the war in afghanistan n.
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The War in Afghanistan

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The War in Afghanistan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The War in Afghanistan. Joel Prushan. Historical Background. 1919: Afghanistan gains independence from the British 1979: The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan through the Khyber Pass 1980: The Mujaheddin, a rebel militant group, fight the Soviets.

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The War in Afghanistan

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historical background
Historical Background

1919: Afghanistan gains independence from the British

1979: The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan through the Khyber Pass

1980: The Mujaheddin, a rebel militant group, fight the Soviets.

1992: The Mujaheddin overthrow the Communist government that was installed by the Soviets.

1994: The Taliban become a major political party.

2001: 9/11, the U.S. attacks Afghanistan and the Taliban who were harboring Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

2009: President Obama commits an extra 30,000 troops and promises to begin withdrawing in July 2011.

current state of the war
Current State of The War
  • In June 2011,President Obama announced that the US had completed its objectives and would withdrawal all troops by 2014.
  • The United States will withdrawl 10,00 troops by the end of the year.
  • Another 33,000 will depart by summer 2012.

opposing viewpoints
Opposing Viewpoints
  • Against The War:
    • Costs too much money
    • Costs too many lives
    • No need for nation building

For The War:

  • Fights Terror
  • Promotes Democracy
  • Creates Middle Easter Allies

You can’t really triangulate on these issues. Either you think we’re fighting a war we need to win or you think we ought to bring all the troops home”

 --- Danielle Pletka, American Enterprise Institute

president obama s view
President Obama's View
  • US should drawdown U.S. troops
  • Exceeded expectations defeating al-Qaeda
  • Killed 20 of its top 30 leaders

gop party platform
GOP Party Platform
  • Beacon of Democracy
  • A split among the party:
    • This is a war to fight terrorists
    • This is Obama's war of choice no longer Bush's self-defense war
  • Nation building is not needed
herman cain s plan to plan
Herman Cain's Plan to Plan 
  • Has a plan to plan
  • “There are dozens of experts and military leaders I would need advice from before I could make an informed decision about a real, clear plan for the USA’s involvement in Afghanistan.”

the romney take
The Romney Take
  • Been to Afghanistan
  • Bring troops home as soon as generals say OK
  • “Americans cannot fight another nation’s war of independence.”
huntsman hunts for an answer
Huntsman Hunts for an Answer
  • Bring troops home
  • Nation Building
  • No reason to be there anymore

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