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Year 2 Information Session

Year 2 Information Session. Planning for 2014 - 2015. Agenda. Course Registration Alternative Placement Changes. Course Registration. Registration will open June 2, 2014 Register in your Education (Nipissing) courses first Plan WLU schedule around NU

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Year 2 Information Session

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  1. Year 2 Information Session Planning for 2014 - 2015

  2. Agenda Course Registration Alternative Placement Changes

  3. Course Registration Registration will open June 2, 2014 Register in your Education (Nipissing) courses first Plan WLU schedule around NU Register for Observation & Practice Teaching

  4. Alternative Practicum Placements Changes for 2014-2015 Alternative Placement in Year 3

  5. Rationale – why the change? • Greater continuity in placement blocks in upper years • Practicum will now take place in publically funded schools in years 4 & 5, as arranged by the Practicum Office • International Placements can take place in either Year 3 or Year 4

  6. An opportunity to: What is an Alternative Placement? Use teaching and transferable skills in non-traditional teaching environments, including private schools Explore alternative employment options where teaching skills are an asset Network and make community contacts that may lead to future employment outside the classroom Offer services to the community

  7. Alternative Practicum Overview • Observation and Practice Teaching course EDUC 4686/4696 • 120 volunteer hours required to fulfill credit requirements • Alternative practicum hours can be completed on any day of the week • Alternative practicum is self-selected and arranged by the student • Must be approved and supported by the Practicum Advisory Committee before the placement may begin • Alternative Practicum Placements may begin as early as May 2014

  8. Course Credit Requirements • An alternative practicum is a requirement of the Observation and Practice Teaching Course • Teacher Candidates must register for the Observation and Practice Teaching course on Web Advisor • Failure to complete the alternative practicum as outlined in the Alternative Practicum Handbook will result in a course failure • Once signed volunteer hours and final evaluation are received, transcripts will be updated in May 2015

  9. Documents & Timelines Alternative Practicum Placement Applications Timelines All forms to be submitted to the Practicum Office • Application • Timesheet(s) • Evaluation May 1 - September 30, 2014 Submit by May 31, 2015 Submit by May 31, 2015 Practicum Placement applications may be submitted for approval between April 2014 and September 2014. NOTE: You must allow three weeks for the approval process and the placement cannot begin until approved

  10. Failure to Submit an • Alternative Placement Application • In order to graduate from the Concurrent Education program, Teacher Candidates must fulfill all degree requirements • Detailed Degree Requirements can be found in the Academic Calendar • If any of the application, timesheets or final evaluation are not submitted by the dates outlined a mark of “F” will be entered for transcript purposes. • *** Alternative Placements will be cancelled if an application is not received between • May 1 and September 31, 2014

  11. Evaluation of the Alternative Practicum Placement • There is one final evaluation, but it is desirable to review the evaluation form and the expectations at the beginning and middle of the placement with the Supervisor • Students are to maintain a time sheet and submit it at the completion of the placement with Supervisor signature • The timesheet and evaluation form are due to the Practicum Office one week after the completion of the placement but no later than May 31, 2015

  12. Finding a placement? • Criteria: • Significant connection to human development and service • Teaching skills may be applied • Total of 120 volunteer hours in one placement within the time period from May 2014 - May 2015. Two placements cannot be combined to provide 120 hours • Location must appear to be healthy and safe • Volunteer, not paid employment • In Ontario, but outside of a publicly funded school board • Supervisor is not immediate family, or peer in the program, or a parent of a child involved in the placement • International placement is only Nipissing sponsored • Not more than two (2) Teacher Candidates with the same supervisor per year

  13. Overall Summary Pickup an Alternative Placement Teacher Candidate/Supervisor handbook from the practicum office the week of March 25, 2014 Use the official letter to inform potential Supervisor to determine the feasibility of a placement Complete and submit an Alternative Practicum placement application to Practicum Office for approval, NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 After approval is received, provide Alternative Placement Handbook to supervisor and placement may begin Complete 120 volunteer hours in the Alternative Placement setting Collaborate in completing the final evaluation and submit the original with the signed timesheet(s) to the Practicum Office, NO LATER THAN MAY 31, 2015

  14. Paris Curling Club • Online School • Mentor School - (private high school) • The Literacy Group • WLU – Athletics, Learning Services, Career Development • The NU website has a number of opportunities: • http://www.nipissingu.ca/departments/brantford/practicum/general-info/Pages/Alternative-Placements.aspx Examples of prior alternative placements completed

  15. Alternative Practicum Placement International • http://www.nipissingu.ca/departments/international/education-abroad/bed-international-practica/Pages/Brantford-Campus.aspx • Planned for May 2015 • Destinations: • Kenya and Italy • subject to budget approvals and student interest • Accompanied by Faculty Facilitator • Apply by September 2014; approved in October 2014 • Approximate costs: • Italy - $4000 • Kenya - $5000 Teacher Candidates in Year 3 for 2014-2015 will be allowed to complete an International Placement in either Year 3 or Year 4 of their program

  16. Questions?? Contact Associate Dean: barbarao@nipissingu.ca Or International Office karens@nipissingu.ca Or Practicum Officer: deanneo@nipissingu.ca

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