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Penguam. Made by Brandi Pitchlynn. Original habitat.

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Made by Brandi Pitchlynn

original habitat
Original habitat

Our culture originated on the continent of Asia. It is located off the coast of Japan. The landscape consists of tropical forests, and sandy beaches. Our average rain fall per year is 50 inches. Our average temperature for summer is 90 degrees F and in the winter, 60 degrees F. Some animal and plant life found here are, tropical fish, orangutans, tigers, baboons, toucans, tropical birds. Some plant life: birds of paradise, palm trees,


No murdering.

No stealing.

No robbing houses or banks.

No degrading or racial remarks.

No animal harassment.

No verbal or physical harassment.

No encouraging suicide thoughts.

No indecent exposure.

No hunting.

No streaking.


Make home to the natives

And animals we love

The cities make home for the rest

Tourists of many love our sandy beaches

And shops of many

Our farm folks have much room too

The wide open ranges and skies so blue

All in all our country is home to many

Animals, natives, farm folks and all

Living together in harmony.

Penguam is our name,

Freedom is our game

Our country lives

With minimal laws

So our country shall live

Without any flaws

Our history is an interesting one

We have been here forever

Since the beginning of time

Undiscovered , then with a blink of an eye

Discovered, named, and forever we’ll shine

Our name comes from a language

All our own

A word for an animal of many

On our island abode.

Penguam is our word for penguin

An animal native to this land

Our tropical climate and forests of many




Alternative schools-2


Trade colleges-2

Income levels-

500,000 per year

Family sizes-




4 – 100


Total population- 500

Total female- 250

Total male- 240

Children under three- 10


3-10 – 50

11-20 – 100

21-65 – 60


3-10 – 90

11-20 – 100

21-65 – 50

Over 65 – 10


Retirement homes-2





Huge businesses-3


Strip malls-4

Conservation facilities-3


Our transportation consists of walking, boats, wheeled vehicles, and commercial airplanes.

Walking- people in our culture walk to close distances, such as, friends houses.

Boats- people in our culture use boats to transport goods such as food and imported goods. They also use boats to transport themselves to places separated from our island by water.

Wheeled vehicles- our wheeled vehicles consist of cars, bicycles, dirt bikes, motorcycles, and skateboards. People use these to move from one place to another very quickly.

Planes- Our planes are commercial planes that can hold up to 200 people. We use these to transport people to far away distances.

defense and protection
Defense and Protection

Our defense is based mainly on our location and our weapons. Our location is great, we are an island completely surrounded by water. It helps keep enemies out. Our weapons are great too. They consist of, guns, knives, swords, and nuclear bombs. We have armies specially trained for combat, though we have yet to have a battle. Our soldiers wear Blues coats with white button-up shirts underneath, blue pants and black boots.

living quarters
Living quarters.

Our living quarters vary from tree houses in the rain forest, to condos looking over the beach. We have apartments and houses, hospitals too, prisons, schools, whatever’s important to you. Stores and churches galore. Mainly our buildings are made of brick, wood and glass, construction workers build them. We have hospitals where sick people go, and rehabilitation centers for other types of sick people. We have all the important stuff and more. We have very big palaces, jesters, dukes, all sorts of things. for our king and queen.


Some foods that our culture eats regularly are: salad, sandwiches, soup, fries, and sometimes burgers. Some people in charge of getting ingredients are: food companies, traders with other countries, and stores. Some tools used for getting the food are: boats and trucks. We eat three meals a day, at 6:00 am, 12:00 am,

and 6:00 pm. Mothers, fathers, family members, and children gather to eat these meals. Activities at the dinner table include talking. Special deserts are, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, and cheesecakes. Yummy!


The name of our first dance is the waltz. This dance is traditionally performed at weddings. The appropriate attire to wear while performing this dance is evening wear. Some dance moves include the head snap, and dip.

Our second dance is called the twist. This is traditionally performed at birthday parties and school dances. Appropriate attire for this dance is normal, every-day clothing. Some dances moves include, twisting your hips and arms.

power structure
Power structure.

Our government is built on a democracy. The head leaders are chosen by a systematic process of voting. The highest head powers are the King and Queen. They make the big decisions about what is best for the country. Next come the Dukes, they supervise actions with other countries. Then right below them come the jesters, they supervise the politics of every region. A party is held when there is a new leader named. Disputes are settled by the dukes and jesters debating, then a vote by the citizens.


Our money is the standard American money. Some items we consider valuable are houses, iPods, cell phones, computers, TV's, cars. People with money have access tot these things. Types of ‘cash’ used are paper money, pennies, quarters, nickels, and dimes. People show their wealth by things they own.

waste management
Waste Management.

Our waste goes through a complex process, until it almost completely disappears. It is transported to a special facility and burned. Some waste we produce is, paper, food, clothes, appliances, iPods, computers, washers, TVs, cans, and boxes.


Our flag represents our unity as a country. The bright colors stand for our bright personality.