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Session 5: Access Points PowerPoint Presentation
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Session 5: Access Points

Session 5: Access Points

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Session 5: Access Points

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  1. Session 5: Access Points • Access points within the cataloging process • What are access points • Names – Main and added entries • Uniform titles • Series tracings • Title added entries • How to choose the main entry • When to add other access points to a record

  2. Access Points • An access point is a name (person or corporate body), subject term, title, call number, control number, etc., under which a bibliographic record may be searched and identified. • Some of these fields are under authority control.

  3. The Cataloging Process   I. Descriptive Cataloging Create Unique Bibliographic Description (of Book) Provide Access to Bibliographic Record (for Work) 8 areas of description ISBD: i. elements ii. order iii. punctuation Choice of access points: i. main entry ii. added entry Form of entries Create Bibliographic Record (card or MARC) Authority control

  4. Catalog Card Format 973.7 Freedman, Russell. F853L Lincoln : a photobiography / Russell Freedman. – 1987 New York, 1987 N.Y. : Clarion Books, c1987. 105 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. 142-143) and index. Photographs and text trace the life of the Civil War President. The mysterious Mr. Lincoln – A backwoods boy -- Law and politics -- Half slave and half free – Emancipation -- This dreadful war -- Who is dead in the White House? -- A Lincoln sampler – In Lincoln's footsteps. 1. Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865. Name Access Points I. Alfred Whital Stem Lincolniana Collection (Library of Congress).

  5. MARC Format Access Points

  6. Choice of Access Points — AACR2 Chapter 21 • Deals with • what the main entry should be • what added entries should be made

  7. The Cataloging Process Description (Creation of bibliographic record) AACR2 -- chap. 22-26 Descriptive Cataloging Choice of entry AACR2 -- chap. 21 Form of entry

  8. Chap. 21 Summary • General rule: 21.1 • Works of single responsibility: 21.4 • Works of unknown or uncertain authorship, or by unnamed groups: 21.5 • Works of shared responsibility: 21.6 • Collections, and works produced under the direction of an editor: 21.7 • Mixed responsibility : 21.8-21.27 • Related works: 21.28 • Added entries: 21.29-21.30

  9. Types of Access Points • Access points required by Chapter 21, if appropriate • name access • authors • editors and compilers • translators • illustrators • corporate bodies • title access • series access

  10. Where to look when choosing access points • Chief source (e.g. title page) • Statements prominently presented • Information within the item (e.g., preliminaries, colophon, etc.)

  11. Concept of Main Entry • In each cataloging record one access point is chosen as the main entry heading • Main entry is assigned to the entity that is primarily responsible for the intellectual content • If primary intellectual responsibility cannot be determined, title is main entry

  12. Concept of Added Entry • All other access points will be added entries, e.g., • Any other entity responsible for the intellectual content • Any variant titles • Series added entries

  13. Main & Added Entries • How to you choose the main entry • Examine the item based on AACR2 Chap. 21.1 • When to include added entries • Check AACR2 Chap. 21.29-21.30 for mandated entries • Add if needed by users of the catalog (cataloger’s judgment)

  14. Selection of Main Entry • Basic general rule for choice of main entry, Rule 21.1 is divided into 3 parts: • 21.1A Works of personal authorship • 21.1B Entry under corporate body • 21.1C Entry under title

  15. Rules for Choice of Main Entry • Name • Personal authorship • single personal authorship • shared responsibility • mixed responsibility • Corporate body • Title

  16. Personal Author Person chiefly responsible for the creation of the intellectual or artistic content of a work

  17. Single Personal Author 21.4A • Person who is chiefly responsible for the book’s existence: • intellectual content of a book • artistic content of a book • Main entry is under the author

  18. 100 1_ Flanner, Janet, $d 1892- 245 10 Paris was yesterday, 1925-1939 / $c Janet Flanner ; edited by Irving Durtman. Single Personal Author 21.4A JANET Paris Was Yesterday, 1925-1939 FLANNER EDITED BY IRVING DURTMAN title page

  19. Works of Shared Responsibility 21.6 • Works produced by the collaboration of 2 or more persons who performed the same kind of activity • principal author indicated 21.6B • principal author not indicated 21.6C

  20. 100 1_ Kaplan, Robert E. 245 10 Beyond ambition : $b how driven managers can lead better and live better / $c by Robert E. Kaplan with Wilfred H. Drath and Joan R. Kofodimos. Works of Shared Responsibility 21.6B1 Principal author indicated Beyond ambition : how driven managers can lead better and live better by Robert E. Kaplan with Wilfred H. Drath and Joan R. Kofodimos title page

  21. 100 1_ Durrell, Lawrence. 245 10 Art and outrage : $b a correspondence about Henry Miller / $c between Lawrence Durrell and Alfred Preles ; with intermissions by Henry Miller. Works of Shared Responsibility 21.6C1 No principal author indicated ART and OUTRAGE A Correspondence about HENRY MILLER Between LAWRENCE DURRELL and ALFRED PRELES With Intermissions by HENRY MILLER title page


  23. Works of Mixed Responsibility 21.8-21.28 • Previously existing works that have been modified • adaptations, revisions, translations • New works in which different persons or bodies perform different activities • e.g., collaborative work by a writer and an artist

  24. Works of Mixed Responsibility Chap. 21 • Adapter 21.10 • Writer with an illustrator 21.11A • Original author of a translation 21.14 • Collaborator 21.24

  25. 100 1_ Howard, Sidney. 245 10 Gone with the wind, the screenplay / $c by Sidney Howard ; based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell. Main Entry- Works of Mixed Responsibility 21.10A Adaptation GONE WITH the WIND, the screenplay by Sidney Howard based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell title page

  26. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes the illuminating diary of a professional lady by Anita Loos Intimately illustrated by Ralph Barton 100 1_ Loos, Anita. 245 10 Gentlemen prefer blondes : $b the illuminating diary of a professional lady / $c by Anita Loos ; intimately illustrated by Ralph Barton. Main Entry - Works of Mixed Responsibility 21.11A Illustrated title page

  27. SEMPER LUDET A Latin Version of A.A. Milne’s The House At Pooh Corner Translated by Brian Staples Illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard 100 1_ Milne, A. A. $q (Alan Alexander), $d 1882-1956. 245 10 Winnie ille Pu semper ludet : $b a Latin version of A.A. Milne’s The house at Pooh Corner / $c translated by Brian Staples ; illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard. Main Entry - Works of Mixed Responsibility 21.14A Translation WINNIE ILLE PU title page

  28. The Gardens of LOUISIANA Places of Work and Wonder Photographs A.J. Meek Text Suzanne Turner 100 1_ Meek, A. J. 245 14 The gardens of Louisiana : $b places of work and wonder / $c photographs, A.J. Meek ; text, Suzanne Turner. Main Entry - Works of Mixed Responsibility 21.24A Collaboration between artist & writer title page

  29. Rules for Choice of Entry • Name • Personal authorship • single personal authorship • shared responsibility • mixed responsibility • Corporate body • Title

  30. Corporate Body 21.1B An organization or a group of persons that is identified by a particular name and that acts, or may act, as an entity.

  31. Corporate Bodies • Projects & programs • Religious bodies • Conferences • Athletic contests • Exhibitions, expeditions, fairs & festivals • Vessels (ships & space ships) • Associations • Institutions • Business firms • Non-profit enterprises • Governments & government agencies

  32. Corporate Body Main Entry 21.1B • The corporate body is the main entry when the work “emanates” from the body: • is issued by the body; or • has been caused to be issued by the body; or • originated with that body • Works dealing with the policies, procedures, operations or resources of the body, or which record or report its collective thought or activity.

  33. 6 Determining Categories for Corporate Body Main Entry 21.1B2 • Deals with the body itself • Certain legal, governmental, or religious types of works • Official pronouncements that represent the body’s position • Works of a collective nature which report on: • Conference activities, expeditions, or events • Works that result from the collective activity of a performing group as a whole • Cartographic materials which were more than publications or distributed materials

  34. 110 2_ Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.) 245 10 Museum shapes / $c the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Corporate Body Main Entry 21.4B2a THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART MUSEUM Shapes title page

  35. 110 _ Pennsylvania. 245 14 The library code. THE Pennsylvania LIBRARY State Library CODE Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Public Instruction Pennsylvania State Library Harrisburg Corporate Body Main Entry – Legal Work 21.1B2b title page

  36. 110 2_ Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. $b Committee on Social Issues. 245 14 The child and television drama : $b the psychosocial impact of cumulative viewing / $c formulated by the Committee on Social Issues, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. The Child and Television Drama: The Psychological Impact Of Cumulative Viewing Formulated by the Committee on Social Issues, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry Corporate Body Main Entry – Collective Thought of the Corporate Body 21.1B2c title page

  37. 110 2_ Conference on Editorial Problems ǂn (25th : ǂd 1989 : ǂc University of Toronto) 245 10 Challenges, projects, texts: Canadian editing = ǂb Défis, projets et textes dans l'édition critique au Canada / ǂc Twenty-fifth Conference on Editorial Problems = Vingt-cinquième Congrès sur l'Édition Critique, November 17-18 novembre 1989 ; edited by John Lennox & Janet M. Patterson rédacteurs. Corporate Body Main Entry – Activity of a Conference 21.1B2d THE Conference on Editorial Problems title page

  38. 110 _ Firesign Theatre. 245 14 The Firesign Theatre’s big book of plays. Corporate Body Main Entry – Activity of a Performing Group 21.4B2e THE FIRESIGN THEATRE'S Big Book of Plays title page

  39. Rules for Choice of Entry • Name • Personal authorship • single personal authorship • shared responsibility • mixed responsibility • Corporate body • Title

  40. Title Main Entry • No known creator • 4 or more creators share equal responsibility for primary intellectual content (diffuse responsibility) • Produced only under editorial direction • Emanates from a corporate body, but not one of the 6 categories in Chapter 21.1B2 • Accepted as sacred scripture

  41. Supporting Microsoft Windows 95 hands-on, self-paced training for supporting Windows 95 Microsoft Corporation 245 00 Supporting Microsoft Windows 95 : $b hands-on, self-paced training for supporting Windows 95. 710 2_ Microsoft Corporation. Title Main Entry – No Known Creator 21.5A title page

  42. Introductory Microbiology Trevor Gross Jane Faull Steve Ketteridge and Derek Springham 245 00 Introductory microbiology / $c Trevor Gross … [et al.]. 700 1_ Gross, Trevor. Title Main Entry – Shared Responsibility 21.6C1 Unknown, diffuse personal authorship, 4 or more title page

  43. THE FEMINIST PAPERS From Adams to de Beauvoir edited, with a new preface , by ALICE S. ROSSI 245 04 The feminist papers : $b from Adams to de Beauvoir / $c edited, with a new preface, by Alice S. Rossi. 700 1_ Rossi, Alice S., $d 1922- Title Main Entry – Editorial Direction 21.30D1 Editor Abigail Adams Frances Wright Sarah Crimke Augus Bebel Jane Addams Simone de Beauvoir title page

  44. A Space for the ARTS A Facilities Guide for Santa Cruz County Project of the Santa Cruz Arts Commission 245 02 A space for the arts : $b a facilities guide for Santa Cruz County. 710 1_ Santa Cruz County (Calif.). $b Arts Commission. Title Main Entry – Corporate Body Outside Categories 21.1B3 From corporate body not listed in 21.1B2 title page

  45. Title Main Entry – Accepted as Sacred Scripture 21.37 • No definable author • Issues include varying titles for different issues, editions, etc., • Entry usually under uniform title vs. title proper

  46. Questions??

  47. Added Entries 21.29-21.30 • Access points not chosen as main entry • Assigned to provide additional access points

  48. Added Entry – Title 21.30J1 • Contains varying forms of the title associated with the item that is different from the information in field 245 • Types of title • Portion of title • Parallel title • Distinctive title • Other title • Cover title • Added title page title • Caption title • Running title • Spine title

  49. 40 MILLION SCHOOLBOOKS CAN’T BE WRONG: Myths in American History by Ethan Ellis 100 1_ Ellis, L. Ethan. 245 10 40 million schoolbooks can’t be wrong : $b myths in American history / $c by L. Ethan Ellis. 246 3_ Forty million schoolbooks can’t be wrong Added Entry – Title 21.30J1 title page

  50. FALL FRIGHT 100 1_ Herman, Gail, $d 1959- 245 10 Fall fright / $c by Gail Herman ; illustrated by Duendes Del Sur. 246 1_ $i At head of title: $a Scooby-Doo! 246 1_ $i At head of title: $a Cartoon Network Added Entry – Title 21.30J1 SCOOBY-DOO! title page