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Math about me PowerPoint Presentation
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Math about me

Math about me

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Math about me

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  1. Math about me by: Selena Young

  2. All about me • I am4x3 years old. My birthday is on April 10x3 1997. I have 5x1 people in my house including me. I have 24-21 pets. My first pet is a frog. Its my brothers. The frogs name is Fire Belly. My brother named it that because the belly is red. My second animal is a hamster which is mine. I named it Platinum because it grey. my third pet is a Yorkie Terrier. Its name is Dollar. I named it this because when I was young I used to watch this show that had the same dog as me but the dog was covered in dollar signs so they named it dollar.

  3. hobbies I have 2x1 favorite hobbies. My first hobby is cheering. I been cheering since I was 24/4 years old . My second hobby is fashion designing. I make about 5x3 designs. I like to make my outfits colorful. When I grow up I want to make my own business with my friend Zuleyka.

  4. My favorite………………………… My favorite flower is a Rose. I like all different color roses. I had 4x3 roses growing in my garden. My favorite food is bake ziti. I love the way my grandmother makes it. She makes it with lots of cheese.

  5. My favorite singer • My favorite artist is Justin Bieber. He is a great singer. The singer Usher helped Justin Bieber become famous. I think he is cute. I like his song “One Time”. I think that when he grows up he will still be a good singer. He has been singing for1/1 years.

  6. Colors………. • My favorite color is hot pink. When I was 1/5 I started to like this color. I used to like the color blue. I still like it but not as much. My room is a baby blue with lots of trophies and medals. If I had to choose a color it would be hard.

  7. School • My favorite subject is Math. I like Math because my career deals with Math. Also because I under stand it more . Another reason why I like math is because 50+50 of my career deals with a lot of math. Also when I grow up I have to pay bills, make sure my paycheck is right, and lots more.

  8. Out of school…. • What I do out of school is girl scouts. I do girl scouts with my friends and with other people that are from different schools. We go on a lot of trips . We were on TV12/6 times and would be on tv on November 2x1.

  9. friends • My friends are honest and respectful to me. They treat me as there sister and I treat them like my sisters and brothers. I have 5+5 friends • My friends are: • Zuly Sarah Tyree • Tara Jakaia Zaihmere • Cydney Tianna • Tiffany Jamie

  10. thanks • Thanks for watching my all about me presentation .