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Al Capone

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Al Capone. By Christian Sewell. Introduction.

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al capone

Al Capone


Christian Sewell


Al Capone was born January 17 1899 in Brooklyn New York. Capone wife was named Mae Coughlin they were together till Al died. Al Capone was buried in Illinois after his death of syphilis. Capone son was named Sonny Capone loved his son a lot. Capone died in 1947 from the disease called syphilis


He lived in a bad neighborhood . No one thought at first he would have a life of crime at first. because he was a very bright smart kid but then he started to do poor in grades and had to stay back al Capone hated being with younger kids then him.


then he became very rude and wise then one day the teacher hit him he swore at her she hit him again he punched her square in the face then he got kick out of school for that, then he started to get into trouble he hung out with gang members


Al was s strictly business its just business Al Capone lived in the fast life make money die fast but he didn’t die from a bullet or jail he was around for a while this one of the reason he is one of the most notorious mobsters ever

Once two members of his gang

Were planning to kill him. Then

He sat them down for diner then

When they felt comfortable he

Pounded there faces in with a base

Ball bat and some say he got a heart

Attack because he got so work up about


president slide
President slide
  • William McKinley was president from 1897 to 1901 he was born in 1843 and died in 1901

If I could ask Al Capone three questions did any

Did anyone ever not respect you if some one did who?

if you could would you change your life of crime?

Did you ever fear you’re life at some point?

social contributes
Social contributes

Al Capone was very bad to society but he was also very kind to children. He also created the first soup kitchen he sponsor it Al if he saw a child doing a paper rout he would give the child a 100 dollars and

Would tell the to run home

To their moms. Capone

Main sorts of money came

From bootlegging

  • I am like any other man all I do is supply and demand.
  • You can get much father with a kind word and a kind gun then you can get with a kind word alone.
  • My rackets are run strictly on

American laws and its going to

Stay that way.


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