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Varicose Vein Myths

What are Varicose Veins ? Cause, Symptoms, Treatment and recommended products to overcome Varicose Veins. Detailed product reviews with ratings and pros and cons of various treatment procedures to overcome varicose veins.

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Varicose Vein Myths

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  1. 5VaricoseVeinMyths Everyhealth condition,whether serious or minor,is surroundedby myths mostofthem beingoldwivestales. Thereareseveral myths attachedto varicose veins too.Thisarticleaimsatdispellingsome of these myths.Takea look. Itisprevalentinwomenthanmen Thisisoneofthemostcommon mythsassociatedwith varicose veins. Almostequal numbersofmen and womendevelop this venous disease. Thereasonwhyitappearsto bemore prevalentin women is because veryfewmen seektreatmentfor thiscondition;theydo so onlywhen theconditionworsens.Thus,manycasesgo unrecorded. Standing continuouslyfor longhours increasesthe riskof this venous disease Itis oftenstatedthatpeoplewhose jobsrequirethemtostandfor long periodsdisplaya highertendencyofdeveloping spiderveins.This statement is partiallytrue.Prolongedstandingdoes notcause this venous condition,itonlyacceleratesdamage.Varicoseveins are causedbylegpump failure.Thisis aconditionwhereinbloodflows from thehearttothe leg via thearteries,butitdoes not flowback from the leg tothe heartvia theveins.Theveinsare composed ofsmaller one-wayvalvesplacedatintervals. Alegpumpfailureisthe resultof lostvalvesin theleg veins.Alegpump failure occurs notonlyin older individuals,butteenagersand childrentoo. Itis onlythatthe damage becomes morevisibleas thepersonages. Pregnancyis one of theprimarycauses Pregnancyis often looked uponasone ofthecausesforvaricose veins because a vastmajorityofwomen developed thiscondition during thechild bearingstage.Theydid notsuffer thiscondition beforetheygotpregnant.Thismythis similar tothe previous one.The valve problemisresponsible forformation ofunsightly,discolored veins duringpregnancy.Onlythosewomenwho have lostvalvesin their veins before theygetpregnant develop thisvenousdisease during pregnancy.There are two morereasons forthis.During

  2. pregnancy,the bodyincreasesits productionofbloodthereby increasingbloodpressure.Notonlythis,thesurgein hormonesallows the tissuestostretch morethantheir usual capacitymaking theveins morenoticeable. Itisa cosmeticconcern that can leftuntreated Varicose veinsstart asaregularcosmeticissue. In its initialstages it doesnotcause much trouble besidesitsunsightlyappearance and hence manyleave ituntreated.However,it is notamere cosmetic issue;theproblemliesskindeep.Itisanindication oflegpump failure.Ifleftuntreated,itcancausea moreserious venous problem calledChronic Venous Insufficiency(CVI). Compressionstockings cure varicoseveins Keepingthelegs in anelevatedpositionorwearingelastic compressionstockings areoften recommended ascures forthis venous condition.Theyhelpreduce discomfort, buttheydo notcure varicose veins.Treatmentoptionsinclude minimally-invasive techniquessuch assclerotherapy,litigationandstripping,ablation and stab avulsion. Clickhere toknowmoreonVaricoseVein Myths. ArticleSource: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Shankar_N http://ezinearticles.com/?5-Varicose-Vein-Myths&id=8170116

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