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Cici Lv. My family. How many people in my family. There are three people in my family, my father, my mother and me. . My father is 42 years old ,my mother is 41 years old, I am 15 years old. My dad’s name is Lv Yinqian , my mother’s name is Shi Bin and my name is Lv yuchen .

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Cici lv


My family

Cici lv

Howmanypeople in my family

  • There are three people in my family, my father, my mother and me.

My father is 42 years old ,my mother is 41 years old, I am 15 years old.

  • My dad’s name is LvYinqian , my mother’s name is Shi Bin and my name is Lvyuchen.

  • My father is a doctor , my mother is a civil servant and I am a student.

What kind of people are they
What kind of people are they.

  • My family are all the Chinese, we skin is yellow.

Shi Jiazuang is the capital city of HeiBei province, and there have many parks and play ground , we always walk in the parks, it is so happy.

  • Our eyes are black or brown, because we are Chinese.

  • We are all born in Shi Jiazhuang and grow in there.

What are their habits
What are their habits.

My father likes cherry, my mother likes apple and I like mango.

My parents and me like go to the movie theater , specially my father , he always take me to watch movies, after the movie we always talk about it.

My father likes swimming and he can swim well, my mother likes walking and I like tennis.

My father need to work everyday , but my mother’s body is not good , so sometime my mother was stay at home. I must go school everyday.

What the history of my mother s family
What the history of my mother’s family

In the China’s old time, there is a person who is virtuous, and his another name called: Shi

After the New China’s set up , government give

the rule, and the land isn’t own my mother’s

family, so my mother’s family is going down.

Before the New China’s set up, my mother’s family is a landlord, half of Shi Jiazhuang’sland is my mother’s family own and under the ground’s oil is own of my mother’s family.

Cici lv

The pat

Our pet is toy poodle, it is a kind of Poodle, it name is Ben Ben, it is so cute, all of us were very like it.

It color is brown. Like the picture shows.

  • It’s habit is play with people, Ben Ben very likes some people visit our house, that means there will have people play with it. And he is so enthusiasm to people, so everybody are like it.

Cici lv

The house

Our house is in a village called “Yin Du”, and

it is in the street called “XinHua street”. In front of our

village has some restaurant and barbershop. Behind

Our village have a primary school.

Our house size is 110 square meters.

Our village’s environment is good, there are many trees and some rockery, also has man-made rivulet. And there has some playgrounds, children play in it.

Cici lv

The room of my house

My parents room is the biggest bedrooms, there is a double bed and a small balcony, it can see the sunshine and the scene, so nice.

The important room is the locker room, because there is so many clothes in that room, so if one day that room disappear, all of us will be crazy.

My room is full of the cartoon characters and there is a piano in my room. That is my mother’s piano.

Cici lv

The things they like

My mother likes Chinese classical style’s clothes. My father likes casual clothes, I like jeans and T-shirt.

My mother favorite color is pink, my father likes white ,black and red , I like white, black and yellow.

My mother likes high-heeled shoes, my father likes leather

shoes, and I like sport footwear.

Cici lv

The place that we always visit

We like go to movie theatre to watch movies. This is a great activity that we interested in.

We always go to the movie theater at night. Because we don not have time in the day.

That because all of us job is watching movies, we like

The feel when the character have some problems and

He solved them.

Cici lv

How was the weekend

In the weekend ,sometimes we will go to the Lavender Manor to appreciate the lavender, I like the lavender so much. I think this purple flower is so noble. And I know the lavender’s florid is waiting for the miracle and love.

Sometimes we will go to the restaurant to have some special food, because

my father think my mother is so tried, he didn’t want my mother to cook food

  • Except go out and have fun, in weekend we also clean our house. My clean the parlor and kitchen ,my father clean the washing room and I clean other bedrooms.

Cici lv

That’s all

Thank you!