU Interop started
    • IPTV (July in Geneva; Sep. in Singapore; Dec. in India)
    • Home networking


strategic direction
Strategic Direction
  • WTSA-08 Res. 76 on conformance & interop
  • … supported & complemented by WTDC-10 Res. 47 (ITU-D)
  • ITU Council-09 mandated
    • a pilot conformity assessment database
    • interoperability events
    • human resources capacity building
    • assistance in the establishment of test facilities in developing countries
    • a business plan for long-term implementation
  • Regional ITU consultations on conformance assessment and interoperability are a useful discussion platform, see e.g.
    • Presentations at Kenya workshop, in particular
      • TSB’s overview presentation on status of implementation of WTSA-08 Res. 76
next steps actions
Next Steps/Actions
  • Continue implementing steps outlined under “Strategic directions”
  • Study groups to continue working on test specs
  • Keep momentum of ITU’s IPTV Interop event
    • Expand to other ITU standards, in collaboration with partners as appropriate
  • Populate conformance database
itu t sg 11 s que s tions on testing
ITU-T SG 11’s Questions on Testing
  • ITU-T SG 11: Signalling, protocols and test specs
    • Q 8/11Protocol Test Specifications for NGN 
    • Q 9/11Monitoring parameters for NGN protocols 
    • Q 10/11Service test specification for NGN 
    • Q 11/11QoS tests specification for NGN 
    • Q 12/11NID and USN test specification 
itu t sg 11 approved standards
ITU-T SG 11 Approved Standards

Q.3900 Methods of testing and model network architecture for NGN technical means testing as applied to public telecommunication networks  

Q.3901 Distribution of tests and services for NGN technical means testing in the model and operator networks  

Q.3902 Parameters to be monitored in the process of operation when implementing NGN technical means in public telecommunication networks  

Q.3903 Formalized presentation of testing results  

Q.3904 The scenarios, list and types of tests for TM local and NUT testing for IMS on the model networks  

Q.3910 Monitoring parameters set for NGN protocols  

Q.3911 Monitoring parameters set for voice services in NGN


ITU-T SG 15: “Optical transport networks and access network infrastructures”

Tight collaboration:

Access (DSL, PON):

Broadband Forum

Optical transport, framing, cross connecting

Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)

Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)

Home networking

HomeGrid Forum

Broadband Forum

ITU-T SG 15’s Extensive Testing Ecosystem


Nairobi, Kenya, 30-31 July 2010

itu t sg 17 s testing languages methodologies and framework
ITU-T SG 17’s Testing languages, methodologies and framework

Develop conformance testing methodology and framework

Develop interoperability testing methodology and framework

Assist standards developers for applying conformance and interoperability testing methodology to their specific needs

Progress work in the area of Testing and Test Control Notation, version 3 (TTCN-3)

itu t sg 17 s approved standards
ITU-T SG 17’s approved standards

Conformance Testing Methodology and Framework

Testing and Test Control Notation version 3 (TTCN-3)

X.290 - General Concepts

X.291 - Abstract Test Suite Specification

X.292 - Tree and Tabular Combined Notation

X.293 - Test Realization

X.294 - Requirements on Test Laboratories and Clients

X.295 - Protocol Profile Test Specification

X.296 - Implementation Conformance Statements

X Suppl. 4 - Supplement on generic approach to interoperability testing

X Suppl. 5 - Supplement on interoperability testing framework and methodology

Z.161: TTCN-3 core language

Z.162: TTCN-3 tabular presentation format (TFT)

Z.163: TTCN-3 graphical presentation format (GFT)

Z.164: TTCN-3 operational semantics

Z.165: TTCN-3 runtime interface (TRI)

Z.166: TTCN-3 control interface (TCI)

Z.167: TTCN-3 mapping from ASN.1

Z.168: TTCN-3 mapping from CORBA IDL

Z.169: TTCN-3 mapping from XML data definition

Z.170: TTCN-3 documentation comment specification


ITU-T Recs &

test suites

Route 2

Conformity Assessment / Certification

1st 2nd or 3rd party accredited lab

(ISO/IEC 17025)

Test lab (certification body responsibility)

Route 1


conformity route


Test results

(ITU-T X.290)

Test results

(ITU-T X.290)


(ISO/IEC Guide 65) Certification body Evaluation

1st party



Certificate issued by Certification


Supplier’s Conformity


(ISO/IEC 17050)

ITU CIP services

Supplier’s Request to ITU

ITU Conformity Database

Implementation of the ITU Conformity Programme



ITU’s 1st Interop Event (1/2)

  • Putting to the test: ITU-T’s IPTV suite of standards: H.721 et al.
  • Geneva, 20-23 July: testing, followed by showcasing
  • Participating companies highly satisfied: 4.5 rating (out of 5)
  • Event highlight on YouTube, ITU website:
  • ITU press release:
  • Photos on Flickr:

ITU’s 1st Interop Event (2/2)

Test report will be fed into the standards development process

H.721 Conformity Check List

H.770 Conformity Check List

  • Testing specs:
  • HSTP.CONF-H721
  • HSTP.CONF-H762
  • HSTP.CONF-H770

H.762 Conformity Check List

H.750 Conformity Check List