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Fontainebleau High School: PowerPoint Presentation
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Fontainebleau High School:

Fontainebleau High School:

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Fontainebleau High School:

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  1. Fontainebleau High School: Our PBS Practices

  2. Our Mantras -Change is not an event, it is a process. Gene Hall, 1977 • “Milk That Cow Every Day.” Johnny Vitrano, FHS Principal

  3. School Snapshot • Total Student Population: 1900 -Administrators: 7 -Faculty and Staff: 165 -2008 -2009 SPS Score: 115.7

  4. School Snapshot Fontainebleau High

  5. Our Current PBS Plan Our Current Initiative: Tier One: Universal

  6. School wide Behavioral Expectations Gone Fishing At FHS! FISH Philosophy: Be There Choose Your Attitude Make Their Day Play

  7. How we developed our Current Tier one Plan All data reviewed monthly by our 9 member PBS committee Intervention Developed

  8. Our Current Tier One Interventions

  9. PBS Benchmark : Faculty Commitment and Feedback Need to have committed, organized, enthusiastic, and creative people in-charge of implementation. Must sell PBS to Teachers FIRST!!! - Link PBS to what we already do and school-wide goals: Increase student achievement. -Allow teachers to Play! Link every thing you do for them to behavioral expectations. -Offer opportunities for teacher reflection and feedback. (Discussion boards, surveys, activities)! - Behavioral Expectations are posted everywhere! - Renew, Re-educate, Re-energize! - Educate teachers on behavioral expectations. Make it Engaging! -Reward teachers who exemplify expectations. - Use behavioral expectation verbiage every chance you get! Model It! - Utilize your Trail blazers to sell the program and generate ideas! - Deal with the Saboteurs! Help them Choose Their Attitude! -”MILK THAT COW EVERY DAY!”

  10. Goals of PBS is nothing new for Teachers! -Attendance Expectations -Project Be There: Anti-Bullying Campaign - Bulldog Buddies: focus on community service Focus on Student Motivation and personal responsibility Focus on Student Engagement Focus on Student Engagement Student Achievement will…..

  11. Let Teachers Play and Have Fun too! It’s Contagious!

  12. Give Teachers opportunities for Feedback and Reflection! Allow teachers to have discussions on PBS topics. Surveys are Powerful Data Sources. Online In Groups

  13. Post behavioral expectations everywhere and Model them! Cover the campus with Signs! Everyone has to model the behavioral expectations! Don’t be a hypocrite!

  14. Renew, Re-educate, Re-energize I will use weapons of mass reward! Implement PBS lessons within the curriculum. That’s the plan Boss! I love it when a PBS plan comes together! I I pity the fool that doesn’t create fun and engaging PBS lessons!

  15. Reward Teachers and Students Consistently Can you name the FISH Components? The Ice Cream is always a big hit!!! Good Behavior Tickets are used consistently Give Verbal Positive Feedback Good Job! Or by E-mail

  16. Our Future PBS Plans Tier Two: Targeted Check Connect Program

  17. Our PBS Journey Continues • Contact Us: • Melissa Strata-Burger: • • 985 892-7112 ext. 239 THANK YOU!