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Love. Love in Modern Society. An Impersonal Society exaggerates the rational and economic aspects of human and tends to ignore people’s need for affection and human conduct (p. 102).

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Love in modern society
Love in Modern Society

An Impersonal Society exaggerates the rational and economic aspects of human and tends to ignore people’s need for affection and human conduct (p. 102).

Placing a greater value on achievement and consumerism than on attitudes and behaviors necessary to maintain long-term loving relationships

The Paradox

4 things love isn t
4 Things Love “Isn’t”






A deep and vital emotion that satisfies important and significant human needs, coupled with caring for and acceptanceof the beloved, resulting in an intimate relationship

Need satisfaction crosby
Need Satisfaction (Crosby)

Legitimate Needs:



The capacity to share one’s inner self and to commit to that person even if it involves personal sacrifice

Two Kinds

Triangular theory sternberg
Triangular Theory (Sternberg)

Three “Components” of Love

Love types lee
Love Types (Lee)







Relationship types crosby
Relationship Types (Crosby)




Labeling love schacter
Labeling Love (Schacter)

Emotional experience consists of 2 parts

4 stage model of how love progresses goldstine weiner
4 Stage Model of “How Love Progresses” (Goldstine & Weiner)

  • Falling in Love

  • Disappointment

  • Requests for Change

  • Acceptance/Resolution

Wheel of love reiss
Wheel of Love (Reiss)

1. Rapport

4. Personality need


2. Self-Revelation

3. Mutual Dependence

Wheel of love reiss1
Wheel of Love (Reiss)

Sociocultural background

Role Concept

Love vs friendship davis todd
Love Vs. Friendship (Davis & Todd)

Prototype of Friendship

  • Enjoyment

  • Acceptance

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Mutual Acceptance

  • Confiding

  • Understanding

  • Spontaneity

Love vs friendship davis todd1
Love Vs. Friendship (Davis & Todd)

Involves all the Friendship characteristics as well as two broad clusters:

Self worth i e self esteem and the ability to be loved
Self-Worth (i.e., self-esteem)and the ability to be loved

Refers to one’s self-concept: involving the feelings that people have about their own value (p. 110)

The Six “Pillars” or practice of building self-worth (Branden)

  • Live consciously (default vs. knowledgably)

  • Self-acceptance

  • Self-responsibility

  • Self-assertiveness -- honoring our wants, needs, & values

  • Live purposefully -- set attainable goals & reach them

  • Personal integrity -- congruent behaviors

Misconceptions of love
Misconceptions of Love

  • Love conquers all; if the relationship is tough, than you have the wrong partner

  • Love is static; once you fall in love, you get on a high and stay there

  • If it isn’t perfect, it wasn’t meant to be

  • You can’t rekindle passion; once love dies, you can’t get it back

  • There’s one true soul mate; if you meet the “right one”, you will live happily ever after.