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New York City

New York City. By BRUCE BAKER. Where is New York?. New York; It’s location. Mohawk. Tuscarora. Seneca. Oneida. Onondaga. Cayuga. Erie. Delaware. Exit. It’s origin; Native Americans of New York State. By BRUCE BAKER. Native Americans.

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New York City

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  1. New York City By BRUCE BAKER

  2. Where is New York?

  3. New York; It’s location Mohawk Tuscarora Seneca Oneida Onondaga Cayuga Erie Delaware Exit

  4. It’s origin;Native Americans of New York State By BRUCE BAKER

  5. Native Americans • Before the United States was settled by the European explorers it was inhabited by a large number of Native American tribes. Indiginous to the land we now know as New York State, was a powerful and close knit tribe known as the Iroquois Confederacy..

  6. Native Americans The six aboriginal nations which united to form the confederacy are: The Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Mohawk and Tuscarora. Each is a separate political and geographical entity with it’s own government, land base and membership. In addition to the Iroquois Nation, several Algonquin tribes also occupied territory in New York State

  7. Mohawk • Tribe in the Iroquois Confederacy. One of the five original tribes • They occupied the Mohawk River Valley.

  8. Mohawk The women farmed and the men fished or hunted, depending on the season

  9. Onieda • Tribe in the Iroquois Confederacy. One of the five original tribes.

  10. Onondaga • The territory they occupied centered about Onondaga Lake in central New York and extended North to Lake Ontario and south to the Susquehanna River.

  11. Cayuga • They originally occupied area on Cayuga Lake, in New York, but when the American Revolution broke out many members of the tribe took the side of the British and moved to Canada.

  12. Seneca • The Seneca (Sen'-uh-kuh) was a very interesting tribe. Their name means "people of the big hill" (Wolfson, 1988). • They lived in the Northeast in what is now north central New York.

  13. It’s Famous People • Henry Hudson found the Hudson River for the Dutch.

  14. In New York there is some interesting landmarks. For instance The Statue of Liberty. It’s Landmarks

  15. Manufacturing • In New York they have a lot of manufacturing buildings.

  16. New York’s state animal is the beaver.The population is 18,976,457! State Facts

  17. The New … New York Liberty State Park Ellis Island

  18. It’s attraction

  19. My … workplace

  20. The place …where I live.

  21. Where I can… relax

  22. Where I can… think.

  23. WhereI can… enjoy.

  24. WhereI can… see New York’s real beauty.

  25. WhereI can… feel the busy street.

  26. A city that never sleeps like Shanghai.

  27. Shanghai is the progressive city of China.

  28. My lovely place Thank YOU! BRUCE BAKER

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