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Write on t arget. We can even answer rhetorical questions. PowerPoint Presentation
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Write on t arget. We can even answer rhetorical questions.

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Write on t arget. We can even answer rhetorical questions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Write on t arget. We can even answer rhetorical questions. 458-1455 Research Posters. Posters: Text + Visuals. Combine textual and visual elements to get a message clearly and concisely to a viewer

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Write on t arget. We can even answer rhetorical questions.

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Write on target.

We can even answer rhetorical questions.


posters text visuals
Posters: Text + Visuals

Combine textual and visual elements to get a message clearly and concisely to

a viewer

Use a process of drafting, revising, and editing just as you do to write a paper

how is a poster used
How Is a Poster Used?

Display research in a concise and reader-friendly format, usually at meeting or conferences

Displayed with other posters and attendees read them at will

Scheduled poster session times: stand with your poster and explain it to people who come by

Viewers come and go: opportunity exists for extensive discussion with genuinely interested, informed people

audience considerations
Audience Considerations

You might target an expert or non-expert audience, or both. Know who your most likely audience will

be before you write.

The expert will want to

know science.

The non-expert will want to

know results or applications.

Target the audience with your content, style, word choice, and visuals.

content what to include
Content: What To Include

Research posters follow the IMRaD format.









Use bullets, white space, italics, bold, underlining, and headings to guide the eye. Use them consistently.

Make paragraphs and

sentences short.

Rewrite for the poster ( don’t recycle a paper ).

Watch for typos and errors.

keep it concise

The ideal anesthetic

should quickly make

the patient unconscious

but allow a quick return

to consciousness, have

few side effects, and be

safe to handle.


Ideal anesthetics

• Quick sedation

• Quick recovery

• Few side effects

• Safe to handle

Keep It Concise

Splitting of the


Splitting of the cotyledon

Splitting of the

seed coat

Evaluation of Legume Cooking CharacteristicsUsing a Rapid Screening Method.

H.S.Yeung1, R.W.Waniska2, J.Ehlers3

  • 1. Hway-Seen Yeung, Masters Degree Candidate, Cereal Quality Lab, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 77843-2474. Telephone (979) 845-2925
  • 2. Ralph Waniska, PhD, Cereal Quality Lab, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 77843-2474. Telephone (979) 845-2925
  • 3. Jeff Ehlers, Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, University of California, Riverside, Riverside, California 92521-0124

Table 5. Cooking Qualities of Cowpeas

  • Introduction:

7.Sensory evaluation


Samples of 5 g from each variety; placed into plastic bags containing 3 punched holes

  • Improvement of legume varieties is necessary to overcome challenges of new diseases and achieve higher yields. Most legumes are consumed as cooked seeds; consumer preferences for legume products should be incorporated earlier in the breeding process. Methods to rapidly determine these attributes are needed in order to quantify consumer preferences.
  • The Mattson cooker, which uses weighted plungers, is used to measure one cooking quality attribute, cooking time.
  • The goal of the proposed research was to develop an effective, low-cost method to analyze the cooking quality attributes of legumes. About 25 samples were evaluated during an 8 hr period. Samples were rated for aroma intensity, the number of split seed coats and cotyledons, turbidity of the broth, cooked doneness, and hardness.


Plastic bags were filled with 60 mL of water and soaked overnight for 16 hr


Table 1: Undercooked Cowpeas Cooked 5 Additional Minutes


Bags were held by rods in a large cooking container and boiled until the majority of the seeds were fully cooked

Table 2: Overcooked Cowpeas Cooked 5 Minutes Less

Table 3:Fall Coachella Valley


Broth was drained from plastic bags through a punched hole

  • Objectives:
  • Note:
  • Dark blue indicates values from the top 20% of samples
  • Light blue indicates values from the lower 20% of samples
  • Upper values are significantly different than lower values
  • Use a rapid screening method to evaluate the cooking quality attributes of cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata).
  • Determine the effect location and cooking time hsve on cowpea cooking qualities.

Table 4: UC Riverside

  • Conclusions:
  • The rapid, low-cost method allows a trained person to evaluate multiple cooking properties of 25 samples within 8 hours
  • The method differentiated varieties according to cooking properties
  • Seeds grown in different locations yielded different cooking qualities
  • It was worthwhile to add 5 min cooking time to undercooked seeds
  • But not worthwhile to cook overcooked seeds 5 min less



Seeds and their broth were placed in individual bowls

  • Observations:
  • Increasing cook time to achieve doneness improved cooking qualities (Table 1, 2)
  • Two locations yielded different cooking qualities of the same variety (Table 3, 4)
  • Varieties differed in their cooking attributes (Table 5)
    • The texture of cooked cowpeas showed a negative correlation with the amount of water absorbed during soaking (Sefa-Dedeh et al 1978)
    • Splitting negatively correlated with broth opacity
    • Doneness and texture negatively correlate with brix

1. Intact seeds were selected from 25 cowpea varieties and a reference cowpea sample


Bean and Cowpea CRSP for partial financial support; Dr. Agnes Mwangwela and Dr. Amanda Minnaar for their assistance in method development; Texture Technologies Corp., Scarsdale, NY/Stable Micro Systems, Godalming, Surrey, UK).



visuals are key
Visuals Are Key

Visual elements should be:

Legible from a distance

Numbered, titled, and referenced in text

Designed to get the gist of your message

Use color purposefully to:

Show connections

Guide the audience through the poster


Create a mood or suggest a theme

easy to follow layouts
Easy to Follow Layouts

left-to-right flow

in vertical columns

two fields

in contrast


left-to-right flow

  • in horizontal rows
  • centered image
  • with explanations
poster presentation tips
Poster Presentation Tips

Practice short (2 minute) and long (10 minute) versions of your explanation

Anticipate questions you might get and how you will answer them


Poster Presentation Tips

Do not block or read from the poster, but do point out figures and use them in your explanation

Make sure you can sum up your poster’s key points and conclusion in 2-3 sentences


Maintained by Kansas University Medical Center

Focuses on how to design a poster for an oral presentation with helpful tips grouped under appropriate menus

Texas A&M Website

Includes poster presentations and oral presentations, with tips, advice, and examples

Strength of this site: excellent examples with detailed commentary about their strengths and weaknesses


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