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Kevin Lynch’s Image Of The City PowerPoint Presentation
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Kevin Lynch’s Image Of The City

Kevin Lynch’s Image Of The City

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Kevin Lynch’s Image Of The City

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  1. Kevin Lynch’s Image Of The City Brought to you in part by: Cassie’s Escorts

  2. Kevin Lynch • Interviewed urbanites in Boston Jersey City, and Los Angeles • Most established a “generalized mental picture of the external physical world” • The mental picture was very similar • Their images emerged in a two way process: • They made distinctions among the various physical parts of the city • They organized these parts in a personally meaningful way

  3. Rendezvous with Cassie’s Escorts…. • Cassie Johnson • Chris Challenger • Jake Barber • Jamie Drahos • Ryan Dekich • Greg Dietz • Rick Kes • Qaysar Ahmad

  4. Kevin Lynch • Paths: “channels along which the observer customarily moves” • Edges: “the boundaries between two areas” • Districts: “represent medium-to-large sections of the city” • Nodes: “points of intense activity” • Landmarks: “physical reference points”

  5. Paths “channels along which the observer customarily…moves” - Kevin Lynch Some examples of of paths in Mankato are: • Railroads • Mankato has an intricate system of railroads which run throughout the city

  6. Paths • Rivers • such as the Minnesota and New Ulm • Trails • Such as the Red Jacket trail

  7. Paths • Streets • As the river used to be the most important path to the city, we now rely greatly on roads and highways for transportation

  8. Edges • An edge is defined as a boundary between two areas, including shores, walls, wide streets, breaks between buildings, and open spaces.

  9. A few of Mankato’s edges • The Minnesota River as an edge divides Mankato from North Mankato. It also is a major reason Mankato has become such a prominent city.

  10. Edges • The bluffs of Mankato serve as an important edge. • They separate the city between the lower valley and the upper highland.

  11. Districts • Silk Stocking District- Use to be the nicest part of town, with the nicest houses. It was given that name because the ladies that lived there wore silk stocking, to show their finical well being.

  12. Districts • Working Man’s Districts- These houses were for the less well off people in Mankato. The houses here were plain. • Entertainment District- is located downtown on River Front Street. It includes the Civic Center and a Movie Theater.

  13. Landmarks Minnesota State University serves Mankato as an important landmark. Since 1867, the university has served as a symbol of one of the largest and most prestigious colleges in the state.

  14. Landmarks Reconciliation Park serves Mankato as a symbol of the Dakota Massacre that occurred in 1862. In September of 1997 the park was dedicated to the men who lost their lives. A 35 ton bison statue, carved by Tom Miller, stands as a symbol of the battles.

  15. NODESBarmuda Triangle • The Barmuda Triangle is a node that lies in the heart of the Old Town district. • The three bars that consist of the Barmuda Triangle are: • South Street • T.J. Finnegan’s • Chopper’s • There are also other bars and activities to do in the Old Town of Mankato. Some examples of these places are BW3’s, Blue Bricks, Mums the word, The Haze, and there are other thing like the movie theater and the mall that is entertaining.

  16. NODESRiver Hill’s Mall • The River Hill’s Mall has been around for a decade. • It has a wide variety of stores such as Target, Sears, J.C. Pennys, Herbergers and Scheels.

  17. CONCLUSIONKevin Lynch • Nodes • Edges • Districts • Landmarks • Paths

  18. Brought to you by: • Cassie Johnson Editor-in-Chief • Chris Challenger Art Editor • Jake Barber Project Designer • Greg Dietz Photo Editor • Qaysar Ahmad Research Manager • Rick Kes Event Manager • Ryan Dekich Operations Manager • Jamie Drahos Special Effects