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Reviews - Portable Solar Charger PowerPoint Presentation
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Reviews - Portable Solar Charger

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Reviews - Portable Solar Charger
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Reviews - Portable Solar Charger

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  1. Welcome To Battery Hype Battery Hype describe the reviews of newest battery technology and which are currently on the market  covering from mobile to laptops to portable power bank batteries.

  2. The Poweradd Portable Foldable Solar Charger is the new invention by the SUNPOWER and it is 23.5 % efficient. It has a USB port of 5.5 V/2A. This means that you can charge your gadgets that is powered by 5V and gives an output of 18V DC for charging laptop or storing your battery. A unique voltage regulator ensures stable voltage and protects your device while charging. Poweradd™ 60W Portable Solar Charger 

  3. Product Description Color: 60W Shipping Time: If you have ordered Poweradd Portable Solar Battery Chargers today before 5 p.m., you can get delivery of the product till 5 p.m. in the next day. Poweradd takes maximum time of 24 hours to get delivered.

  4. Technical Details The solar arrays were constructed by SUNPOWER and it provides efficiency upto 23.5% for solar conversion. USB Port of 5.5 V/ 2A can charge gadgets that are powered by 5V. 18 V DC output of 18V/3.3 A is used for charging storage battery and laptop. A unique and stable voltage regulator for ensuring voltage and current to protect the device while charging this. PET plastic solar panels that can be sown in a high quality of waterproof canvas and it is durable and can be used for a long span of life.

  5. Special Offers You can save upto 50% on the Poweradd Bluetooth Selfie Stick [2015 New Version] on purchasing 1 or more items by the PoweraddDirect. You just need to enter the code “UPBR4DLV” at the checkout. You can save 30% on the [New Version] Samsung s6 edge case on purchasing 1 or more items that are offered by the PoweraddDirect. Just enter the code “LGZWLN3V” during checkout. However, there are some terms and conditions applicable for this. Save about 30% on purchase of one or more [New Version] Samsung s6 case offered by the PoweraddDirect. You can enter the code “4YVDRAD7” while checking out. However, some terms and conditions are applicable for this.

  6. Customer Reviews This had charged my tracfone and small charger also even in absence of strong sun light. I had also tried to charge my kindle in the blazing sunlight in the noon and kept the kindle out of the reach of direct sunlight. This had first drawn power from the kindle and had eventually charged to some extent. The product seems to be very durable and it could be transported easily as it was foldable. The Poweradd solar battery charger could be hooked in the back bag when you are going for hike also. In just a few words, I can say that product has all the features for what it have been advertised. I had used this product with two of my iPads – iPad 1st gen and iPad air 2. This was effective in drawing more amps for charging smart phones or the android tablets. Both these iPads were directly connected to the solar panels.

  7. For more Battery reviews and Battery News you can visit