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The year my baby brother was born was on January 8th 2006. It had only been my sister and me and we were a family of four until my mom was pregnant and my baby brother was born. The hardest thing for my mom and dad that was a challenge for them was picking my baby brother’s name. When my baby brother was born my mom decided to name him Cesar. As soon as I knew about my mom’s pregnancy I was very happy but I also I knew things were going to be different. At first I thought that my mom's attention would be even more occupied than it already wastaken care of me and my sister. I always liked to have the attention in the family but I thought to myself, How could she possibly have any time to spend with me having a baby around? At first I wasn't very happy about my baby brother being on the way I thought negative of him but my mom helped me understand and think positive. When my brother was born he was very adorable and very irresistible all I wanted to do was held him in my arms. Cesar was very small and I remember when he was about four months old he would like to suck on his thumb and to me it was the cutest thing I had ever seen him do. Me and my sister would always give him his teething ring but instead he would just grab our fingers stick them in his mouth and start biting them. My mom would sometimes clean houses and my sister and I would take care of Cesar. My sister was older than me so she did most of the house cleaning and I would take care of Cesar. I learned to love him and take care of him sometimes I would already be taking care of him without my mom or dad having to tell me. The best part of having a baby brother was the company he would give me. My sister and I weren’t very close when we were younger so Cesar would be there in replace for her absence. He was one of the best things that had ever happen to me in my life and I regret thinking negative about him in the beginning. There are many things that I love about him and now that his all grown up I still see him as my baby brother and I feel as if I will always see him that way no matter what.