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offshore software company

offshore software company

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offshore software company

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  1. Bdtask Limited A Leading software company in Bangladesh Bdtask SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY

  2. Introduction: Bdtask is one of the leading Software Company in Bangladesh. At Bdtask we work with cutting edge technology to support our clients and also bring the best quality products in the market. Currently, we have 7500 square feet well-decorated office with a cool working environment situated at B-25, Mannan Plaza, 4th Floor, Khilkhet Dhaka-1229. Just as we are very serious about our product quality, we also make sure every team member finds the workplace as a place of comfort, fun and learning den. Since its inception, Bdtask has played a major role in some of the largest IT projects in the country. Internationally, Bdtask has established itself as a key player in the small enterprise solution with reasonable prices even affordable to LDC (Least Developed Countries). Our technology specialists have years of experience delivering successful solutions on different platforms. We have been working on Business Solution, Block chain, e-commerce, Education, Health, Human Resource, News Portals, Online Reservation, Restaurant, Plugins, Themes, and other projects to ensure the use of technology in our day to day life. Today, we are privileged to connect with 3500+ happy clients around the world. The Way We Work  Curiosity and innovation are prerequisites.  Listening is a great way to start a conversation.  We value planning and discipline.  We do things the ethical way because it is the only way.  We treat our employees the way we want them to treat our customers.  We always deliver on time.  We reward and celebrate success. The Way We Act  We enjoy sharing a cup of tea in the morning.  We embrace change as a healthy part of growth.  We love learning and sharing with each other.  We love to answer questions.  We always get back to people.

  3. What We Believe  We value the chain of respect over the chain of command.  We believe that the small details make big differences.  Hobbies are a valuable expression of inner beauty.  All work and no play never works. The Way We Have Fun We have fun doing what we are good at, building great software. We encourage laughter, but never at someone’s expense. We love to play & watch sports together. Our Values: Dedication Innovation Passion Integrity Creativity

  4. Our Services: Hire & Offshore: Offshore Development Services Hire dedicated Developers QA/Testing Services IT Consulting Frontend Development: Angular JS Development React JS Development Vue JS Development Node JS Development Progressive Web App Development Software & Web Development: Asp.Net / MVC Development C# / WPF Development Windows Azure Development PHP Web Development Mobile App Development: Android Development iOS Development Xamarin App Development React Native Vue Native E-commerce: Custom ecommerce development Magento Development Open cart Development Content Management: Custom CMS Solutions WordPress Theme Development WordPress Plugin Development

  5. Our Successful Projects Sales & field stuff tracking solution project: About the project: Sales tracking with sales forces on the field is a very complex work for any business organization. The aim of the project was to simplify the task and put all the work processes in a single platform to monitor progress. This project was done for a Nigerian BTL marketing company. The company works for different multinational organizations to promote & sell their products. We helped our client to manage and monitor day to day sales, inventory, employees, merchants and other components of their businesses. In the dashboard, managers would able to see progress and achieved targets from the field stuff through our system. It would help them to take a real-time effective decision for their business. Sales management Inventory management Field stuff management Product management Merchandise system Product visibility report Survey & Event Management Solution app: About the project: Surveying is a very important aspect of any business specially in the service industry. Collecting customers’ feedback, suggestions, and act according to that would not happen without a strong questioner and survey management system. We wanted to help our customers with that system. In this project, we successfully delivered a system in which our clients were able to monitor their customers’ feedback and plan according to those. Moreover, we helped them to track sales and other feedback when they organize events of product activation for their clients. It helped them to organize all the feedback and suggestions in a single platform and rectify those issues accordingly. Customers’ questionaries’ management Customers’ survey management Survey result calculation & report Event management system Sales reports on events

  6. Block chain-based ICO/STO project: About the project: ICO is the same as Initial Public Offering for private companies to crowdfunding. This is the practice of funding a project or venture by increasing money from an outsized range of individuals. In this project, we helped our client to develop a complete ICO management system. It includes ERC20 management, affiliation management, ROI management and so on. We also developed Android and IOS apps for the project. Complete ICO management ERC20 management Affiliation management ROI management Android & IOS apps Restaurant Management Project About the project: The restaurant business is not only about cooking tasty food and fancy decor, but it is also about using the right technology for management activities. From small restaurants to fancy fine dine all need strict management policies to make the venture a successful one. Our Restaurant Management Project was developed to help our clients to manage their restaurants more effectively. We helped them to manage their orders, inventory, accounts and so on. We have also developed waiter apps, kitchen apps, and visitor/guest apps for our clients to organize things easily. Order management Customer Apps Waiter Apps Kitchen apps Inventory management Accounts management

  7. BTLC: Bdtask Transport license checking solution About the project: License and paper checking is very important for any authority or government to control the traffic system. Without using smart technology, the process can be also very complex to implement. Here in this project, we developed a complete solution for the authority to check all the legal papers related to vehicles and driving license. Besides we have also helped them to track those vehicles and organize all of these from their smartphone with Android and IOS apps. Vehicles’ license checking Drivers’ license checking Driver fine management Vehicle fine management Vehicle tracking Android & IOS apps Vehicle management system Project: About the Project: Vehicle management is very crucial for every organization specially if you need to manage hundreds of them regularly. In this project, our ultimate goal was to keep the fleet operation smooth by reducing costs, improving performance, and ensuring compliance with government regulations. It helped our clients to collect, store, process, monitor the operations of their vehicles and generate reports accordingly. Vehicle management Driver management Fuel management Vehicle tracking Inventory tracking Accounts management Android app

  8. Hospital Management System project: About the project: With modern technology and management system, system automation software can reduce a huge amount of time for management staff, doctors, nurses, and other representatives. With our hospital management system project, we helped our client to manage all the tasks of his hospital in an organized way. Starting from appointment setup we helped them with patients management, pharmacy management, bed management, account management and so on. From the admin panel, they would also able to see the overall progress in a single dashboard. We also developed a website and a mobile app for their patients. Appointment management Patient management Bed management Pharmacy management Accounts management Mobile App and website Block chain-based exchange system: About the project: Cryptocurrency is one of the greatest revolutions in the present world. It is known as a digital currency that is being produced & managed by block chain technology. Cryptocurrency trading becomes very popular in recent days. Crypto trading business module is the combination of functions like cryptocurrency buy, sell, exchange, pair-exchange, analysis, investment, etc. It has complete exchange management, ROI management, and transfer management system to help our client in every single aspect of cryptocurrency trading. Complete exchange management ROI management Transfer Management Affiliation System Instant Buy & Sell System

  9. Why Bangladesh? Bangladesh is considered to be the most emerging offshore destination in the software development industry. Freelancers can be hired at a very competitive rate while ensuring excellence in work. True talents from different universities are being trained to work as IT professionals. The government of Bangladesh is also working to develop an ecosystem to bring people in the IT sector to emerge as a digital nation by the year 2021. Energetic youth Bangladesh is passing through a demographic dividend. while the total working-age population is more than 100 million, we have over 20 million youth between 15 to 29 years old as labor workforce. From this group, a good number of people have taken their careers in the IT sector which makes the software developers available for work. Number of CSE & IT graduates In most of the public and private universities offer bachelor degrees related to Computer science and Information technology. Besides, all the polytechnic institutes also offer diploma degrees in the IT sector for young students. From these institutes, every year roughly 15-20 thousand students get the qualification to work in the real world. Cultural aspect People of Bangladesh are very friendly and hospitable. Naturally, people of Bangladesh are very easy going & at the same time passionate about their work. As the people are very hard working they are also having a down to earth attitude among themselves. People believe in collectivism which helps them to live with a social harmony despite any cultural or religious differences. Cost-effectiveness People of Bangladesh have a lifestyle that is very close to the soil and nature. It helps them to make their living expenditure low. So they are happy to offer their expertise at a competitive price. As a result, organizations that are looking for offshore software developers find themselves very satisfied. Co-operation of the Government

  10. Contact Address Bangladesh Office B-25, Mannan Plaza, 4th Floor, Khilkhet Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh Email Address Phone & WhatsApp Number Support: +88-01817-584639 Sales: +8801857-675727 Office Reception: +880258970255